Give the people food and entertainment…and they will be satisfied, while the rich and powerful dismantle society to benefit themselves!! …by Chuck Duboff


Ian MacKaye:

Totally another bread and circus, when you think about it. That’s a Roman concept where the government can do anything, as long as you give the people “bread and circuses.” And I’d say this culture right now is similar, as long as people have money, fun, and food, our government can do heinous, heinous things.

Chuck Duboff

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked why I was, and still am, so outspoken about issues like racism and human rights.  Why did I spend countless hours promoting human rights and fighting racism with the Maples Collegiate Unity Group?  Why do I continue to write and post about social injustice?  “Do you really think you are making a difference Chuck?”


These students from the Maples Collegiate Unity Group were not afraid to stand up and speak out for Human Rights and against Racism!!

I will respond by asking: are you making any difference by sitting idly by, being entertained with sports and tv and video games?  Your plates are full every night and your mind is distracted by the next big game or movie.  Are you making a difference?

The rich, the powerful got to where they are on the backs of complacent citizens; keep everybody well fed and entertained and they won’t pay attention to what is happening…the powerful gaining more power and the richest only adding to their riches.

I have always believed in speaking up, challenging the status quo and fighting for injustices.  Has this been a popular path to navigate; not at all…from colleagues who were jealous of the attention I received, to death threats by those opposed to my speaking up.  I have never been afraid to question, to challenge what I perceive to be an affront to decency…whether its the rising tide of nazism in the United States, the lack of respect shown to Canada’s Aboriginal population…I refuse to not speak up.

This burning took place in Georgia just a few nights ago; and for those of you who are from Winnipeg and recognize the name Milt Stegall…Milt posted that this occurred one hour from his home.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  This is the AmriKKKa that Donald Trump has fostered, while people sit idly by as the American Dream burns…


You can simply say to yourself…”oh this is another one of Chuck’s soap box rants” and convince yourself that sitting idly by is your prerogative; and yes in fact, it is.  But, when society crumbles to a state that is unrecognizable and you have your rights and freedoms taken away…you will have to look in the mirror and ask yourself: “why didn’t I speak up?”  If you don’t believe things can get that bad…study your history and read about 1930’s Germany…the citizenry was co-opted by a megalomanic who bears a striking resemblance to today’s President of the United States.

You can choose to have your Bread and Circus; that is your right; I will choose to speak up, question and honour the Manitoba Human Rights award which was bestowed upon myself.


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