Today’s blog: Paul Maurice out coached by Peter Laviolette; Preds tie series 2-2. By Chuck Duboff and Geoff Brookes

Well, it’s time for Coach Maurice to make believers of his players, the organization and Winnipeg Jets fans; can he give his team some new strategy to overcome Laviolette;s master work in Game 4?

Chuck Eclectic Blog

***Geoff and I take a look at the two coaches; there’s reasons why certain coaches keep winning and others struggle to get over the hump…and it was clearly evident last night***
© Geoff Brookes and Chuck Duboff
Geoff’s take on Peter Laviolette:
I learned three things at last night’s Jets-Preds playoff game 4.
  1. Peter Laviolette doesn’t like losing.
  2. He has a great big hockey bag full of game strategies.
  3. He has complete control over a veteran hockey team.
Peter said to himself after a wild and wooly game 3 loss to the Jets, “Pete, I don’t like losing.”
So Laviolette did what great coaches do. He changed the script.
“Track meet, Schmack meat,” he muttered, his mind working furiously, late Tuesday night. “Do I care if people love the fast hockey, if the Jets get to move the puck up the ice like Olympic speed skaters?”
After a 2 millisecond…

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