That was a nice break from daily blogs, but it’s time to get back at it: Friday morning random thoughts; by Chuck Duboff


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  • Watch for extended Jets coverage as we get closer to the playoffs…and once Round 1 starts in River City, Geoff and I will be posting several blogs a day to capture both the excitement of the playoffs and more importantly, how the Jets are doing in their quest for the Stanley Cup!!
  • Sometimes you just gotta take a break and refresh…writing a blog everyday is great fun…but, some r&r was needed…
  • It amazes me how Jets fans panic after one loss; the boys gave it their all during that six game homestand…they’ll be just fine.
  • Now, if the weather would just cooperate; it’s March 30th and still feels like winter.
  • Nutjobs criticizing those brave kids who are standing up for gun control are a metaphor for all that ails the United States.
  • As the Free Press stated in yesterday’s paper: Brian Pallister, by himself, is going to hand the next election to the opposition parties!!
    Pallister ug
  • Quite the Yankee debut for Giancarlo Stanton: 2 HR, a double and 4 RBI…I have no idea how pitchers will keep it together having to face Judge, Stanton and Sanchez!!  Talk about the reincarnation of Murderers Row!!
  • I’d like to see Coach Maurice give Matty Perrault and Joel Armia a rest…they are both struggling…get Roslovic and Matthias in the lineup…Little’s game has gotten much better lately…has to get productive wingers beside him.
  • Anybody else notice that Paul Stastny seems to be struggling; kind of invisible out there.
  • Cabin booked for May long weekend…though I’m sure there will still be ice on the lake.  Geeeeez.
  • Watched a video clip yesterday of Trump blatantly lying to people in Ohio that they’ve started building the wall with MexicoL  1) the picture he showed them was of  a fence  being built in Ohio  2) The major networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS all cut off his speech once he started lying…
  • Just my personal thought…but, once the excitement of the Jets playoffs overtakes the city, I think it is the Bombers who are really going to take a hit.  I think the Goldeyes will be fine…but, the Bombers are a more pricey ticket, and for myself, money going to Jets playoff tix was my Bombers money.  Media wise, I think both teams will be smothered in all the Jets hype…especially if they go more than one round.


  • Unless it starts to warm up soon, I don’t know how Fergie is going to have Shaw Park ready for the first weekend of May for the opening of training camp.
  • Have heard that they will be shutting down the area around the Bell MTS Place for Jets home playoff games…for parties and big screens to show the games!!
  • Puerto Vallarta booked for next winter!!  Prices are really good right now, so I put my deposit down and most of February 2019 will be spent under the hot sun and on the beautiful beaches!!


  • Music has the power to heal the soul.
  • Watch for extended Jets coverage as we get closer to the playoffs…and once Round 1 starts in River City, Geoff and I will be posting several blogs a day to capture both the excitement of the playoffs and more importantly, how the Jets are doing in the quest for the Stanley Cup!!
  • The NRA is the embodiment of greed and evil…with no sense of compassion!!  Young children having to fear for their lives when going to school signals the end of the American Dream…it’s over and the NRA is solely responsible!!


Your Sunday morning read: random thoughts from here and there; by Chuck Duboff

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Two great goals yesterday by:        Laine and Laine

  • I wake up some days wondering if this whole President Trump nightmare is really happening…and when I realize that it is, I literally get sick to my stomach.
  • Dustin Byfuglien is playing the best hockey of his Winnipeg Jets career
  • Like the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz…I would suggest that Brian Pallister doesn’t have a heart.
  • A Stantonian home run for Giancarlo Stanton yesterday in the Yankees exhibition game.   
  • Canadians need to realize that we are no better than Americans when it comes to racism; we bemoan the manner in which Americans treat African-American people, yet, the sickening way we treat Aboriginal people makes us no better.
  • Plus temperatures coming all week…don’t think I can take much more of winter.
  • What a great, great goal by Laine ( my granddaughter) in her soccer game yesterday; great footwork and a powerful shot!!
  • And then our Jets Laine follows it up with a rocket goal in the afternoon for his 40th…tying Ovechkin for the NHL lead in goals!!
  • So cool watching Rick Forney build his team for the upcoming Goldeyes season.forney
  • When friendships become one sided, it is time to move on.
  • With five starters out of the lineup, Scheifele, Trouba, Lowry, Enstrom, Kulakov…the Jets depth is really being tested.  A lot of players are struggling to put the puck in the net…85, 81, 52, 9, 18…and I’d suggest that if it wasn’t for Patrik Laine and Conner Hellybucyk, we would be fighting to hold on for a playoff spot.
  • Heard by the pool in Puerto Vallarta:  a “gentleman” from Boston: “Trump is the best thing to happen to our country; the niggers are the reason for all the problems in our country and Trump will put them back in their place.”


  • Truly was amazing the other day when I wrote a blog on how much it will take to sign Patrik Laine to a long term contract…There were over 570 reads of that blog…an all time high for one day.  It is both exciting and motivating to know that so many people around the world are reading my writing…at one point I checked and the blog had been read 19 times in Finland.  Just amazing.
  • Off to watch Big Ben’s playoff game this afternoon; lets see you skating out there Big guy!!
  • Missing all my Mexican friends.
  • Great runs this week…after running the beaches every day  for two weeks…in heavy sand…my legs feel so much stronger.
  • It’s great talking with people who “get it”
  • If you don’t like what I write…that is cool, you’re entitled to your opinion…and…for the record…so am I.
  • One day you will understand Laine and Ben…you two are the only reason I still live in Winnipeg…not even the Jets could keep me here.  Being with both of you is indescribable…
  • A beautiful beach, bandana, music, sunshine and authentic friends…that’s all I need.  The smile in this pic…never happens here in Winnipeg…too may walls up. 

Your Sunday Morning Random Thoughts…from Puerto Vallarta; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


  • Yes, it’s sunny and hot…all the time.  (now that’s out of the way)
  • My fourth year in a row here at the Canto del Sol…love it; has got everything I could ever want…
  • ..and like Cheers, everybody who works here…knows my name…treated so well.
  • Tequila…
  • Thanks to having my cell service with Rogers, I’ve been able to watch all the Jets games on my laptop.
  • Love, love, love running the beaches in the morning…gets the legs and heart
    pumping and then in I go for a half hour weights work out; great way to start the day.


    Heading out on a 7M run!!

  • The Mexican people are so friendly (and not just here at the resort); needless to say, any discussion of the States and Herr Trump results in some choice words.
  • “Good morning seignior, how are you this morning?”  Mui bien!!!
  • Daymn fine coffee here at the resort.
  • So very proud of those students in Florida; they embody everything I instilled in the Maples Unity Group; if you believe in something, stand up for it.  Those kids are more mature, thoughtful and caring than those sanctimonious, greedy politicians.
  • So many people playing Jenga around the pool…jenga
  • Miss you so very much Erin…it was three days of bliss.  “Chuck, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.”
  • Jets=Nashville Tuesday night in the ‘peg!!  Playoff preview…should be intense!!
  • So awesome…while watching the Jets games on my laptop on the beaches…I am texting with Geoff and Derek and Mick…what a world we live in!!
  • Back  home Wednesday night…it’s been yet another fabulous time down here in paradise.
  • The first politician who stands up and says he will no longer accept the millions from the NRA…and fight for gun bans…that will be a politician I can respect!!NRA 6
  • Memo to Amazon; I am a very regular customer of yours: books, jerseys and so much more…your support and promotion of NRA TV means I will no longer make any purchases from Amazon!!
  • Tina Fontaine…so very sorry…our justice system has failed you and so many other aboriginal girls.tina
  • I love Latin music…just love it…
  • Those long walks on the beach in the afternoon…under the hot sun…does not get any better!!
  • Guess what Herr Trump…everybody is flipping and your time is just about up!!  My wish is to see you taken out in hand cuffs…and your boy Donald Jr says:  “Daddy, what’s wrong, you didn’t do anything”
  • Spring training is well under way…was awesome watching the Yankees playing their first exhibition game the other day!!
  • Goldeyes have a lot of holes to fill…with Rohm and Plefner retiring, Romanski to Mexico and Darvell signed by the Dodgers.Phillies Braves Spring Baseball
  • Thank you Geoff…you know why pal!!   Thank you.

My Yankees, Jets, Bombers & Goldeyes Mount Rushmore…yours? by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Quite simply…your team’s Mount Rushmore; four of your favourite players or those who define your team.  Saw this online…an all time sports Mount Rushmore:


In the comments section of the blog, feel free to share your teams’ Mount Rushmore.

My New York Yankees Mount Rushmore:

Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Joe DiMaggio, Paul O’Neil



My Winnipeg Jets Mount Rushmore:

Dale Hawerchuk, Teemu Selanne, Ulf Nillson, Blake Wheeler



My Winnipeg Blue Bombers Mount Rushmore:

Kenny Ploen, Milt Stegall, Leo Lewis, Tyrone Jones



My Winnipeg Goldeyes Mount Rushmore:

Reggie Abercrombie, Carmine Cappuccio, Brian Duva, Louis Alen








Sunday Morning Random Thoughts..the Bronx Bombers are back baby!!! by Chuck Duboff

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  • “Now batting for the New York Yankees: Aaron Judge; now batting for the New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton!!”  Echoes of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.
  • Brian Pallister may be one of theee most heartless people I have ever seen; don’t worry about the human effect, as long as it reduces the debt, that’s all that matters.  Nothing more than a Trump wannabe making lewd sexist comments about a female architect.  You are an embarrassment to Manitoba!!
  • For those whining about the Yankees getting Stanton; a few points…first off, I don’t hear anybody complaining about the Dodgers having the highest payroll; I think all of the misguided angst should be put at the feet of Jeffrey Loria, the former carpetbagger owner of the Marlins who signed Stanton to a stratospheric contract which they could never afford and gave him a no trade clause.  The new owners, which included Derek Jeter, needed to get rid of that bloated salary.  With his no trade clause, Stanton decided he’d only play for the Dodgers or Yankees.  In all of that, how is it that the Yankees are doing anything wrong? Jealousy of 27 World Series I’d say.  Boston: Price, Sandoval, Chris Sale, etc…The Cubs bought their way to a World Series….so, I’m not going to apologize for getting Stanton…hmmm, Astros: Verlander, Beltran, McCann, etc…it’s the way of the professional sports world!!
  • Boston reacts:fenway
  • Suits…one daymn fine show.
  • Just relax Jets fans…yes, last week on this day, we were on top of the NHL…I really believe that all the media attention we received from across North America got into the players heads.  We weren’t the same team this week.  That’s ok…it’s a long season…the team is back home for three this week; a week which i believe is very critical to the rest of the season…have another difficult week and I’d say we’re in trouble…but, it’s right in front of them, with Chicago and St.Louis twice!!
  • Barak Obama warns of parallels to Nazi Germany:  if you’re not paying attention to what is going on in the United States, then I’d suggest it’s time to wake up: talk of secret police being formed, trashing your own FBI while supporting any and everything Putin says or does, supporting racist candidates…and as Geoff stated the other day: “you tell a lie over and over and over, people will start to believe it.”
  • Yankees middle of the order: Judge, Sanchez, Stanton, Gregorious!!!stanton-judge-070517-usnews-getty-ftr_w74toc1rb2i114jmj7xvaicjw
  • Man I hate winter!!
  • It is so much fun going and watching Laine play soccer and then Ben play hockey; they are both playing on the top level teams of their age class.  Both so talented and enjoying playing.
  • I’ll repeat what I said in my blog a few days ago:  “Complacency leads to mediocrity”.  If Jets stand pat and Chevy continues to be Chevy, we will continue to struggle in getting over that magical hump
  • Schitt’s Creek…maybe the funniest show on television..and a CBC production.  Season 4 starts in January on the CBC. ; The first three season are up on Netflix if you’ve never watched it; I’ve just finished re-watching the series for the third time.  Eugene Levy & his son Daniel Levy have created a brilliant cast of hilarious characters…give it a chance, you’ll love it.schitts-creek
  • Been listening to the Beatles non stop lately…what a great time in my life that was…from the bubble gum mop heads to psychedelic Sgt Peppers…so counter culture and fitting of the times.
  • The Beatles: “When I’m 64.”

Sunday Morning Random Thoughts…with special shout outs to the AA champion Winnipeg Goldeyes!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • The Winnipeg Goldeyes, the only Winnipeg pro sports team that knows how to consistently win!!goldeyes win
  • While other teams like Pittsburgh go out and fill a need, making a trade with Detroit to get a third line centre, Chevy continues to try and put a square peg into a round hole with players like Dano and Armia.  They’re not NHL players Chevy, move on from them.
  • The Winnipeg Blue Bombers…27 years of futility and counting…in a 9 team league; while the Winnipeg Goldeyes have won the championship 3 of the last 6 seasons in a 12 team league.
  • Is tomorrow D-Day for Herr Trump and his Mafioso family and government?trump and kids
  • Dustin Byfuglien…it’s just about that time Buff to think about hanging up the skates;  your play is beyond dreadful…can’t keep up with the other team, you have zero goals and your quarterbacking of the power play is brutal; you’re slowing down Buff…hope you’re not just hanging around to get a big cheque.  Chevy, it’s up to you to see what you can get for Buff now…Maurice, you can’t be afraid to sit the big man and play Poolman.  It’s time to move on from 33.Big Buff
  • Gord Downie…Tom Petty…Greg Allman…that must be some kinda rock you guys are playin up there!!  What a jam session that must be!!
  • Thanks Joe Girardi for a great 10 year run; all class…it was just time to move on; there’s so much great young talent coming up for the Yankees, it’s time for a fresh new voice to lead them!!  Chevy: the Yankees aren’t afraid to make a move…that’s why they win championships…you should be on the phone to Darryl Sutter right now.
  • Dan LeFevour is supposedly a professional quarterback…I have never seen a more poorly thrown, wobbly pass than what he exhibited over and over and over yesterday…nearly getting Andrew Harris decapitated.
  • 108 days until the beaches of Puerto Vallarta
  • Time to move on from Effexor and try something new…it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.
  • Vegas has a record of 8-1…the Leafs are playing solid hockey…and I dare say…we have more talent than both; what is the key factor: coaching!!!  If we had Mike Babcock here with the Jets…we’d be steam rolling over the league.  The True North way is to wait a year or two too long and then make an overdue firing.  I’d have Darryl Sutter in here coaching tomorrow!!  We will win nothing with Maurice as our coach…that power play the other night was an embarrassment…
  • Richie Hall, Charlie Huddy, Paul Maurice…yeesh.scheifele
  • The top line should be 29, 27 and 55!!
  • Try and deflect attention from the inevitable impeachment Herr Trump…give us JFK records, keep talking about Hilary..but, the bottom line is that Meuller is bringing charges starting tomorrow, and your giant ass and narcissistic head are about to explode…and you had the freakin audacity to criticize Obama for golfing a couple of times…while you and your fat ass have lived on the golf course!!

    fat trump

  • Thank you Sam Katz, Andrew Collier & staff, Rick Forney, Tom Vaeth, Reggie Abercrombie and all the rest of the Winnipeg Goldeyes front office and players who make it enjoyable to go to a game, knowing that there is a semblance of a chance that we will win…guys who are making minimal salaries playing their butts off, while well paid Bombers and Jets just keep on losing.

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Thank you Yankees for one very special season!!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


  • I predicted a 3rd place East Division finish for the Bronx Bombers…did not see this special season coming…getting to within one game of the World Series…awesome!!
  • Thank you Aaron Judge for a season for the ages; Hitting 51 Home Runs as a rookie…an MVP candidate…your humble nature…youR smile…playing catch with kids…it was a joy to watch.
  • Sanchez, Bird, Sevarino, Montgomery…and so much talent in the system coming up…as a fan, there’s an exciting future ahead.sanchez-1024x683
  • Didi Gregorious at SS…I dare say, you’ve helped us move on from Jeter retiring.  You play a great SS and have a tremendous bat…great things ahead for you.
  • CC…you gave us all you had…thanks for the great years and all the best to whatever the future holds for you.
  • Todd Frazier…you lived your dream man.  Growing up in Jersey a Yankees fan…and then getting to play for your boyhood team!!  The look on your face in Yankee stadium was what baseball is all about…forget about the money, you were living your boyhood dream!!T Frazier.JPG
  • Joe Girardi…you were emotional after the game…you’ve given us a lot of great years as the skipper…but, I see changes coming.  Good luck where ever you land.
  • Brett Gardner…you play baseball the way it’s supposed to be played.
  • Bullpen looks great for years to come.
  • Yankee Stadium fans…quite simply, you are the best…absolute best in any sport.  Watching playoff games from Yankee Stadium…I get chills sitting up here in Winnipeg.   Number 1 on my bucket list:  seeing a Yankees playoff game, amidst the bleacher creatures in Right Field!!


  • To Paul O’Neil, Meredith Marakovits and Michael Kay…you guys are the best TV broadcasters…what a joy, what fun listening to you call a Yankees game.the trio
  • Had to save this for last: John Sterling and Suzy Waldman.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…listening to both of you call a game on radio, WFAN, is just the greatest!!  Takes me back to my boyhood days…Suzy your Yankees baseball knowledge is second to none…you are Terrific!!  John…wow…it does not get any better.  Your Judgian Ruth calls all summer were historic…and as the top of the 9th would wind down, with a Yankees win in sight, I would start practicing my: “Ball game over, Yankees win, theeeeee Yankees win!!!”and on the final out, I would join you in shouting that out!!


  • Thank you Yankees for one great, unexpected summer of baseball…and one last time until the spring:LET’S GO YANKEES!!!

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…with special commentary on Brian Pallister’s arrogance and lying…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Winnipeg Free Press: “Tory support plummets,,,17 point drop.”  “Huge drop in support for Pallister government.”  Arrogance, lying, compassionless…and oh, did I mention…arrogance; thy name art Pallister!!Pallister
  • We will miss you Gord.  You symbolized all that is good about Canada.  Many a politician (see Brian Pallister) could learn a lot from you about what it means to be a kind, caring Canadian.Gord Ottawa
  • Game 7.  It’s CC to take us to the World Series!!
  • Brian Pallister…your health care tax suggestion will be your undoing.
  • Big win for the Jets last night; seeing Maurice put Brendan Lemieux out for the final two minutes speaks volumes.  Not Petan, Armia, Mathias, Copp…but a rookie playing his first NHL game!!  In my eyes, both Conner and Lemieux stick and guys like Armia and Mathias should be joining Marco Dano in the press box.  Call up JC Lipon and Jack Roslovic…but, something needs to be done, in a big way, about the bottom six!!
  • Speaking of Brendan Lemieux, it was so very cool seeing his dad, NHL great, Claude Lemieux at the game last night.  Talk about a spitting image…the kid looks like his dad and plays with the same grit and tenacity!!
  • Oh for the days of Barak Obama.
  • That was a special night last evening at the Jets game; Geoff was there with his son Sean and I was there with Laine; it just felt GREAT!!!  Happy for you pal.
  • Game 7.
  • 24 degrees Celsius on October 20th in Winnipeg and shorts to a Jets game!!  I’ll take that anyday.
  • Conner Hellebucyk is giving the Jets major league goaltending.
  • Cutting health programs all over the province, putting forth tax increases for Manitobans, freezing funding for universities…and Tory support plummets.  A return to the days of Tory rural support and the NDP controlling the city.  Still waiting for that PST cut Pallister.
  • When the US looks to George Bush for leadership and commentary: “this administration has emboldened racism”…you know the sad state of affairs in the United States.
  • Fargo the TV series…wow!!!  Loved the movie…the series just came on to Netflix; just awesome.
  • Game 7.
  • Gord Downie, Tom Petty, Greg Allman, Leonard Cohen, Glenn Fry, Prince, David Bowie….if you haven’t had a wakeup call until now…Gregg+Allman+Arrivals+My+Friends+Show+GDAQoevnnOYl        cropped-gord-canada.jpg
David Bowie

Gregg Allman, Gord Downie, David Bowie..

  • Taking my 92 year old mom to watch her 9 yr old great grandson play hockey today!!  Pretty amazing.
  • Hey Brian…you running down to Costa Rica to avoid answering questions about your poll numbers plummeting?  Everything you promised in the campaign was a lie…and the shots you took at Sellinger were lies and hypocrisy!!
  • Being able to take my grandkids to Jets games…priceless.22688714_10155480046665783_1814587017910460270_n
  • Game 7….starting pitching…the crazed crowd…nerves…the world series tantalizing…errors…home runs…clutch hits…great catches…Game 7 and the winner goes to the World Series…
  • Just sayin:  LET’S GO YANKEES!!!
  • Hope to be able to turn on the radio to WFAN in New York in the bottom of the 9th inning and hear John Sterling’s great call:  “Ball game over, Yankees win, theeeeee Yankees Win”!!!!!
    MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles

    Will this be Joe Girardi’s last game managing the New York Yankees?

Playoff baseball…it does not get any better!! New York Yankees 5, Cleveland Indians 2; Yankees advance to the ALCS…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

“Ball game over, Yankees win, theeeeeeee Yankees, Win!!”  Those are some sweet words from the great Yankees broadcaster, John Sterling, as he shared in the excitement of a drama filled Yankees 5-2 win over the Cleveland Indians.

As I watched and listened to Game 5, I kept saying to myself…it doesn’t really matter how this game turns out, this is one hell of a ballgame.  As my good friend Mickey Steen said yesterday afternoon: “there is just something different about playoff baseball”.  Every pitch matters, every at bat can change the game…think about Brett Gardner last night and his two epic, 12 pitch at bats.  Fouling pitch after pitch after pitch and the excitement just kept ratcheting up; and the top of the 9th inning Gardner comes through with a HUGE 2 run single to give the Yankees the needed insurance runs!!  One of the all time great at bats for a New York Yankee!!


Brett Gardner, 3 hits; outstanding patience at the plate!

How about Sir Didi Gregorius, crushing two home runs off of Cleveland Ace and likely Cy Young Award winner, Corey Kluber; you want excitement?   WOW!!!

Then there is the pitching…it always comes down to the pitching.  I said to my grandson Ben yesterday afternoon, whichever team gets the better starting pitching will win the game.  Well, Yankees veteran workhorse CC Sabathia out duelled Corey Kluber, striking out 9 in just 4 1/3 innings of work and that left the Indians scratching and clawing their way back the whole game.  Sabathia may not have a lot left in the tank, but that was one hell of a performance for the old man!!


What a fantastic game by CC!!

You want to talk about pitching, David Robertson came in to relieve CC and to me, saved the game for the Yankees with another outstanding job of middle relief; 2 2/3 innings of sparkling pitching against the heavy hitters he faced.  Years ago, and I’m dating myself, middle relief was left for the guys who weren’t very good pitchers…but, it’s a different story today.  You’ve got your 9th inning closer, your 8th inning set up man and the 7th inning guy who is the bridge to the closer; the Yankees still had Kainlee, Betansis, Green, Warren waiting in the bullpen, but David Robertson did one hell of a job of shutting down the Indians.

dave r

David Robertson with a great 2 2/3 innings pitched!!

Joe Girardi rolled the dice and brought in his closer Aroldis Chapman to start the 8th and to try and get a two inning save.  Chapman had struggled at times this season, at one point even losing his closer’s job to Robertson, but he found himself the last month of the season and last night shut the door on the Cleveland Indians.  He was throwing smoke, hitting 104MPH and then mixing that in with an 85MPH slider/change up.  He did what he was called on to do…silence the Indian’s bats for two innings and lead the Yankees to an historic comeback from 2 games to 0 down!!   Pitching, pitching, pitching…if you’ve get it, you’ve got a chance, without it, you’re watching the games on TV in October!!


Chapman shows the emotion of a great two inning save!!

I’ve just got to throw in a quick word for Yankees 3rd baseman Todd Frazier, who grew up in Jersey a Yankees fan.  He played in the Little League World Series and is living out his dream right now playing for the Bronx Bombers.  He is a great 3rd baseman and brings so much energy to the team…he’s a free agent at the end of the season and has said many times he’d love to keep playing for his boyhood team!!  You’re my kind of Yankee Todd, enjoy!!


Enjoy it Todd, you’re livin the dream!!

Now it’s on to the ALCS and a seven game series with the Houston Astros; the Yankees are playing with house money right now.  Nobody expected them to get this far, so, since you are there anyways: Judge, Bird, Sanchez, Sevarino and gang…a trip to the World Series goes with beating the Astros.


56 years after the Mick and Roger…Aaron Judge gives us a magical summer; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

My earliest memories of the New York Yankees goes back to 1961.  At that time it was just black and white TV and just one game on Saturday afternoon.   CBS owned the New York Yankees and every Saturday afternoon it was the Bronx Bombers…featuring Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris; and that is how I became a New York Yankees fan.

There was no social media at that time.  You got the newspaper late in the afternoon with the previous days box score.  But, those box scores were inhaled…additionally, I had a subscription to the Sporting News, which I somehow made last for a week, until the next week’s edition was delivered.


I wanted to be Mickey Mantle.  The powerful arms, the swing, the good looks…that New York Yankees uniform…and in 1961 it was the Mick and Rogah going for 61 in 61.  Oh how I wish I was living in New York city at that time, to experience the excitement of that race.  I was cheering for the Mick…but, even more significantly that season…I became a New York Yankees fan for life.

One regret I have had over the years, was reading biographies of the Mick…and what a terrible father he was to his boys.  On his deathbed he expressed his regrets for how he had been with them.  He lived a life of drinking and partying…and had he taken care of himself the way athletes do today, who knows what kind of father he could have been and what he would have done as a baseball player.

Fast forward 56 years and the summer of 2017.  Aaron Judge.  52 Home Runs as a rookie!!  114 RBI’s!!  I can truly say that at times I felt like that little kid again…but, 56 years later I was able to watch every home run, watch his pre and post game interviews and read copious quantities of articles about the great young man that he is.  I will never forget sitting with my grandchildren Laine and Ben as we watched him hit #30 and break Joe DiMaggio’s record for home runs by a New York Yankees rookie.  Don’t think the kids have ever seen me cheer like that.  We watched the Home Run Derby together, as Judge crushed one 500 ft home run after another.  I watched as Judge handled himself with grace during a post all star game slump.  Never complaining, just talking about his team.  This past Monday afternoon I watched as Aaron first tied Mark McGwire with #49 and then I let out a huge YES as he crushed # 50.  What was even more exciting than watching number 50, was the manner in which Judge carried himself in the post game press conference…he wouldn’t talk about himself, only about his team mates and team; the closest he came to talking about himself was saying “I’m very blessed”.  Athletes from every sport could learn a lesson about humility and class from this young man.

Michael Kaye calls another monster home run by Judge.

I felt like a kid again watching Aaron Judge this summer.  If he never does anything again, I can say I felt the Yankee magic again.    Listening to Michael Kay and John Sterling call Judge home runs was such a treat…”track, wall, see ya…another monster home run for Aaron Judge”  Michael Kay; “It is long, it is far, it is out of here!! Oh my, another Judgian Home Run” John Sterling

I got back to collecting baseball cards again Aaron, and for that I thank you.  I have five of your cards now and they  will sit proudly beside my Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris autographs…one day, your autograph will be right beside those two legends.

Judge specail

Triple header today; if you love sports, this is the best time of year!! Yankees, Jets & Bombers on the menu…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

aaron-judge-hits-50th-home-run#50…sets the record for Home Runs by a rookie.

Aaron Judge first rookie ever to be ranked as favourite MLB player in ESPN Sports Poll;

“It’s special,” Judge said. “They are the ones watching the games, watching you do your thing, so that is pretty cool.”

“I think it is an unbelievable accomplishment,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “I don’t think you have that fanfare unless you put up big, big numbers. He did it in a big market, No. 1, but he did it in a way people appreciate — your humility, the grace that you do it with, the way you play the game, how hard you play the game.

“There is no arrogance to Aaron Judge. I think that’s why people probably rallied around him.”


Bombers workhorse, leader and outstanding RB: Andrew Harris

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers go into Commonwealth Stadium tonight to take on the stumbling Edmonton Eskimos.  A win tonight would all but clinch second place and a home playoff game…Bombers have been playing sound football: offence clicking on all cylinders, special teams outstanding and defence making strides.  It’s that time of year when the weather cools off and the running game takes over.  Bombers have two stud running backs in Andrew Harris and Timothy Flanders.  When teams key on those two backs running or catching swing passes, that opens up the passing game for Matty Ice and his receivers.  My biggest concern tonight is Edmonton getting back their big receivers, like Adarius Bowman, who could do a big number on our shaky secondary…if our DB’s can pick up their coverage, Bombers have a great chance of winning.



It’s crunch time for Jets players like Andrew Copp.

Winnipeg Jets play their final exhibition game tonight in Calgary.  This will be the final chance for the likes of Andrew Copp, Marko Dano, Nick Petan, JC Lipon, Brendan Lemieux, and Brendan Tanov to show the coaching staff that they deserve to stay with the big club.  Adam Lowrey has one spot on the bottom six and Joel Armia would seem to have the upper hand on another spot…leaving four spots open.  I’m not sure what the lineup will look like on Wednesday night when the Jets open against the Leafs, but its nice seeing the organization at a point where there is some significant depth…remember the days when Patrice Cormier seemed to be the only call up from the Moose?  On defence the certainty is that Trouba, Morrisey, Buff, Myers and Enstrom are locks; I haven’t been impressed Dimitri Kulakov…perhaps he just needs some time to adapt to his new team…but, so far, I would go with the rookie, Tucker Poolman as my sixth defence man, with Kulakov and Chairot in the press box.   Poolman, 24 years old, looks a ten year vet out there, composed and a good decision maker.  As for the goal tending, it’s Steve Mason and Conner Hellybucyk who need to give the Jets better goaltending than we’ve seen since the return of our team.  If the Jets are to aspire to the heights that everybody is forecasting…then our goalies need to play, at the very least, at a solid level.

girardi and sanchez.jpg

The skipper, Joe Girardi and his rookie catcher, Gary Sancez.

Having MLB TV has allowed me to watch I’d guess almost 90% of the Yankees games this season.  It’s been like having a season ticket and getting to watch Yankees rookies like: Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Jordan Montgomery set the foundation for an exciting future.  With a lineup that also includes: Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius, Starlin Castro, Jacoby Ellsbury, Aaron Hicks, Chase Hedley, Todd Frasier and Matt Holiday, the Yankees should be able to make some noise in the playoffs.  Luis Sevarino has become the Yankees Ace and should pitch the Wild Card game against the Twins.  With Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia and Sonny Grey to follow, Yanks should be in every game.  The bullpen is outstanding and is anchored by Aroldis Chapman, David Robertson, Delon Betancis, Chad Green and Adam Warren.

Judge curtain call

His Yankees team mates had to encourage Aaron Judge to go out for a curtain call upon hitting #50.

My prediction is a Yankees win over the Twins on Tuesday…but, having to face the Cleveland Indians in the next round will be difficult; I expect the Indians to take that series in six.  But, not having expected too much from the Yankees this season, that will be a big step they’ve taken this season, and with a farm system overflowing with talent, the future looks exciting.



Jack Curry; New York Yankees writer: Aaron Judge has given Yankees a season for the ages

Aaron Judge has given Yankees a season for the ages

Judge’s discipline, humility have been on display both on and off the field

09/26/2017 2:04 PM ET
By Jack Curry
Aaron Judge has capped off his epic season with 13 homers so far in September. (AP)

The home runs that soar off Aaron Judge’s bat are things of beauty. Towering shots. Mammoth blasts. Scorching line drives. Over and over, Judge has driven the barrel of his bat through the baseball and turned it into another souvenir and another memory. Judge has created 50 memories this season, 50 and counting.

After Judge broke Mark McGwire’s rookie record and became the first rookie to hit 50 homers on Monday, he was his usually sheepish self. The Yankees had to nudge the gigantic Judge on to the field to embrace a well-deserved curtain call, and he later wondered if it had been an acceptable curtain call, as if there is any right or wrong way to wave to the fans. Of course, the respectful Judge was worried about disrupting the game.

We are witnessing an historic and magical season by Judge, a season that is one of the most glorious ever by a rookie and the type of epic season that we might never see again. Yes, we will obviously see rookies who perform at an incredible level in future seasons. Heck, Cody Bellinger is having almost as impressive a season as Judge with the Dodgers.

But, in terms of drama and excitement and handling all of the peaks and valleys of a season like a gentleman, I’m guessing Judge’s actions will stand alone for decades. When I watch Judge on or off the field, the word that typifies him more than any other is “disciplined.” Disciplined in his approach at the plate. Disciplined in the way he puts the focus on winning and credits his teammates. Disciplined in the way he answers questions, always pausing for a spell before offering his thoughts

In a season where the Yankees acknowledged they were “in transition” and where most observers didn’t expect them to compete for a postseason spot, Judge has been the guiding force in helping them secure a wild card berth. Judge leads the American League in homers, walks, runs, on base percentage and WAR and is second to Mike Trout in slugging percentage and OPS. He is as much of an MVP. as anyone in baseball, a list that includes Jose Altuve, Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor and Trout.

During the first half of the season, Judge was the best player on the planet, a 6-foot-7-inch, 282-pound monster who was hitting monster shots. Commissioner Rob Manfred said he could become “the face of baseball.” After the All-Star Game, Judge vanished offensively for about seven weeks and was a lost hitter, chasing more sliders and showing susceptibility to high fastballs. Suddenly, the best player on the planet was one of the worst hitters in the Major Leagues, although he continued to pile up walks and maintain a solid OBP.

And then September rolled in and Judge has been amazing again, like Clark Kent turning back into Superman. He has 13 homers this month, the most he’s hit in any month in his phenomenal season and that includes four homers in his last six at-bats. If an MVP is supposed to be a player who has the strongest finish, well, Judge is finishing this race like Secretariat.

For me, Judge’s lull in July and August shouldn’t expel him from MVP consideration. While he wasn’t an MVP during his lengthy slump, he has been an MVP for the rest of the season and is one of the primary reasons the Yankees will play meaningful baseball in October. Study the statistics, analyze the impact and search for the player who has been the most valuable to his team. I think the search leads to one player, the one who has created 50 memories. And counting.

Yankees crush the Red Sox, taking 3 out of 4, while the Bombers take it on the chin from the Riders…by Chuck Duboff


Moe Leggatt…a warrior on defence for the Bombers.

© Chuck Duboff

The ying and the yang of pro sports; emotions rising and falling with every play.  Sunday gave us a perfect example of what that expression means.

There had been the usual big buildup to the annual Labour Day Classic between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  I really wasn’t sure what the expect; even with their five game winning streak, the LDC has always been a tough game for the Bombers.  In the impressive new Mosaic Stadium, splashed in a sea of green and over 30,000 fans, kickoff finally arrived at the 3:00 in the afternoon.

Winning the coin toss, the Bombers chose to kick off to the Riders, who marched the field and got a field which the Bombers immediately matched, to make it an early 3-3.  That was the last time the game was close.  Saskatchewan, off of sloppy play by all three phases of the Bomber’s team, exploded to a 24-3 lead and never looked back.

Matty ice

Matty Ice…under pressure all game.

The only positive out of the game would be that the Bombers never gave up and kept fighting right to the end of the game; that, however, cannot mask some of the serious flaws which were exposed.  As I stated a few days ago, our secondary is a mess and getting beat regularly; Sam Hurl is not a MLB; there was no pressure on Glenn all game. On offence, Ryan Lankford and Clarence Denmark should not be starting; sitting TJ Thorpe just made no sense…the only reason Lankford is in the lineup is because of one kickoff return for a TD…he’s done nothing since.

MEMO TO CFL: those bush league tactics of faking injuries by the Riders were an embarrassment to the CFL; that is typical Chris Jones…the Riders should be fined and warned that they will receive delay of game penalties if they repeat their acting:

“if you wanna play soccer, go play soccer” Matt Nichols on Sask faking injuries.


The Riders player who faked an injury and walked off the field laughing.

It was a bad game, as many LDC are; this coming Saturday’s Banjo Bowl will show us what this Bombers team is made of…if there is no improvement from yesterday, then there will be real concern for the rest of this season.  There needs to be some massive changes to our defence…it was badly exposed yesterday and unless Richie Hall magically learns how to call a game, I’m afraid we’re in for a repeat performance.

It’ll be an exciting buildup to Saturday afternoon at IGF; 33,000 fans will be cheering on their Blue and hoping for a better performance

The New York Yankees had Luis Sevarino up against Chris Sale and the Red Sox; the Bronx Bombers had won two out of three and this was a pivotal game.  Win and the Bombers are only 3 1/2 back, however a loss would see the Yankees fall 5 1/2 game.


Luis Sevarino…turning into the Yankees ace.

Hoping for a Yankees win to ease the pain of the Big Blue’s afternoon performance, Sevarino came out dealing, while the Yankees got to Sale early, hitting three solo home runs.  Getting injured players back has made a huge difference for the Yankees…Matt Holiday, Starlin Castro, Greg Byrd making the lineup and bench a lot deeper.  Castro hit a bases loaded double scoring three runs…and the big Aaron Judge crushed a 469 foot home run giving the Yankees a 9-1 lead.


Matt Holiday…2 HR in first two games back from injury.

The Yankees starting rotation has given them solid starts for weeks now and with the return of the injured starting nine, this could be a fun last month of the season.  CC is pitching as good as ever, Tanaka has been outstanding the last ten games, Sevarino is a rising star and Sonny Grey has just pitched with some bad luck…you can see all the talent.  With a bullpen of Betances, David Robertson, Chapman and many more strong arms, this should be interesting.

The ying and the yang of pro sports…one minute you’re down and the next minute you’re up.

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Love the buildup to this classic Labour Day game between the Bombers and Riders; both teams playing great football, a new stadium and passionate fans…this is what football should feel like.  Been a long time since both teams were playing well at the same time.  Bombers #1 ranked offence against the Riders outstanding defence!!
  • To quote Michael Kay, Yankees broadcaster: “there’s an autumnal feel in the air.”
  • Jets season tix arrive!!!!!
  • Horrific hurricane destroying Houston and surrounding areas…this is the wrath of climate change…and deniers are living with their heads in the sand.
  • Exciting new gig…supervising and overseeing LSAT and MCAT exams…first one September 16th.



  • What a fabulous summer we had…steady all summer in the high 20’s, low 30’s…sun shine, no mosquitos, warm temps all behind us now…so, Puerto Vallarta, I shall be seeing you and your beautiful beaches and mountains in a few months.


  •  Joe Girardi…is your message getting tired?…have the players stopped listening to you?  There is so much talent on that team…no way should that talent laden team be struggling to hold onto a wild card spot.  You’re fortunate George isn’t around, because you and i both know he would be exploding right now, doing his best Donald Trump blowhard…and he’d have fired you weeks ago.
  • Last Sunday I wrote a blog “Luvin my AmeriKKKA..”  It certainly created a stir. Many uncomfortable reading it…BUT, more than 370 people took the time to read a very disturbing piece of writing.  The only responses I got were positive: “an important read”  “way to go Chuck” “that was scary and horrifying”.  One of the things I always taught my students was that if your writing produces a reaction in your reader, then you have done a good job; I dare say that was one of my better pieces of writing, eliciting a very strong reaction; if you didn’t get a chance to read it, here is the link:
  • Cannot wait for the Jets season to start…training camp around the corner and my “brother from another mother” Geoff Brookes, will be writing a weekly Jets column. I have instilled in Geoff to not just produce run of the mill blogs…don’t be afraid to question, to challenge, speculate…remember Geoff, you want a reaction out of your readers!!

    NHL: NOV 16 Jets at Blues

  • Herr Trump is feeling the noose tightening; Robert Mulleur made a brilliant move by working with the NY Attorney General, which will nullify Trump’s ability to issue pardons.  My prediction:  Trump will resign claiming he can’t work with Congress and Senate..unable to accomplish anything because of them.  Martyrdom will ensue and there will lots of violent clashes on the streets of the USA.
  • I hope Weston Dressler burns the Riders again; Chris Jones arrogance, not wanting to have someone “bigger” than himself in the eyes of Riders fans is unreal…how do you get rid of a talented player like Dressler.
  • To the believers out there, muchos gracias…to the negatrons, you’re not worth my time or energy.
  • Watching True North Square come up in downtown Winnipeg is so exciting…our city in a renaissance!!

    true north square

  • Always thought customers wishes come first…great customer service at Best Buy this week, meanwhile, another city business lost a loyal customer.
  • First musings of a novel…we shall see, but it seemed to have some life to it.
  • Was very cool this past summer…watched both ET and Field of Dreams with Laine and Ben; I think they found ET a little cheezy, but Field of Dreams really, really had them captivated, with lots of questions being asked.  Their commentary was so wonderful;  Laine:  Zaida, that’s not a baseball movie, that’s about having dreams in life!!   WOW, just WOW!!!   Ben ten minutes before this happens in the movie:  Zaida, I think he’s going to play catch with his dad!!   WOW, just WOW!!!
  • Here we go Bombers, here we go!!!!!  Here we go Bombers, here we go!!!!!
    My prediction:  38 – 27 Bombers.


Monday morning Major League Notebook…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Mike Trout

Mike Trout

  • Mike Trout is as good as they come; make it six seasons with at least 25 Home Runs and playing a defence that is incomparable.  I can only imagine the hype there would be about him if he were playing on the east coast; a New Jersey boy…loves his Philadelphia teams.  One of the greats.
  • Speaking of great…that is some kind of lineup the Red Sox put on the field.  Adding Rafael Devers and Anthony Binatendi has only made them stronger.  Going to be tough for my Yankees to catch them.
  • Speaking of my Yankees…this past weekend in Boston, Hicks, Judge and Sanchez each went 1 for 12…a combined 3 for 36; you’re not going to win many games with the meat of your order not producing.
  • Aaron Judge, pre All Star break: .334 BA and 30 HR; post All Star break: .122 BA and 7 HR.   He’s got to find his swing…chasing everything, sliders, high pitches…he looks lost.
  • Very well done MLB; your synergy with Little League baseball was terrific…watching major leaguers playing in a 2000 seat stadium, with little league teams watching…can only help to build our great game.  Then watching big leaguers shaking hands…just like the kids do…love it!!shaking hands
  • There is so much incredible young talent in the majors right now: Cody Bellinger, Rafael Devers, Anthony Binatendi, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Jose Altuve,  John Carlo Stanton, Jose Ramirez…the future of baseball looks bright.
  • I had heard a lot about Sonny Grey before the Yankees got him at the trade deadline; sure haven’t seen much of him in his first few starts as a Yankee…always seems to be labouring on the mound, pitch count gets high really quickly and low strike out totals.  Hope he’s not another one of those guys who can’t play under the big spotlight in New York city.
  • Love, love, love this idea…all teams will be wearing specially designed socks…I’m a traditionalist and always loved the high socks and stirups…MLB is catching onto what the fans want…well done!!
  • Though I’m not a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals like my dad was, they sure do know how to rock those uniforms.
  • Aroldis Chapman has lost his closer role with the Yankees…costing them games in the 9th inning…three games in a row, he gave up two runs in the 9th; been relegated to 6th or 7th inning to regain his form.  Yankees are fortunate to have David Robertson and Dellin Betances  to close.
  • I think MLB umpires are feeling the heat with all the talk of virtual strike zones; though all the technology in baseball is not something I’m getting used to…watching some of the missed calls in the strike zone and then players being thrown out of games…you wonder if a virtual strike zone would calm down all the arguing about strike zone calls.  I don’t envy umpires and the pressure they are under.
  • It’s really something watching the way teams are setting up their infields based on the analytics; numbers don’t lie..and when a guy hits a ball right at an infielder who was positioned in a weird spot  (3rd baseman between 1st and 2nd), there is something to be said for all the analytics and number crunching.  David Cone, who does colour on the Yankees broadcasts, is obsessed with the numbers and sure makes the game interesting with all the information he gives the listener.
  • I DO NOT LIKE the “go to first base” intentional walk…where a manager just puts of four fingers and the hitter goes to first.  This is an attempt to save time…really two extra minutes??  What if there is a wild pitch on an intentional walk…what if the pitcher mixes up the batter and throws a strike?  Sorry MLB, this one I don’t agree with!!
  • Cubs are getting back into form…they may peak just in time for the playoffs!!


    Pirates Andrew McCutchen witting with the kids at the Little League World Series!!