Scott Mortland, a San Diego sports fan, embraces our city..not only for our Bombers and Jets, but for all the friends he’s made up here…by Scott Mortland and Chuck Duboff

Since Thursday afternoon at 3:00, when this blog was posted, there have been 340 views…our San Diego friend, Scott Mortland, shares both his story and his love of the city of Winnipeg…enjoy the read.

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We as Winnipegers tend to have a very negative image of our city; it would seem that those who visit our city seem to have a greater appreciation for our hometown.  Recently Winnipeg Jets superstar Patrik Laine was quoted as saying that he loves our city, that “this is my city now”.  You could feel the sense of pride around the city knowing that this world class athlete has embraced us.


Yet, he is not the only honorary Winnipeger to embrace our fair city.  Last year the citizens of San Diego lost their NFL team, as the San Diego Chargers moved to Los Angeles, leaving their fans without a football team to cheer for.  One of those fans was Scott Mortland…a huge Chargers and Padres fan.  So, what did Scott do?  He went looking for a new team to embrace, and low and behold, he found the…

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