How cool is this: met a family from Finland who are huge Patrik Laine fans!! …by Chuck Duboff


All the way from Finland,12 hour flight, to Puerto Vallarta…Big Laine and Jets fans!!

Janika Kirveennummi, Janos Kirveennummi, Niko Kirveennummi, Emmi Hakio, RittaKyytsonen, Nana Kirveennummi, AtteRimpilainen

© Chuck Duboff

They say this is a small world…well, I sure found that out this morning; a large group of people were sitting beside me at the pool deck…their accent sounded very familiar, so I asked where they are from.  Finland…well my ears perked up and we got right into Patrik Laine.  I shared pictures of Laine with them and told them what a big star he is in Winnipeg.  Of course they know how popular both Laine and Teemu are  in Winnipeg.  They are always hearing stories of what they are doing in the NHL.


They were telling me all about what they do back home, from nurse, to contractor, students and a hockey player in the group; and it turns out the hockey player knows quite a bit about Jets #1 draft pick from 2017, Christian Vesalinen,,,says he’s  a really good player,,,knows that he’ll be playing for the Jets next season.

They were all super friendly; we exchanged cell phone numbers and we will be sharing pix and stories and this blog.  I always bring Jets stuff with me, so I gave the hat and t-shirt to these two awesome young people from Finland!



It’s a very small world…and it was so great meeting this Finnish family; not just because they are Laine and Jets fans…more because it’s so cool meeting people from all over the world.



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