It’s time for this sleepy prairie town to: let loose, party and cheer on the Winnipeg Jets!!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Whether you are a 64 year old Jets fan who saw Bobby Hull sign a million dollar  contract at Portage and Main…or a young fan experiencing the excitement of Winnipeg Jets playoff hockey for the first time…

It is ok to let loose, party and cheer on your Winnipeg Jets!!!  

I shook my head in disbelief yesterday when reading one of the city newspapers; a bitter, cynical  old journalist, who hasn’t accepted the technology of today, suggested to Winnipegers that we not get too excited about the Jets.

No, lets just continue to be this prairie bumpkin and hibernate for 12 months of the year.  Traveling the world, I cannot believe the small town thinking of so many in this city.  Anywhere you go in this world, people let loose and have a good time.  I went to a professional soccer game in Mexico and it was one giant party outside and inside the stadium.  I went to a Mexican League baseball game and there were drums and singing and cheering and the atmosphere was electric. I went to a pre-Olympic baseball game in Taiwan and it was so much fun.   I could go on and on about baseball in the States, hockey in Vegas and Toronto and Nashville….

Then there is Winnipeg where we have columnists suggesting that we shouldn’t get too excited about our Winnipeg Jets!!  What’s there really to be excited about?

Oh yeah…52 wins…114 points…most wins by an American goalie in a season…Patrik Laine…Nic Ehlers, Paul Stastny, Mark Scheifele, Kyle Conner, Blake Wheeler, the TLC line, Conner Hellebucyk, Jacob Trouba, Big Buff, Josh Morrissey…2nd place overall in the NHL…one of the great arena atmospheres in the NHL…won 10 of their last 11 games!!  Set a record for most home wins in a season…

It is ok to let loose, party and cheer on your Winnipeg Jets!!!  

But NO…lets not get excited…let’s just be the city that everyone pokes shots at; why should we try and better this city like TNSE, David Thomson and Mark Chipman have done.

Get out this week and cheer on your Winnipeg Jets!!!  Go to the game in White!!  Wear your Jets jersey to work!!  Fly your pennant in your car window!!  Go to the street party and let loose!!

It is ok to let loose, party and cheer on your Winnipeg Jets!!!  


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