Puerto Vallarta…wonderful remembrances throughout my Winnipeg home. By Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

In a little shop just down the street from the Canto del Sol resort, these wonderful women make me feel so very welcome.  When I arrived this past February to Puerto Vallarta, this store was the first place I went to.  Olivia and her co-worker were  so excited to see me, and I them.  We chatted for awhile, with them telling me the story of the shop they have been in for 25 years… and within a few minutes I felt like I was back at my second home.


These are the pieces that I bought at their wonderful shop, one for each of the past three years; they sit on a shelf in my home in Winnipeg.  The spirit of these pieces reminds me of the warmth of Puerto Vallarta and  the kindness of the people  At times when I look at these pieces,  it feels like they are talking to me and bringing me back to my second home in PV.

Another special remembrance of my travels to Puerto Vallarta are the stones I collect on the beaches.  During my runs in the morning I will often stop and pick up a stone which is calling out to me and then later in the afternoon, during my long walks on the beautiful beaches, I will stop and pick up stones which in some way stand out.



While back home in Winnipeg, I look at the stones and remember the Mexican people working hard on the beaches selling their wares, the children happily playing in the mighty Pacific Ocean, and the many tourists baking under the hot sun.



Though I may be in my Winnipeg, there are remembrances of Puerto Vallarta throughout, which bring  back the spirit and happiness of my wonderful Mexican home.


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