Winnipeg Jets vs Nashville Predators; the excitement builds for “the series the whole hockey world has been waiting for.” by Chuck Duboff

Getting a lot of feedback on predictions for the series…the overwhelming consensus is the Jets in 6, with just a few people saying Nashville in 6; it would seem 6 games is what most people are expecting.

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Preds Jets

© Chuck Duboff

When does this Series start already?  It’s not Wednesday or Thursday…so in all likelihood we have to wait until Friday to get this Heavyweight bout underway.

These two teams have seemingly been on this path the whole season.  Every game played felt like a playoff battle…each team trying to prove their mettle for the other.  When other games in January seemed like a good practice, Jets vs Preds was intense hockey and whet the appetite for all hockey fans.  There is not point in dwelling upon the ridiculous playoff format…it is what it is.  If our Jets were planning on a long run in the playoffs, they would have eventually had to meet Nashville…well, they are here a little sooner than it really should be…but…that being said…Lets Get Ready  To Rumble!!!!!


This time between the first and second round has been beneficial for the Jets; they may…

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