9 down, 7 to go; led by Big Buff, the Jets overpower Vegas to take a 1-0 series lead. By Chuck Duboff

Let’s do it boys!!! Make it 2-0!!!

Chuck Eclectic Blog


© Chuck Duboff

“It’s incredible. Did you enjoy yourself? It was awesome. Our crowd is awesome,” Hellebuyck said.   “They were so loud and they helped us carry so much momentum. They are a big factor in this.”

For all those concerned about the quick turn around the Jets faced after the Nashville series…ho hum…just another great effort by the boys from ‘peg city.

It was over quickly.  The Jets came out of the gates flying.  Just a minute into the game, Scheifele, a man possessed, drove the puck down the ice, made a great drop pass to Buff, who ripped home a one timer…and boom…the Jets were off and flying.


You want to take a penalty against the Jets.  Good luck with that.  Pick your poison:  Stastny, Wheeler, Buff, Scheif and Laine…on the first power play, Vegas was over guarding Scheif…Laine saw this, snuck in behind and Wheels made…

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