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8 thoughts on “Chuck Duboff

  1. Replies to jets questionnaire.
    Jets MVP: Wheeler
    Best forward: Wheeler
    Best defence man: Stuart
    Best goalie: Montoya
    Best rookie: Trouba
    Most improved: tie- Scheiffelle and Little
    Heart and soul of team: Stuart
    Weakest link: pavelec
    Area in most need of improvement: Goaltending
    If GM for a day first move: remove pavelec from team
    Future player I want to see: Morrissey
    Biggest disappointment: Pavelec (bogisian close second).
    Biggest surprise: the childish attitude of some of the players and how they just collapsed in my opinion on purpose to drive out coach noel.
    The one thing needed to make playoffs: top 15 starting goalie.
    Overall assessment of team: Seems to be heading the right direction. Considering a change from east to west and new coach and Olympic break I feel they are on the right path to success. The removal of a few pieces like setoguchi, pavelec, Ellerby, and Kane and some key re signings of montoya(as backup only) and jokinen and postma, along with off season signing of better #1 goalie maybe Elliot or cam ward. We will be on the correct path. If pavelec is bought out I doubt Halak is an option as both goalies have the same scumbag agent. Also Kane has been on the downward slide year after year. The “potential” due to his age is BS. Selanne was breaking rookie scoring titles at that age. Kane might be a star one day which I doubt, but not with the teammates he currently plays with. Fans can’t be upset if he moves to another team and flourishes cause it’s probably the only way he will be a star.


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