Steve Bannon in control…Trump unnerved; by Chuck Duboff

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The perception is, Donald, that your cabin boy, Steve Bannon, is making all the policy decisions; your inability to understand his ideas and what they mean, leaves us all believing that you are merely his puppet…given that you can barely read and have the attention span of a gnat…Steve Bannon is putting in place his Alt Right, white supremacist agenda, which is making you look like a buffoon.


No snow in Costa Rica…just making plans for cuts and layoffs. (suckahs)…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

Day 1:

Should I do some work today…or go to the beach?  Nah, the sun is out, beach it is!!

Day 2:

Look at the beautiful Caribbean…and its so hot out…I’ll do some work tomorrow!!

Day 3:

I’ll take a book with me to the beach and pretend I’m doing some work for that frozen wasteland up north; I’ve always enjoyed John Grisham.

Day 4:

So, if I don’t send any e-mails, they don’t have any proof or record of me communicating with my office; you guys wanna go golfing?

Day 5:

Maybe I should do some work today to justify that raise I gave myself; I’ll read the Winnipeg  Sun online with my morning coffee and call that work.  Got the tennis courts booked for ten, so I better get at it.

Day 6:

Yes Mr. Trump, I’m following your instructions to the letter; we’ll make Manitoba your entry way into Canada.

It’s time to call into question Paul Maurice’s coaching of the Winnipeg Jets; by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

I have been a fan of Paul Maurice since he was first hired by the Winnipeg Jets.  I thought he was the right coach to get this team straightened out.  Under previous coach Claude Noel, other teams commented “the Jets don’t even play with any systems”, so it seemed like an experienced NHL coach like Maurice would instil a level of coaching which the Jets hadn’t been receiving.

Within one season Maurice had the Jets in the playoffs, all be it very briefly, as they were swept by Anaheim.  Yet there was an excitement and expectation that things would only get better.

Yet, one season later, the Jets were a year long disappointment and were out of the playoff race quite early.  The only saving grace was that this meant a higher draft pick and the Jets stuck gold with the drafting of Patrik Laine.

The excitement heading into this season was palatable. Mark Scheifele, Blake Wheeler, Nik Ehlers, Patrik Laine, Bryan Little, Dustin Byfuglien, Matthieu Perrault, Jacob Trouba, Tyler Myers, Conner Hellybucyk, Kyle Conner…this had the makings of one exciting, playoff bound team.

Yet here we are on December 22nd and the Jets are once again floundering. A team with supposedly so much talent, can’t even get over .500.  Our Power Play is abysmal, our Penalty Killing near the bottom of the league, we’re near the top of the league in Penalty Minutes, our goals allowed and goaltending is near the bottom of the league…and to quote TSN’s Craig Button, a huge fan of the Jets, “Paul Maurice isn’t getting the job done.”

Jets cover

To watch this team, game in and game out, have great first periods and then collapse in the second is inexcusable.  That is coaching.  If your team isn’t ready to come out and play as they are capable of, then that falls on the shoulders of the Head Coach.  Tuesday evening against Vancouver, a team the Jets should blow out of the arena, the Jets came out and dominated the first period…and, as is their custom, that same Jets team disappeared in the second and third and lost 4-1 to an inferior team.

Yes, we’ve had a lot of injuries…but so have other teams; yes, we’ve had a brutal schedule, but so have most teams in the NHL

I have been a big fan of Paul Maurice’s till the last few weeks; but when you’ve got as much talent as the Jets do, when the team keeps taking undisciplined penalties, collapses in the second period, has a terrible Power Play, doesn’t know how to kill penalties, is near the bottom of the league in goals against…

I will concur with Craig Button: “Paul Maurice is not getting the job done”.  Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto all have young teams, yet there is an appreciable improvement in their game…


Will the Jets sit on their hands yet again and waste another season away or will they do something to straighten things out?  Given the Jets history, I would expect the Jets to continue to flounder and not make any drastic changes.

Social Media Shut Down; The Zombies have arrived…by Chuck Duboff


I have shut down my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  I believe that they are having a tremendously negative affect on society.

Social is described by the Cambridge Dictionary as: “relating to activities in which you meet and spend time with other people”, whereas the Cambridge Dictionary defines Social Media as: “computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information.”

People are no longer “meeting and spending time with other people.”  Social Media is creating a society in which we all become faceless.  Individuals get excited when they see that they have 728 friends on Facebook, yet those same people haven’t interacted with an actual human being in months.  This creates a false sense of being and creates a reality in which people no longer know how to interact at a human level.


Individuals make commentary that they would never make in “the real world.”  There is a false sense of bravado which elicits many arguments online.  This is further exacerbated in the Twitter Universe where individuals go off on rants and have no issue with uttering ugly commentary.

As for Instagram, it is nothing more than a vanity outlet, saying look at me, look at what’s going on in my life.

It is a sad state when individuals no longer know how to communicate with others.  I recently walked into a coffee shop and it appeared as if everyone was connected to their laptops, tablets, smart phones…I went up to the counter to place and order and observed: “Am I the only one who comes in here to chat, to visit with others?”…the response from my friend behind the counter was: “No kidding, I think you’re the friendliest person who comes in here.

When the President-Elect is sending out malicious tweets at 3:00 AM, sadly, this world has become completely detached.

I have not yet made a determination about this blog; I am still thinking about it…I don’t see this as a form of social media, but rather an online magazine format.  I may be wrong; my only reservation about Blogging is that anybody with half a brain could write a blog and I do worry about extremists writing their vitriol online and having it taken as gospel.  Then again the “Internet” is a place for free discourse, so who am I to judge others writing.

The revolution that is needed is a rethinking of Facebook and Twitter and the like; this world is falling a part at an alarming rate and I believe people need to be able to communicate with other humans in a kinder, more friendly world.


No Man Is An Island – Poem by John Donne

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend’s
Or of thine own were:
Any man’s death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.

CNN, no longer a news network…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


I will be the first to admit that I was hooked on CNN throughout the whole election cycle. At times, the talking heads on the cable news network had me watching and listening to their inane bantering while pre-empting baseball playoffs and Jets hockey games.  I was lured in by the Jake Tappers and David Gergens and Brooke Baldwins, etc.

Upon reflection, I will admit to having been duped, much like America was taken in by that snake oil salesman Donald Trump.  If you try and look at it objectively, there truly was no difference between CNN and Trump.  CNN is no longer a news network reporting news.  It is an entertainment station, using the American election as the basis for its content.  When “so called” news broke, such as PussyGate, there was never a simple reporting of facts on CNN, but rather, Anderson Cooper and his gang of carnies, gathered up four pro-Clinton talking heads and four pro-Trump talking heads and they screamed at each other for an hour.  (hello Jerry Springer!!!)  Corey Lewendowski (former Trump Campaign Manager) would wear the black hat, while Van Jones (former Obama staffer) would wear the white hat…and they suckered me in with their nonsense.  I would suggest that CNN’s never ending discussion of Trump’s ridiculous comments and actions, only fed into his followers paranoia about the media…and helped to get him elected.

So called experts like John King and David Axelrod and David Chalion would discus the electoral college on the magic board…and then that evening’s eight so called experts would again trot out, four on four (hello WWE) and yell and scream at each other for another hour.


News, what news?  When the FBI produced that letter about further investigations into Clinton’s e-mail, it wasn’t just facts that were presented, but rather it was a ramped up destruction of HIlary Clinton which ensued.  We’ve all come to expect Fox so called News Network to be the voice of the right, but when CNN can’t act like a reputable news source, what are we left with?

The internet has swallowed up any sense of sanity in the News industry.  Any individual can start up their own website, write blogs (you talkin to me????) and profess to be an expert on a subject.  Sadly, there are many who believe anything they read on the internet, much like a large percentage of Trump supporters blindly believed any nonsense which he spewed.

What are we left with?  Where can we get real news from, i.e the facts, just the facts and not entertainment networks…because sadly…CNN has become nothing more than WWE, Jerry Springer and Fox News, all wrapped up into one.

I haven’t put on CNN since Tuesday evening around 10:30, November 8th, 2016.

Things I’m grateful for on November 9th, 2016…by Chuck Duboff.

Canadian flag

© Chuck Duboff

                             Carly, Matthew, Chris, Laine and Ben.

  • Being Canadian.
  • Great friends who are always there for me and who make life better.
  • Our health care system.
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes winning the championship.
  • All the amazing young talent on the Winnipeg Jets.
  • Going to Puerto Vallarta for two weeks in February.
  • Great workouts that energize me.
  • This amazing weather we are having in November.
  • Matthew’s photography.
  • Carly’s organizational skills and leadership.
  • Chris’ sarcasm.
  • Laine’s lawyer like thinking.
  • Ben’s unlimited hugs and kisses.
  • The fact I am Canadian.
  • Baseball.
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Seeing the excitement in Laine and Ben watching Patrick Laine.
  • Good health, family, friends, financial security.
  • Not having to live in fear.
  • All the people who take the time to read this blog…very humbling.
  • Gord Downie and Bruce Springsteen.

    The fact I live in a country where respect and decency are at least a goal that we strive to achieve.  We may not be perfect here in Canada, but I’ll take this country over any other in the world.  Couldn’t be prouder to be a Canadian citizen than I am this morning.

The world today, as I see it…by Chuck Duboff

When the rich don’t pay their taxes it’s called good business sense, when poor/working can’t pay, they get locked up! 


When Donald Trump takes advantage of government loopholes, he’s called a “smart businessman.” When people living in poverty get food stamps to survive, they’re called “lazy and just living off government handouts”

Gutter politics: “the election will be rigged” “she probably wasn’t allowed to speak”…God has a great sense of humour!! by Chuck Duboff

It would seem that Mr. Trump has come to the realization that he is going to lose this election; his latest foray into the irrational is his statement that the election will be rigged for Hilary Clinton.  I fear for the United States when he loses, because if he continues on this path of destructive, hateful commentary, his followers may react in a very disruptive manner.

That being said, isn’t it ironic that the Khan family, who made the ultimate sacrifice of losing their son in war, may be the undoing of Donald Trump.  A Muslim family, who are proud Americans, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and seemingly have done more to poke the bear, to open the eyes of all Americans to the irrational hypocrisy of Donald Trump.  They made the ultimate sacrifice, having lost their son; when asked how he has sacrificed, Mr. Trump stated: “I have created thousands of jobs”.  Ok then.  Mr. Trump stated that Mrs. Khan probably wasn’t allowed to speak, a cultural jab; yet, the truth is that she is till too emotionally distraught about losing her son and didn’t think she could speak without falling apart.   Mr. Trump’s attack dogs are now suggesting that the Khans are terrorists because they are attacking the Donald.



Watching the Republican leaders squirming with every word which Donald Trump spews is no longer fun.  Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, the two Bush presidents…there must be a collective effort of the Republican establishment to bring down Donald Trump…if, as they profess, they love their country, then for the good of the country they must find a way to remove Donald Trump!!  Recognize that this election is un-winnable and rebuild the Republican Party..for the sake of the people of the United States.


Think about this: 5 living American Presidents….AND NOT ONE…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff





Five living American Presidents:

  1. George Bush Sr. Republican
  2. Barak Obama  Democrat
  3. George Bush   Republican
  4. Bill Clinton Democrat
  5. Jimmy Carter   Democrat


  1. Michael Bloomberg, former Republican Mayor of New York
  2. Two Republicans, former cabinet members of Republican, Ronald Regan


Think about that list of people…and for Trump to have the audacity to call Barak Obama the most ignorant president in the history of the States….





Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“We were an endangered specie”. Young black men still being slaughtered; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Lynching.  The word conjures up horrifying images.  Black men being hung from trees, while white men drank their whiskey and celebrated.  Between the 1870’s and 1960’s, there were over 4800 lynchings in the United states.

Fast forward to July 6th, 2016; an innocent young black man killed by Louisiana police. July 7th, 2016, an innocent young black man killed by St. Paul police, (see the video above).

I spoke with a former student of mine, a young man whom I coached in football, who as a young black man was in the gangs on the streets of New York City; “we were an endangered specie, coach, nobody made it to 18”.  But, Sean was fortunate, he had a mother who moved him to Winnipeg, Canada, a place she felt would “save her baby”. Today Sean is very much alive, with a beautiful family,grateful and blessed that he lives in Canada.  It is likely that had he grown up in New York, he would never have seen his 18th birthday.

Another former student of mine, who happens to be black, sent me a note saying: “I have had the conversation with my older boys on how to act if ever dealing with the police.  I’ve been pulled over for no other reason than I fit the description.”

black men

Take a long hard look at this picture and process the image.

CNN showed a video Thursday afternoon of a white man violently resisting arrest; at no point did the officers attempt to shoot him multiple times, they just continued to wrestle him done.

Watching the two videos of white police officers firing multiple times into innocent young black men, is quite simply, modern day lynching.  Black lives do not seem to matter, thus creating a chasm between blacks and whites,  so large that violence seems to be the only solution.  Black men feel like they are being “hunted by the police.”, while the police feel like they are being targeted.

Dont shootAs Sean stated: “this is simply divide and conquer; get the races fighting with each other.”  I believe that the manner in which Donald Trump has spoken and acted in his campaign has only exacerbated the problem.  Muslim, Mexican, Black, Gay, Jewish…by dividing groups, this incites anger and the resulting violence.  Trumps spewing of vitriolic language, has fanned the flames of racism, hatred and violence.

Watching video of protests across the United States, police officers being shot and killed, citizens being injured, Trumps narcissistic, fascist actions are bringing the desired result.  The United States, as Sean said to me, is on the brink of Martial Law.

dallas police

President Obama spoke eloquently, passionately, despondently about the shootings.  I for one am disappointed that President Obama wasn’t able to accomplish more during his time as President, when it came to race relations.

However, one statement he made spoke to the reality of what is happening in the United States: “This isn’t a black problem.”  This is a societal problem which the United States is going to have to face head on.  Ugly racism, spurred on by opportunistic politicians, must be brought to it’s knees.  Tolerance and respect must replace hatred and anger…until this happens, there will be more shootings of young black men, police officers, citizens and the United States will continue its downward spiral towards a country living under Martial Law.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar sums up ISIS & Donald Trump brilliantly; by Chuck Duboff



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:


“ISIS is to Islam, what Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.”


“Donald Trump, like ISIS, is really a symbol of this irrationality.  They both appeal to those who feel powerless and inferior, because they refuse to look at facts, weigh evidence, use logic.”

Muslim Jew

Muhammed Ali and Gordie Howe…the greatest!! by Chuck Duboff

Ali boxing


© Chuck Duboff

It’s difficult to write about two sports icons who shaped our child hoods.  “Down goes Frazier”; “There’s another Howe goal, assist and fight!!”  “Cassius Clay manhandles Sonny Liston!!”  “It’s Gordie Howe and the Houston Aeros at the Winnipeg Arena to play Bobby Hull and the Winnipeg Jets!!”  “Chuvalo goes 15 rounds with Ali at Maple Leaf Gardens!!”  Gordie Howe stops by at Rae and Jerry’s and wishes my parents a Happy Anniversary.

Gordie Howe

They were the best  in an era when our sports heroes were bigger than life.  Yet, off the field of play, they were great men, who took the time to make this world a better place.  Ali grew up as Cassius Clay, but changed his name to Muhammed Ali when he converted to Muslim.  He was recognizable throughout the world in his efforts to bring happiness and peace to all.  I dare say that Ali, a Muslim, brought more peace and love to this world than a bigoted Donald Trump ever will.

Ali and Peace

The Champ, a Muslim, brought peace and happiness to all those he met.

I remember Gordie Howe playing for the Detroit Red Wings and his elbows and grit on display when he played Johnny Bower and my Toronto Maple Leafs.  He was awe inspiring and dominated the play when he was on the ice.  When he moved to the WHA, being able to see both Gordie and Bobby on the ice at the Winnipeg Arena seemed like a dream come true.

Bower and Howe

Gordie Howe and Johnny Bower!!

Bobby and Gordie

It’s hard to say good bye to our sports heroes.  Unlike a certain writer for the Winnipeg Free Press, I would suggest that both Ali and Howe were sports heroes:

Miriam Webster dictionary defines hero as: “a person who is greatly admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.”

Muhammed Ali, in his actions, brought peace and love to all those who were fortunate to meet him; Gordie Howe, quite simply, was a good soul, a man who cared about others and brought smiles to all those whose presence he graced.

Ali and kids

Gordie fans

Editorial #3: Kudos to CBC Manitoba and the Costa Rica Star for their investigative journalism into the real story of Brian Pallister’s “life in Costa Rica”…by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

Interesting that it’s CBC Manitoba and the Costa Rica Star investigating Brian Pallister…while the Winnipeg Free Press is busy anointing him King and breathlessly waiting for his visits to Manitoba.

It has become quite apparent during these last few hectic days of the Manitoba Provincial Election, that Brian Pallister has “misremembered” a significant amount of details, when it comes to his “vacation” time and homes in Costa Rica.  While the Winnipeg Free Press continues to coddle Mr. Pallister, it has taken serious journalists at CBC Manitoba and the Costa Rica Star to reveal the facts of Mr. Pallister Costa Rica life.  No longer is this just a politician who goes on holidays each year, as many Manitobans do, but rather, this is the leader of a provincial party who has spent 240 days in Costa Rica, since becoming party leader. This information was uncovered by CBC Manitoba


Late yesterday afternoon, the Costa Rica Star published an article detailing Mr. Pallister’s assets in Costa Rica.  On top of his  7 car, $2million mansion on Wellington Crescent in Winnipeg, Mr. Pallister has 3 properties in Costa Rica and is the president of two holding companies.

Costa Rica

If you have not had a chance to read the article by the Costa Rica Star, here is the link:

“A public records search of Costa Rica’s Registro Nacional reveals that Brian Pallister, the conservative Canadian politician who opinion polls suggest is leading the Manitoba election but who recently has come under fire for spending nearly 20 percent of his time in the legislature away at his vacation home in Costa Rica, owns three properties in Costa Rica through a Costa Rican holding company of which he is president.

The Costa Rica Star conducted the public records search after numerous requests from Canadian media.

Public records reveal that Pallister is the president of Finca Deneter Doce S.A., which in turn owns three pieces of real estate in the highly sought-after coastal district of Tamarindo, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste.”  The Costa Rica Star

Mr. Pallister refuses to tell the truth (misremember as his campaign people say).  As my colleague Geoff Brookes stated in his editorial, Mr. Pallister deceived reporters when asked where he was during the flood of 2014.  He stated that he was at a family wedding in Alberta, when in fact he was at one of his estates in Costa Rica.  This is a LIE Mr. Pallister.

While Manitobans fought the 2014 flood, Pallister was at one of his estates in Costa Rica.


You have been repeatedly asked how you will go about finding savings in the provincial budget; you refuse to address this question.  When invited by the Manitoba Teachers Society to participate in a forum, you did not attend.  As you were one of Filmon’s henchmen who cut thousands of teaching and nursing jobs, we are left to wonder about your intentions.

Why won’t you talk about health care and privatization?  Your refusal to come clean with the truth and facts, makes every thing you say seem disingenuous

Your words and actions are not those of a Premier.  Mr Selinger, whom you have castigated for his handling of the PST increase, came forward and admitted his mistake.  Rather than coming forward and saying that you should have been more forthright about your life in Costa Rica, you dig your feet in and get bitter towards those who would find the facts.

Given the manner in which you have conducted yourself, I would imagine that we would have to have a parade and celebrate those days when our newly elected Premier decided to visit us in Manitoba.


Three Editorials today; 1: Brian Pallister through the eyes of a small “c” conservative…by Geoff Brookes


©Geoff Brookes

I describe myself as a “small ‘c’ conservative” – someone who tends to have conservative views and vote conservative. I have a strong belief in the importance of individual freedom, and in a smaller state (in terms of bureaucracy and government interference). But I also strongly believe in our health care and education systems in Canada. These virtues of our Canadian society are indeed “sacred cows” that must be protected. It is important to note that these matters are under Provincial jurisdiction in our political system, so a provincial election is actually more important than a federal election, for these issues.

Pallister scary

I’ve voted for the provincial Conservative party at times in the past, but I have also voted for the Liberals and the NDP at times, provincially. I tend to vote for the party that I think has the right platform and people for the Province of Manitoba, in any particular election. I’ll take this moment to mention that I became a member of the provincial Conservative party sometime in the last 6 months because a friend of a friend was running for the Conservative party nomination in my riding. She didn’t get the nomination, which spares me a dilemma.

Actually, my perspective is that this particular provincial election is a dilemma. I have voted in the past for Teresa Oswald as our MLA in our riding, because I thought she was the best representative, and because I thought that the Doer government exemplified “good government”.

I am not a fan of Greg Selinger as Premier – for the same reasons that I was a fan of Gary Doer. Doer tried to run a middle of the spectrum government, with modest tax cuts, and reasonable government spending (in my opinion). Doer had a limited number of campaign promises for each election, and he kept them. I feel that Selinger has not learned this important art from his former boss. Some will say that Selinger has shown a lack of communication skills. This may be true, but I also think that he lacks a focused agenda, allowing too many “priorities” to creep into his plans, with the result that some important things get sacrificed along the way. His decision to raise the sales tax to 8%, without warning or adequate consultation, would be an example of this lack of focus as a politician. And yes, despite his statements to the contrary in the preceding election campaign.

So, I have my own misgivings about Selinger. I would have preferred a younger leader to have taken over the NDP leadership, like Teresa Oswald. Nevertheless, for my part, I appreciate Selinger’s fundamental openness. I would even call it honesty, despite his reversal on the sales tax issue. He may wander from one exigency to another on policy matters, but at least he admits that he is wandering, in an odd kind of way.

I’m not sure that I can say the same about my feelings about the leader of the Manitoba Conservative party, Brian Pallister.

If you haven’t read the articles yet, you should read the original CBC article:

And you should read Dan Lett’s article in the Winnipeg Free Press:

To recap, there were three separate statements by Pallister that were untrue:

1. Telling Dan Lett in late July 2015, originally off the record, but later confirmed on the record in an end of year interview, that he was at a family wedding during early July 2015 (during the severe flooding), when in fact he was vacationing in Costa Rica at that time.

2. In December, 2015, telling the WFP the same thing, in an end of year interview, formally on the record.

3. Recently saying that the last time he had been out of the country was a short visit, 1 year ago,  in Pembina, North Dakota, when in fact he had vacationed in Costa Rica for several weeks, on 2 separate occasions, more recently than that.

FullSizeRender (2)

The pattern is that Mr. Pallister doesn’t seem to want to admit that he spends time in Costa Rica – which was the point of the CBC article – to the point of repeatedly denying it.

As Dan Lett mentions, he is probably entitled to take his vacations there if he wants to, and there aren’t any formal prohibitions against this for a leader of the opposition.

So why not simply tell the truth?

Mr. Pallister is claiming that he forgot, and got the details wrong.

As the CBC points out, Mr. Pallister has spent 240 days in Costa Rica in roughly the past 4 years, since he most recently became an MLA in Manitoba.

I don’t know about you, but if I loved a vacation home to the point that I spent an average of 60 days a year there for the past 4 years – about 1 in 5 of all of his days for the past 4 years, according to the CBC – I don’t think I would forget that I spent 2 separate multi-week vacations there in the past year.

So I’m left with only 2 choices in this matter – either he truly forgot – which borders on a memory disorder – or he has chosen to lie about it on 3 separate occasions. In my view, neither of these possibilities is something that I want to see in my next Premier of Manitoba.

From a public policy perspective, I feel that he has not adequately disclosed where his proposed spending cuts will occur. I have read that the conservative party has said that there will be targeted cuts in infrastructure spending . My problem is that, although some efficiencies can be made in spending, I don’t think that the level of cuts can be achieved in efficiencies alone. I am in favour of small government, but someone who wants to be premier – and who has previous experience as the Minister of Finance in Manitoba – should be telling us where the cuts will be made.

P scary 3

As I mentioned, I don’t agree with the statement that “there are no sacred cows”. I have read recent comments by Pallister that he wouldn’t rule out targeted privatization of health care. The example that he gave was relatively innocuous, but he opened the door publicly on that issue, by saying the words out loud. If you raise the issue, you must be more specific in your plans, or you leave us with the uneasy feeling that you’re leaving the door wide open.

I don’t feel like I can vote for the Liberals in this election. They don’t appear to be ready to govern.

That leaves me with the “devil you know”, as my lesser of three evils. Despite my misgivings, I am voting for the NDP, because I trust them best to lead and govern Manitoba.

At least if Greg Selinger went to Mars for a vacation, I think he would say so, when asked about it. I guess that’s the minimum that I expect from my Premier.