7 down, 9 to go!! 2 Blogs on the Jets big 6-2 win over Nashville!! Jets up 3 games to 2; by Geoff Brookes & Chuck Duboff

Nash 1

© Geoff Brookes

When the Winnipeg Jets are skating and making good passes, they can’t be held off the scoresheet.

It’s a bit of a mystery to everyone why they simply break out at certain moments.

I credit Hockey night in Canada commentators , and Trevor Kidd on the post game show, for pointing out that the forwards acted in closer groups of 2 in the second period, allowing the duos to support each other. I think this is true.

But there’s something in this team’s psyche. Once they get that boost from scoring one goal, they feed off that energy, and raise their game. Their skating goes into overdrive. Their passes are brilliant. Their shooting is accurate.

After Laine hit Stastny for a deflection goal, the Jets created that whirlwind of energy. Kyle Connor start beating Preds 1 on 1, creating chances for his line mates and himself. Wheeler and Scheifele were everywhere, winning puck battles. All four lines controlled the puck.

Bucky kept the Jets in the game , keeping the score 0-0 after 1. The Jets exploded with 4 goals in the second period, scoring 4 times, allowing 1 early and 1 late goal for the Preds.

We waited anxiously for the beginning of the third period , wondering how it would play out. But Connor and Scheifele made a highlight reel play to score less than a minute in. The game result was not in doubt after that.

There’s a unique spirit in this team, like a Manitoba summer storm in the middle of a scorching hot summer day. It arrives without much warning, and it’s intense when it arrives.

The Jets’ storm struck in Nashville, Tennessee, delivering a victory in game 5 for Winnipeg.

If it hits Winnipeg Monday night , it will be a wild night in the Peg!

Nash 2


© Chuck Duboff

  • Skating, hitting and goaltending…and the Jets throttle the Preds 6-2!!
  • When this Jets teams gets rolling, there really is no stopping them.
  • Turning point of the game…it was tight, 0-0, Ryan Ellis makes a mistake, Ehlers gets the puck, passes to Laine, who takes one of his laser shots which goes in off of Stastny and suddenly the Jets have a 1-0 lead…and no longer could Nashville play the trap game…it became a track meet, and when the Jets are on their game, nobody can keep up with them.
  • Paul Stastny is playing magnificent hockey…his skill level and hockey IQ is off the charts…so very smart around the net and with his passing and back checking.  What a fantastic trade!!!
  • Watching Scheif and Wheels and KC…that is a bonafide #1 line; their tic tac toe passing is awesome!!Nash 3
  • Once again Hellebucyk helps us withstand the early Nashville onslaught; he plays with such a cool composure.  He was incredulous when that short handed goal went in…so much so that he asked the referee how it got by him.  You want to win the Stanley Cup, you need great goaltending…and that’s what the Jets are getting.
  • That Lowry, Tanev and Copp line reunited…what a force they are; once they get into the attacking zone, start their hitting and cycling, it is a work of art!!
  • Great seeing Matthieu Perrault back on a line with Little and Armia; 85 brings so much energy and skill level to the lineup!!Stas Biuff
  • This team is so deep, it’s unreal…how many teams could have a Jack Roslovic sitting in the press box?
  • Forecast for Monday is Sunny and 29!!  The Jets will be in the Bell MTS Centre with over 15,000 fans, while outside, one can only imagine the tens of thousands who will be out their cheering on their Jets…40/50,000 wouldn’t surprise me..

  • Kudos to Coach Maurice and his staff for keeping his team calm and composed after a difficult loss in Game 4.
  • What a great feeling that must have been for Kyle Conner last night; two big goals and an assist; Sportsnet’s John Shannon was visibly upset that Conner wasn’t one of the finalists for rookie of the year!
  • Our ticket group, the guys who have been with this since day 1…Geoff, Derek, Tony and myself…this is so exciting to watch after 7 years of draft and develop, patience and just hoping for that big break through season.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Last August Geoff and I were sitting at a outdoor patio, drinking a beer and talking about the upcoming Jets season; I kind of figured they’d hit 90 points and sneak into the playoffs.  HOWEVER, Geoff made a bold prediction of 106 points for the Jets and that they would win the Cup.  I was there, I witnessed it.  I kind of looked at Geoff like he was crazy.  I’m usually the win who can forecast scores for games…but, lets give him some serious props for his uncanny prediction.  It’s a shame he and i didn’t lay down a few bucks on our Jets!!Nash 4
  • I will take the big man, Dustin Byfuglien, 7 days a week over PK Suban.
  • I loved watching our D pinching and seeing our forwards cover at the point for them.  Whether it’s Morrissey or Trouba or Myers or Buff…they are all dangerous and add to our sizzling offence.
  • And so…we’re up in the series, 3 games to 2; we have home ice on Monday night; I dare say this is the game the Jets have to win!!!  Cannot give Nashville life…gotta jump on them early, smother them in the first period and put the deciding game away like we did with the Wild.
  • Is it Monday night at 8:30 yet???31945806_10155986954245783_7088939694955692032_n

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