An unprecedented season for the Winnipeg Jets; 106 points…by Geoff Brookes.

Great look back at the Jets remarkable season by Geoff Brookes.

Chuck and Geoff's Eclectic Blog

Jets great pic
© Geoff Brookes 
This has been an unprecedented season for Jets 1.0, Jets 2.0 (or the Thrashers, if we ever thought that was relevant).
Here are some of my highlights. Enjoy!
  1. The Jets “response” victory over Edmonton in game 3, with Ehlers hat trick. After 2 bad losses to start the season, this gave fans reason to hope that this season might be different. The Jets had been terrible in the second period against Calgary, in the previous game. After giving up 2 quick goals to Edmonton in the middle frame, fans were groaning, “oh no, here we go again.” Instead, the Jets took control of the game, with quick goals from Ehlers (including a beauty feed from Wheeler). The Jets kept the puck thereafter, and won 5-2. The fear of long-time Jets fans of a new era of Oiler domination were set aside, at least for now.Ehlers 1
  2. Wheeler’s first…

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