A MUST READ!! A hockey mom’s Jets conversion…this super Jets fan shares her thoughts on our Jets!!!!!

***From Chuck:   Jenn is a former student of mine; we have stayed in contact via Facebook…Jenn’s excitement for the Jets is so very cool; with all the excitement going on, I thought it would be fun to ask Jenn to write a Jets blog and she was more than willing to share her thoughts…thanks for writing this Jenn…it’s awesome!!***



© Jenn Meixner

Game three of round two… is this real life?! This is unfamiliar territory for most Jets fans; many of us not yet alive the last time our home team made it this far…players included! That being said, I think we are all embracing our home t own hockey culture quite well – the Winnipeg Whiteout has taken over our province…l media…my family and I LOVE it!

Now let me tell you a little about how this self proclaimed ‘hockey mom jets analyst’ came to be…Rewind to August…Winnipeg is known for our intolerable winters and being home on maternity this year with my second son, I was dreading  it… spending more time with at home with my family also  meant more time in my partner’s truck where TSN 1290 is a “favourite” (insert eye roll here). I complained and begged him to change it, but he didn’t waver and encouraged me to “just give it a try” also, “in his truck it’s his rules”. Ok, ok, OK… but don’t make me listen to the call-in portion PLEASEEEE! When my 4-year son began tearing up when I would change the station “because Mom, I don’t want to miss the Jets news”, I gave in and this has been the best winter ever!

I have always been a ‘casual Jets fan’ as Paul Maurice termed it today, but in a few short months I have formulated opinions, emotions and ATTACHMENTS to this team! I downloaded the NHL App for up to date news and statistics, watch the live newsfeeds online, pregame/postgame/practice interviews, take my kids (4-years old and infant) to open practices, season tickets (coincidently after being on the wait list since 2011 THIS was our year), our family has Jets inspired music playlists for car rides and living room dance parties, toys, stickers, posters, mini hockey sticks (“Mom want to see the replay?”), books, hockey cards, a giant Jets flag proudly flying over our backyard skating rink, and I am admittedly now a TSN 1290 radio junkie… we are a Jets family in this house to say the least! I knew I had reached a new fan-ship level when Scheifele was injured during the regular season; my heart sank, eyes filled with tears, talked about it with everyone I know and I lost sleep that night worrying about my buddy Mark (these guys have no idea I am on a first name basis with them but we’re basically family now right?!). I thought, how will we ever get through the season without this adorable and talented superstar?! This is when it gets good… we kept winning! I quickly learned to appreciate and love the depth of my new family. Blake Wheeler, Ehlers, Laine, Connor, Helly… the team didn’t skip a beat! 

Jenn family


Like the rest of Winnipeg, my excitement and anticipation grew as regular season came to an end and playoff season was upon us. I had no idea what to expect… the only whiteouts I had ever experienced were the shitty cold and miserable ones. My heart skipped a beat being in the crowd for round one, game one. I am blown away by this city’s commitment and am so incredibly ‘Mom-proud’ of our team and fans… I mean from a Mom’s point of view, it’s not often you can have a playdate with over 20,000 excited kids after bedtime without major incident!

A few thoughts from Mom:

To the Wild in round one… na na na  na, na na na na, hey hey Goodbye! Round one was momentum and confidence building. Win or lose, you always love your kids but when they are ACTUALLY good and winning, it is way more fun (admit it!)

Nashville… I was nervous. I had my eyes closed most of game one and no fingernails left after game two.

Game three feels so good and I’m comfortable amidst this battle because I believe in our team and no matter what happens, we are farther than we ever have been before! A few things stood out for me tonight:

Ron MacLean did a territorial announcement … say what?! Way to go CBC… sadly he missed mentioning this is the homeland of the Metis nation but hey, baby steps!


Overall, an emotional rollercoaster tonight! First period was frustrating as hell; bouncing pucks, unable to finish, messy, disappointing… whatever Paul said to them in between periods, I need some of that in my life! What a turn around in the last two periods but that isn’t to say Nashville took a backseat. We played, they played, but we did better and for the first time this series I felt we deserved the win without a doubt. 

Helly appeared a little rattled after the first couple of slow shitty goals but he made up for it with the big save on the Arvidsson breakaway to maintain the 4-4 tie later on. I was impressed with the Defense this game; they stood out as the stars in my mind and I think they helped pick up the slack.

I will credit Scheifele and big ole Buff for the turnaround in this game. Scheifele’s roughing penalty was timely and needed and Buff’s dance moves would make anyone smile! He had a solid game.

Stasny is my post season hero; he has been a game changer for the Jets. I didn’t realize what an impact a single player could have and definitely didn’t understand all this talk about the importance of “playoff experience”. He is consistently good and it’s obvious when he isn’t scoring himself, he is making a strong effort to make plays with a lot of success. I hope to see him still wearing a Jets jersey in the future.

Have you ever noticed Laviolette looks like he is crying when he yells? He and Subban must belong to the same drama club. Oh Subban… you are the kid that I hope my kid isn’t friends with and the one I won’t let him be. I say this to my 4 year old, “Whiners are weiners”, take note! I feel bad for Nashville fans, I simply could not get behind that guy and there’s no way I would be okay with my sons idolizing him or his style of play.

Hendy, I like you; you’re one of those well rounded loyal friends but you are making it tough to justify keeping you in the lineup! I think #15 would have done really well in round one against the Wild but we may be better off with Dano or #85 (hopefully soon!)  to keep up with Nashville.


Still waiting for Laine, Ehlers, Connor to get on the scoreboard; come on kiddos! I can’t tell if they are simply off their game, maybe their lack of playoff and NHL experience is showing through, or is Nashville doing that good of a job covering them? That said, Go Tanev Go! I like this little spitfire on the ice; he found his jam out there towards the end of the regular season and certainly the post season so far.

I sit now collecting my thoughts, relishing in how my cheeks hurt from smiling, enjoying tea and honey to sooth my sore throat from cheering , warming my body from standing outside at the street party, and I cannot wait to be in the crowd for game four on Thursday – Go Jets Go!

Jen Meixner, the self-proclaimed ‘Hockey Mom Jets Analyst’


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