Erin…by Chuck Duboff


@Chuck Duboff

After a long day of airports and flying yesterday, I got to enjoy Puerto Vallarta this morning.  Ran the beach, had a great workout in the gym and then it was down to the pool.  Despite the early morning cloud,, the sun broke through and it was a brilliant blue sky that I enjoyed while listening to my music!!

I went for a swim to cool off around 10:30 and came back to my lounging chair to bask in the sun.  A lovely woman had sat her self down by me and we exchanged a hello…she from Vancouver Island ,while I shared about our frozen home back in Winnipeg.

Why worry about what anybody else thinks!!”  Erin.

We ended up talking till after noon; turns out Erin is a psychiatric nurse, a woman who gives so very much to the people she helps.  Listening to her talk about the assistance she gives to those in crises …reminds me of an an angel.  Walking the streets helping the homeless, those going thru drug crises, it  is a reminder that there are selfless people in this world, who care  deeply about the well being of others

Every person comes into our lives for a reason Chuck”  Erin

I found myself sharing a lot with her…it felt very safe.  I talked with her about the depression I struggle with and she was very understanding and kind in her gentle words.  I explained that I share the story of my depression a lot easier today than I ever have.

That takes a lot of courage Chuck”  Erin

She told me about her partner who is a police officer back home and the two dogs that they enjoy together.  Even though they are from Vancouver, turns out her dad is a Habs fan and that as a kids they’d take the ferry across to Vancouver to see the Habs play the Canucks.  Of course I schooled her on the Jets…and our Winnipeger Neil Young!!

We had never known each other before this morning, yet sharing with each other was so very easy.  Her soul…so very kind and gentle.  Yes Erin, people do come into our lives for a reason…I’m glad we met this morning and got to have an authentic, talk.

I’m proud of you for all you do to help others Erin”  Chuck

You’ve got lots to share Chuck, keep writing your blog!!”Erin

You never know when an angel is going to appear in your life…and even if its just for an hour or two, be grateful for the moments and the lessons that were to be learned.

Thanks Erin…what a beautiful way to start these two weeks in Paradise.



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