Two weeks of hot sun, Sierra Madre Mountains, Pacific Ocean, beaches, tequila and…. by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

As per any winter, this has been a long drawn out stretch of ice cold winds and brutal temperatures.  Having booked my winter trip early last summer, the thought of getting away has helped get through this bone chilling cold.

Puerto Vallarta has been my winter destination these past four years.  I had been going to Cuba, Cancun and Playa del Carmen for years…four years ago, my wonderful travel agent Maria encouraged me to give PV a try.  I don’t why I hadn’t tried it till then, but, I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.


These past three years have seen nothing but hot sun, beautiful beaches, friendly people…and not a single cloud or drop of rain.  My mornings start off with a long run on the beaches and then a half hour work out in the gym…and from then on…it’s by the pool with my pal Jose refilling my agua, tequila and diet coke drinks.  By late afternoon I often chill for a few hours and write a blog or two….the evenings take on a life of their own…simply go with the flow and have a great time!!!


My pal Jose…who takes really good care of me.  Tequila por fa vor!!

So…here’s hoping I can stay in touch through this blog and share with you the goings on in Puerto Vallarta.


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