Chuck & Geoff: some strategy suggestions which may help our Jets.

© Chuck Duboff & Geoff Brookes
For fans waiting anxiously for puck drop at 7 o’clock, here’s some Jets strategy recommendations for you, courtesy of Geoff and Chuck,  to while away the remaining hours:
  1. Nashville clearly has the Jets favourite plays mapped out in advance, and are well positioned to meet the plays head on. The Jets need to improvise more and avoid being static. Try something new, and always, always keep moving. I’m thinking of Ehlers setting up Laine for a shot (deflection of Stastny) in game 5. I’m also thinking of the chaos the Jets created in the Nashville zone on Byfuglien’s goal in game 5.
  2. Seriously consider replacing Joel Armia with Jack Roslovic; we need Roslovic’s speed and creativity…Armia is in one of his funks and we can’t have that now.Scheif ties the game
  3. Similar to point #1, Nashville knows where the Jets forwards are positioned for the zone tip-ins on breakouts. The Jets should be sure to keep 2 forwards together (maybe 10-15 feet apart) on those breakout passes to give their defensemen 2 tip-in targets, or to do 3 way puck movement before a shoot-in. The third forward should be ready to speed into the offensive zone from the opposite side. Again, improvise, instead of using the same plays they’ve used all season.
  4. The TLC line has to put more pressure on the Pred’s D; more hitting and forechecking.
  5. Joe Morrow to replace Toby Enstrom…not saying yes or no…but, it should be a strong consideration.  Morrow brings more speed and a great shot from the point.
  6. The Jets forwards need to get really deep down in their own zone to assist the
    defensemen with passing targets, and to help with puck battles along the boards . Again, the Jets need to have players working together, not being too far apart to help.


  7. Coach Maurice has to be ready to counter any new Preds strategy…no sense waiting now Coach; if they’re doing something that’s shutting us down, you’ve got to do something.
  8. The Preds have figured out our Power Play; do something different…get Buff in front of the net with Trouba or Myers at the point; let Buff be a big screen…and get the boys making crisp, fast passes.
  9. Always have at least 1 man high- 2 men high on a blue line pinch. The Jets are doing this well. They need to keep this up.
We’re not saying that the Jets *will* do these things – but we are saying that they need to do these things to win game 7.

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