Alone she sits, hard concrete, blazing sun…by Chuck Duboff

I originally wrote this  on February 23, 2016; two years have passed since then; I recently returned from Puerto Vallarta.  I went for a walk looking for this lady…sadly, I didn’t see her.  My thoughts got to wondering what has happened to her…

Please take a couple of minutes to read this poem and the accompanying note.

February 23, 2016
© Chuck Duboff


She sits,


Sad eyes,

Hands held out,

Hard concrete…

Her home.

Blazing sun,

Baking her Aztec skin.

Endless days,


Very alone,

Sadly alone…


To survive,

Just one more day…

While the rich,

The well clothed,

Life’s smiles…

Pass her by.


***I have walked from the Canto del Son resort to the “downtown” shop/restaurant area three times already.  It is a good 45 minute walk each way under the blazing sun.  I am always sure to wear a hat and have a bottle of water with me.

Each time I have done this walk I have passed the lady.  With each time passing her, my heart broke and my guilt rose.  Today I stopped and tried to speak with her…there was no response, but a blank stare.  I went to my pocket and took out 200 pesos (roughly $20)…I put it into the jar she held in front of her.  Sadly, there were only a few lonely coins.  I made sure the 200 peso bill was in the cup.

I got up and headed back to my beautifully, decadent resort…while this lonely soul sat, alone, on the hard concrete.***


2 thoughts on “Alone she sits, hard concrete, blazing sun…by Chuck Duboff

  1. During my times in PV I used to give her 50 pesos each day as I walked by. I tried conversing with her in espanol but she never said a word. I often think that maybe she was mute. Sad that she is no longer there. I hope she went on to something or “somewhere” better!


  2. Enjoyable read as it was the 1st. time.
    Maybe not on the outside, but am sure on the inside, she was thrilled and appreciated your kind gesture!


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