A healthy Winnipeg Jets team won’t lose 4 out of 7 to anybody in the playoffs….by Chuck Duboff

This blog set a record yesterday for one day views: 864 reads!! This morning there have already been 76 reads…I think you’ll enjoy my thoughts on the Jets playoff run!!

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Jets great pic

© Chuck Duboff

The excitement is building in the city of Winnipeg; there is a sense that something very special will be happening in the coming months.  Winnipeg Jets fans keep reading articles from national and international media about the Jets being the envy of all teams in the league:  http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/22745770/nhl-why-winnipeg-jets-envy-30-other-teams,  Jets fans watched their team toy with the Chicago Black Hawks on Thursday night, despite still having several star players on the injured list.  There’s a palpable excitement as fans say: “this team is for real”  “if healthy, this team could go all the way.”  You hold your breath and say to yourself…this might be possible!!

Earlier in the season, when the Jets had their A lineup, they were rolling through teams; then injuries occurred and mounted, but still the Jets kept on winning.  Conner Hellebucyk was outstanding; Blake Wheeler carried the team with his leadership…

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