This is what humanity is: Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved 669 children from certain death at the hands of the Nazis.

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We know who Tom Brady and Angelina Jolie are…how many people know who SirNicholas Winton is?

© Chuck Duboff

In a world caught in the grips of Donald Trump’s presidency….in a world in which movie stars and athletes are paid millions of dollars to entertain…in a “me first world”…it is both humbling and a reminder to the citizens of the world, that putting the needs of others ahead of one’s self is what humanity truly is about.


When the ugliness of the Trump Presidency dominates the world stage, we are reminded of what true humanity is.  A British citizen, Sir Nicholas Winton, during the Second World War secretly saved the lives of 669 Jewish children by transporting them from Czechoslovakia to Great Britain and kept it to himself for over 50 years.  These lives were saved, and these children were given life, by one man, Sir Nicholas Winton.


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