Your Sunday Morning Random Thoughts…from Puerto Vallarta; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


  • Yes, it’s sunny and hot…all the time.  (now that’s out of the way)
  • My fourth year in a row here at the Canto del Sol…love it; has got everything I could ever want…
  • ..and like Cheers, everybody who works here…knows my name…treated so well.
  • Tequila…
  • Thanks to having my cell service with Rogers, I’ve been able to watch all the Jets games on my laptop.
  • Love, love, love running the beaches in the morning…gets the legs and heart
    pumping and then in I go for a half hour weights work out; great way to start the day.


    Heading out on a 7M run!!

  • The Mexican people are so friendly (and not just here at the resort); needless to say, any discussion of the States and Herr Trump results in some choice words.
  • “Good morning seignior, how are you this morning?”  Mui bien!!!
  • Daymn fine coffee here at the resort.
  • So very proud of those students in Florida; they embody everything I instilled in the Maples Unity Group; if you believe in something, stand up for it.  Those kids are more mature, thoughtful and caring than those sanctimonious, greedy politicians.
  • So many people playing Jenga around the pool…jenga
  • Miss you so very much Erin…it was three days of bliss.  “Chuck, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.”
  • Jets=Nashville Tuesday night in the ‘peg!!  Playoff preview…should be intense!!
  • So awesome…while watching the Jets games on my laptop on the beaches…I am texting with Geoff and Derek and Mick…what a world we live in!!
  • Back  home Wednesday night…it’s been yet another fabulous time down here in paradise.
  • The first politician who stands up and says he will no longer accept the millions from the NRA…and fight for gun bans…that will be a politician I can respect!!NRA 6
  • Memo to Amazon; I am a very regular customer of yours: books, jerseys and so much more…your support and promotion of NRA TV means I will no longer make any purchases from Amazon!!
  • Tina Fontaine…so very sorry…our justice system has failed you and so many other aboriginal girls.tina
  • I love Latin music…just love it…
  • Those long walks on the beach in the afternoon…under the hot sun…does not get any better!!
  • Guess what Herr Trump…everybody is flipping and your time is just about up!!  My wish is to see you taken out in hand cuffs…and your boy Donald Jr says:  “Daddy, what’s wrong, you didn’t do anything”
  • Spring training is well under way…was awesome watching the Yankees playing their first exhibition game the other day!!
  • Goldeyes have a lot of holes to fill…with Rohm and Plefner retiring, Romanski to Mexico and Darvell signed by the Dodgers.Phillies Braves Spring Baseball
  • Thank you Geoff…you know why pal!!   Thank you.

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