50 wins; 110 points…”they’re a contender for the Stanley Cup for years to come!!” Craig Button.

I was at the Jets Gear store in Polo Park yesterday; the store was packed with fans buying WhiteOut gear…they told me that they’ve been selling out every couple of days…Sure can feel the excitement building to next week”s start of the playoffs!!

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  • The talent on this Winnipeg Jets team is unbelievable!!!
  • It can’t even be debated: “the Jets never miss on a draft pick” Craig Button…the Jets have gotta have the best scouts in the NHL.
  • Drafted by the Jets 2.0 (apologies if I miss anyone Geoff…lol) Scheif, Lowry, Morrissey, Trouba, Ehlers, Conner, Roslovic, Laine, Copp, Poolman, Niku, Hellebucyk and next year Christian Vesalinen…and a bumper crop coming from the Moose!!!
    jets 5
  • Both Big Buff and Tyler Myers playing great hockey.
  • Jets are going to have to get creative to keep this team together…when you have so much talent, everyone is going to want big raises; I’d imagine players like Perrault and Enstrom will be moved, sooner or later, in order to create cap space.
  • Against the Habs last night, all 5 goal scorers, Laine, Ehlers, Roslovic, Niku and Conner, were under 22 years old!!
  • Jets have played…

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