Gracias Puerto Vallarta!!…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

Once again, Puerto Vallarta, you have cleansed my soul and given new energy to my life’s journey.  It is quite easy to talk about the hot sun, crystal clear blue skies, wonderful beaches, spectacular Sierra Madre mountains and the mighty Pacific Ocean.  But that’s the stuff of tourism brochures.

I have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean countries.  I embraced the history and beaches of Cuba; I taught Grade 12 English and Drama in Cancun…enjoying all the beaches and professional baseball; I loved 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen and the youthful spirit all around the resorts; Isla Mujeros was heaven on earth…spectacular beaches, hot temps and a very earthy feel to it.

27867293_10155784387990783_5836608817659296988_nYet, none of them have been able to capture my soul as Puerto Vallarta has.  I had never been to the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico; four years ago my travel agent suggested that I try Puerto Vallarta.  She is someone who has been booking trips for me for over 25 years…and someone whom I trust dearly.  So, Puerto Vallarta it was.  She recommended the Canto del Sol resort and I have not regretted that decision for a minute.

The resort itself is perfect.  It is right on the Pacific Ocean and beside the spectacular Sierra Madre mountains.  I have lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada my whole life and never experienced mountains nor oceans.  Four years ago I was mesmerized by both the mountains and ocean..I started running the beach every morning…inspired by the mighty Pacific and the grand Sierra Madre.  It truly inspired my writing…I spent my afternoons writing and continue to do that to this day; I have now had two of my blogs published by Puerto Vallarta travel websites.



It’s just different here in PV.   One would expect the people who work in the resort to be friendly, yet, when as a tourist one ventures out, it seems like everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  Hola seignior is a regular greeting…como estas? all the time.  You feel welcome and happy in the resort, but that same feeling exists wandering the streets of PV.


Enjoying the company of a family from Finland and a beautiful soul from Vancouver.

As a tourist you come here to unwind and relax…but so much more occurs.  The tourists from around the world are so friendly and engaging.  There is a genuine happiness which exists and this permeates your soul.  I know that as I once again return home to Winnipeg, I am relaxed, happy and inspired.

I never felt this in any of the Caribbean countries I traveled to…the people of Puerto Vallarta are genuine and are a gift on my life’s journey.


My friend of the managers at Canto del Sol.


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