Why have a salary cap…when small market teams are still looked down upon!! by Geoff Brookes

Great blog by Geoff on the NHL salary cap!!

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© Geoff Brookes

Three days before the 2018 NHL trade deadline, the Winnipeg Jets were robbed by one of their rivals, the Vegas Golden Knights.

 For a little context, many have said that Derick Brassard is the most widely sought after forward in this 2018 trade deadline. It was also reported that the two teams that were pushing hardest to acquire Brassard by trade were the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Winnipeg Jets.

 According to Pierre LeBrun, the Winnipeg Jets’ offer to Ottawa for the services of player Derick Brassard was “substantial, maybe even better than Pittsburgh’s offer”. From an understated, cautious veteran of hockey panels, I believe that meant that the Jets’ offer was actually better than Pittsburgh’s offer. We don’t know the details, except we do know this:

  • In the original version of the deal between Pittsburgh and Ottawa, as first reported in the media late Friday morning, Pittsburgh was trading…

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