Keys to a Jets game 2 win…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

This is not a criticism of Friday night; Jets goalie great Joe Daley emphasized yesterday that few of the shots that Nashville got were of any kind of danger; he said as long as the D continue to give Helly a clear vision of the shot, he’ll stop it.  According to Joe, the Jets had far more quality opportunities than did the Preds…so what follows isn’t criticism, but rather, how the Jets can play an even better game.

Face offs:

Jets have got to be better than 34 % in the face off circle; Stastny and Scheif and Lowry have got to put up better numbers so that we get control of the puck and don’t give the Preds so much zone time in our end.



As Joe Daley said yesterday: “nobody was hitting”…we’ve gotta get Lowry and Tanev and Copp and Buff and Troubs and Chairot hitting a lot more…like we did against Minnesota; it’ll wear the Preds so called Fab Four down.


One trademark of this Jets team has been its relentless forechecking…the Lowry line has been dominant in keeping the puck in the other teams zone; didn’t see much of that on Friday night.  We need a lot more cycling, which will lead to more zone time for the Jets.

My Prediction:  5-3 Jets with Laine getting two and Copp one.


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