Jets fans need to calm down; they have 7 out of 10 points on this road trip!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Given the long list of injured players, the Jets getting 7 out of 10 points on this road trip is impressive.
  • It boggles my mind, the never ending bleating of the Nic Petan army; he keeps getting chance after chance after chance with the Jets and does nothing.
  • Without the spectacular play of both Patrik Laine and Conner Helleybucyk, the Jets could be in real trouble for a playoff spot…but, both Patty and Bucky are part of the Jets team, so, the Jets are deserving of their second place standing.Connor-Hellebuyck
  • Jets are desperately thin down the middle right now with both Scheif and Lowry out.  (and possibly Hendricks)
  • This team deserves a lot of credit for hanging in as they have, given how ravaged they have been with injuries.
  • The Jets have been basically going with four d-men the past few games; Poolman and Morrow are getting the occasional shift to spell Buff, Morrissey, Myers and Chairot.
  • josh
  • Somehow the Jets have to get their secondary scoring going again…players like 85, 81, 52, 18, 9, 26 and 40 have to contribute.  Too much pressure being put on the 25, 29, 27 line to do all the scoring.
  • Here’s hoping that when the Jets get back home for a 6 game homestand on Thursday, that Trouba, Lowry, Scheif and Enstrom will be back in the lineup.
  • Perhaps the Jets should check in with Facebook and Twitter before they make any game day decisions…there sure are a lot of unemployed coaches with brilliant advice on social media.
  • Maybe we should all be thanking Chevy for the great trade which brought us Stastny…that line with Ehlers and Laine has been spectacular since his arrival.  With fans saying “we gotta go for it this season”, Chevy went for it and we are sitting nicely in a playoff spot.
  • Time to vent…I get so pissed off with the way fans get so upset with Buff the second he makes a bad play; he has been spectacular since Trouba went down…like former Winnipeg Jet Scott Campbell said last night…if everybody was perfect all the time, we’d be playing into 27 overtimes…
  • Blake Wheeler needs some rest…he’s turning the puck over a lot and hasn’t scored in a long time.  Not being critical in any way…he just looks tired.
  • blake-wheeler-092517-getty-ftrjpeg_7lgni1wakzx61rktin8vmd7t9
  • I’m sure Coach Maurice knows more about hockey in his little finger than i ever will…I just wonder why Brian Little is out in overtime…we are struggling in OT…I would have 27 and 81 and 52 out there with lots of ice to work with.  Just wondering, that’s all.
  • It’s going to be a tough one in Nashville tonight…glad Hutch is getting another shot; he’s played well and a great performance tonight could adjust the Jets thinking heading into the home stretch (never mind the playoffs)

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