Chuck & Geoff: some strategy suggestions which may help our Jets.


Chuck Eclectic Blog

© Chuck Duboff & Geoff Brookes
For fans waiting anxiously for puck drop at 7 o’clock, here’s some Jets strategy recommendations for you, courtesy of Geoff and Chuck,  to while away the remaining hours:
  1. Nashville clearly has the Jets favourite plays mapped out in advance, and are well positioned to meet the plays head on. The Jets need to improvise more and avoid being static. Try something new, and always, always keep moving. I’m thinking of Ehlers setting up Laine for a shot (deflection of Stastny) in game 5. I’m also thinking of the chaos the Jets created in the Nashville zone on Byfuglien’s goal in game 5.
  2. Seriously consider replacing Joel Armia with Jack Roslovic; we need Roslovic’s speed and creativity…Armia is in one of his funks and we can’t have that now.Scheif ties the game
  3. Similar to point #1, Nashville knows where the Jets forwards are positioned for the zone…

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