Erin…till our paths cross again; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Saying goodbye to someone i care about has always been difficult.  I went to sleep last night thinking I couldn’t say goodbye to Erin on Sunday morning.  She is such a beautiful, spiritual soul…and we had  connected on such a deep level.  How could I say goodbye knowing our paths may never cross again.

Last Thursday morning, fate brought us together while lying by the pool here in Puerto Vallarta.  It seemed like an instant spiritual connection…morals, beliefs, compassion, all so very similar.  Her ‘hippie” spirit immediately captured me and I was smitten in a kind, respectful way.  Knowing that she has a partner back home allowed me to just enjoy the kind, gentle soul which is Erin.

In a few brief days, she taught me so much about this journey called life.  Her words weren’t new, but coming from a spirit like hers, i internalized all she shared.  One of the first pieces of wisdom she shared was: “don’t worry about what other people think Chuck”; I’ve heard that a million times, but coming from her…it really got through my walls…walls I was letting down while talking to her,  We talked a lot about letting go, so that the goodness of life could shine through.  By last evening, when we shared a couple of beers and mojitos…my walls were down…not many people can do that…but Erin sure could.

That is how I spent my time with Erin…I lived each moment knowing that when she went home on Sunday morning that our paths would probably never meet again.  I soaked in our many long chats, grateful that I had met the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to share my life with.

Rather than being upset about never seeing her again, I celebrated the fact that for three and a half days, we shared our spirits and enjoyed the hot sun together.

We met for breakfast this morning and talked…and talked..she shared about her “book room”, her solitude where she voraciously reads books… and then…it was time for her to leave.  We hugged and said goodbye…and until the fates decide if we shall ever see each other again…I will cherish the time we had.

Thank you Erin…you were a gift that I will hold on to forever.  Now go home and take care of your doggies and that great guy you are with.


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