8 Down, 8 to Go!! “Jets vastly superior to Predators when it mattered most” Sportsnet!! by Chuck Duboff


  • There are four teams left playing hockey…and the Winnipeg Jets are one of them!!
  • What a perfectly played game of hockey by the Jets…could not have asked for anything more from this team.
  • Your best players need to be your best players!!  Sheif and Wheels and Stastny were outstanding, while Conner Hellebucyk continued to give us Vezina calibre goaltending.
  • I was lying by the pool in Puerto Vallarta on trade deadline day and Geoff was texting me all the transactions that were going down; suddenly, I got a text that said that the Jets had got Paul Stastny in a trade for our first round pick; I literally kept looking at the text to make sure what I was reading was correct…and it was!!  That was the final piece to the puzzle…Bryan Little is not longer a second line centre and getting Stas slotted him perfectly to the 2nd line centre with Patty and Fly…what a trade, what a trade!!


  • That’s what Geoff and I were talking about with the Lowry line; crash, bang, control the puck and chew up minutes of offensive zone time.  I don’t care if that line never scores another point…what they do is so critical to this team’s success.
  • That top line of ours, Scheif, Wheels and KC, outdueled the Johanson line…what a performance by Mark Scheifele, setting a record for most road goals in an NHL Stanley Cup playoff series.


  • Our defence was outstanding, just outstanding; they kept the game simple and made smart passes all night long; full credit to Trouba, Morrissey, Buff, Enstrom, Myers and Chairot…well done boys!!
  • Watch the replay of the game…when PK scores a goal, Jim Hughson acts like there was a cure for cancer…Jets score and it’s just a normal call.  PK is an embarrassment, much like Marchand…that dive on the Conner so called penalty was a joke.
  • Though he hasn’t hit the back of the net, Nic Ehlers played one fantastic game last night…he was flying around the ice, forechecking and making plays.
  • However, I don’t know if it’s the pressure of the playoffs…but, Patrik Laine looks slow and like he could lose ten or fifteen pounds.  He’s sure not at his best.
  • Loved watching the reaction in the press box…Chevy, Chipman, Zinger…they’ve worked long and hard to get to this point and deserve all the satisfaction they are deriving from this long playoff run.
  •  Looking back on the series with Nashville…I’d give the Jets the nod as the better team, but, Nashville was right there all the way…great series.
  • Don’t know much about Vegas…but, they deserve much respect…you don’t get this far into the playoffs being a ho hum team.


  • Is there any way for the Jets to sign Stastny…with all the contracts coming up, it’s going to be tough.  The only way I could see it happening is if he wants to play on a contender for many years.
  • That first game tomorrow night is going to be a tough one for the Jets.  A quick turnaround from last night…little time to prepare or get any rest.  I think at this point, my bigger concern is preparation for the Knights.  I’d imagine the Jets have had scouts watching the Knights…but, implementing systems on such short notice will be tough.
  • That being said…there are just four teams left playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs; the Winnipeg Jets are in the Final Four.  How Sweet Is That!!!


  • And how many wild and excited fans will there be downtown on a Saturday night on a nationally televised game across Canada and the United States!!


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