What a thrilling OT playoff game; Jets come home tied 1-1 and with home ice advantage!!…by Chuck Duboff

“Give us five more games of this delicious theatre, because nothing in the final two rounds of the playoffs may come close to matching it.”  Pierre LeBrun, The Athletic

Scheif ties the game

Mark Scheifele ties the game with one minute left in regulation

  • That was playoff hockey at its absolute best…and what a shame that one of these teams will be out after this series.
  • Ironically, I was more nervous watching during regulation time than I was in overtime; I just enjoyed watching our Winnipeg team giving it everything they had in OT.
  • A 2-0 lead coming home would have been great, but coming home 1-1, and now having home ice advantage…pretty sweet.
  • I don’t know that I have ever detested a player more than I do PK Suban; that crap he pulled last night is the reason so many hockey fans dislike; giving Laine a cross check in the back and then doing his best soccer injury imitation…no class…and worthy of a suspension.Sub


  • I’ve been a big defender of Toby Enstrom, but man is he getting beat a lot; I’d put Joe Morrow back in on Tuesday night…we just can’t afford to give up those goals.
  • Matt Hendricks gives you all he has, but at this point in his career he is just too slow to keep up with the play; if either Perrault or Armia are healthy, they’ve gotta take Hendricks spot in the lineup…and if neither are ready, I’d get Dano in there.
  • Watching the evolution of Mark Scheifele from a raw rookie to a NHL superstar is a real joy; he is a self professed hockey nerd and you can just see the drive to be great in him every night.  On the powerplay, if teams are going to continue to double team Laine, then Scheif is the trigger man in the slot!!Scheif again
  • The Jets need their goal scorers to start scoring:  Kyle Conner, Blake Wheeler, Nic Ehlers and Patrik Laine need to start putting the puck in the net.  Last night after we had taken the 2-1 lead, both Laine and Wheels had a chance to make it an even bigger lead…Laine hit the post and Wheels put it over the net.  It’s playoff time and your snipers need to be burying.  There’s no waiting to get out of a goal scoring slump…it’s time to produce…Now!!
  • Big Buff is playing absolutely tremendous hockey; he’s a force in all three zones…controlling the puck, hitting, scoring…you can’t ask much more from the big man!!Stas Biuff
  • Watching Paul Stastny play, you can see why the Jets were willing to give up a first round pick and college star Eric Foley.  He is so smart with the puck and his passes just seem to be the right one every time.  Here’s hoping he wants to stay in Winnipeg and sign a long term deal.  He’s gotta help for Patty and Fly get untracked.
  • Love seeing the energy, enthusiasm and goal scoring touch that Brandon Tanev brings to the team.
  • At times last night it felt like a track meet….back and forth, back and forth…like everyone has said…this truly is theeee Series of the playoffs!!
  • The Jets needed to win one in Nashville..they’ve done that.  Home ice advantage is theirs…if we win our home games, onto round 3 we will go!!
  • If I’m making the call…Hendricks and Enstrom out…Morrow and either Armia, Perrault or Dano in.
  • Jets got caught twice on pinches last night, whereas on Friday night, I noticed very little pinching…if they’re going to do that…the forwards have to make sure to cover the point  vacated by the D Man.
  • OK Jets fans…it’s time to show those hillbillies from Nashville what real hockey fans are!!!  We don’t need catfish or Carrie Underwood or the Tennessee Titans to fire us up...WE ARE TRUE HOCKEY FANS!!! 


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