San Diego football fans embrace our Blue Bombers!! Thanks to Ed Tait of the Bombers for sharing this story.

                            Scott Mortland and his son Gregory in their new team colours.

APRIL 14, 2017


Scott Mortland has a compelling story to tell. It’s about a fan’s heartbreak after a beloved franchise is yanked from his hometown.

It’s about a bond between a father and a son.

And it’s about how a diehard San Diego Chargers fan from Carlsbad, California has now sworn his allegiance to a new football team in a far, far away city.

And that would be the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

“It’s a little random, this story, but I think it’s going to lead to something special, especially for my son,” began Mortland in a chat with this week. “And I think the Bombers are going to be the next chapter. A great chapter.”

Mortland is 57 and retired now after being a part owner of a small software company. He and his wife are the proud parents of four adopted children, the youngest of whom is 21-year-old Gregory, who is intellectually disabled.

A diehard sports fan, Mortland has had season tickets to the San Diego Padres and Chargers and has been a loyal supporter of all sports teams related to the city, including the American Hockey League’s Gulls and even the El Paso Chihuahuas – the Padres Triple-A affiliate in west Texas.


He began to take Gregory to games about seven years ago and the impact on his son, who is non-verbal but very social, was instant.

“The rest is history,” Mortland said. “We love the Padres. He enjoyed going to the Chargers games. I’ll be honest, he doesn’t get sports at all, but he loves being out in the open air and he loves meeting people. He just enjoys the experience. He has had a blast at the hockey games, too.”

And then came the news on January 12th of this year that the Chargers – after 56 years in San Diego – were packing up and moving to Los Angeles. Mortland, like many other fans who grew up cheering for icons like Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner and LaDainian Tomlinson, was crushed.


“It was devastating news,” Mortland conceded. “I consider myself a native San Diegan after I moved here from Arizona when I was nine years old. This became my home. I grew up here and all these teams are mine.

“The NFL is just a juggernaut. ‘Big business’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. In the last six months, three franchises have left their cities (St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland). What’s hard for fans in San Diego is, yeah, they’re moving up the freeway and you can still follow them, but L.A. already has a football team. The Rams originated there for almost 30 years before moving to St. Louis for 20 years and then coming back. They’ve got two baseball teams, two hockey teams, two basketball teams, two colleges (USC and UCLA) who are revered and are treated as if they were professional. All the press here says that this franchise (the L.A. Chargers) are going to get lost with all those other teams that have existing fan bases.

“Now, when you grew up here in the 70s and 80s you are definitely made to feel you are the stepbrother to the L.A. teams,” Mortland added. “So, the fact they moved there is problematic for me. If they had moved to Vegas or San Antonio or some other city in the States I probably would have maintained my fanship.

“But going to L.A. and the way it was done… it just broke my heart.”

The day the Chargers made their exit from San Diego, Mortland gathered up all his team’s gear – his son’s comforter, hats, T-shirts, etc – and neatly placed them on his driveway for donation to Goodwill. A Facebook post notified all his friends he was done with the Chargers.


And then he began searching for a new club.

That brings us to how he came to find the Blue Bombers…

“And when I went on the website and saw how involved the team was in the community with ‘Harris’ Heroes’ to ‘Medlocks Kicks for Kids’ to the connection with the indigenous community… I realize all teams do that, but it began with the bolt for me.”

“I looked at the roster and saw that Chris Randle went to Utah State – my niece went there on a basketball scholarship, and Tristan Okpalaugo went to Fresno State with Derek Carr and was nominated for the Bulsworth Trophy (awarded annually to the top player who began his career as a walk-on).

“As I was looking more and more into it I just thought, ‘This is my team.’”

Mortland reached out to Allan Hnatiuk in the Bomber Store and had his new gear shipped to him in California. And it wasn’t long after he spoke to Fan Services Manager Carol Barrott that Mortland decided he and his son Gregory absolutely had to get to Winnipeg for a game.


“We’ll be there for the July 27th game against Montreal,” he said. “We’re thinking of going up to a game in B.C., too, because it’s close and we may go to another in Hamilton because I have friends in Toronto. We were told about the zoo and that it’s a great city. We can’t wait.

“The only thing I want to make sure of is that Gregory gets a photo taken with Buzz and Boomer.”

Jeffery Bannon talks about his unique business, KB2 Clothing…by Chuck Duboff.

© Chuck Duboff

I have known Jeffery Bannon for many years; our friendship goes back to the time when he was managing the Bomber store at the old CanadInns Stadium.  With many years of experience managing the Bombers Store, working at the Olympics and World Junior Hockey, Jeffery is starting a new business, with a very unique idea in clothing apparel.  I interviewed Mr. Bannon about his new business, KB2 Clothingkb2clothing_horizontal_wordmark_black_400x4001.  Would you explain for the readers what your business is all about.
The business model of KB2 Clothing is based off a no minimum apparel provider – we believe that everyone has a logo, every brand needs apparel and we can facilitate that through high quality apparel items with orders as low as one. That free’s up inventory dollar, ensures you don’t have to worry about sizing and can promote your brand 365/24-7

2. What makes your business unique…it would seem there are a lot of apparel companies out there.
We believe in the online experience, we set you your exclusive online apparel store, with categories of mens, ladies, youth, headwear and accessories. This way your own online store can be sent to anyone, and orders can start immediately. From a Track/Warm Up Suit to a hat, we can do one. 
3. How did you come up with the idea for this business?
It was working at the Bomber Store that I had several requests from athletes and their families for one-offs, or a few for their children etc. Then recently with the Team at Keener Jerseys, we would get asked a lot for individual apparel items, just seems like a fit, and something I love to do. 
4. Do you have any background in retail, in clothing?

I was fortunate enough to work for the Blue Bombers, running their Bomber Store(s) for 9 years, I worked the 2010 Olympics and Two World Junior Hockey Championships as well as was very fortunate to be part of the Management Team for the first Old Navy Opening in Manitoba. You can say it’s a passion of mine.



Jeffery Bannon with one of his sons.

5. Who is your target market?

Our target audience is anyone from any school, association, team, coaching staff, Alumni Associations, Booster Clubs,  Non-Profit organization, family or group of friends that want to place a low quantity apparel order. We also want to team up with Graphic Designers who want to start to get their designs out, as we are always in the need of new logos as well.
6. What would you like to say to the people who are reading this blog?
Just that we’d love to work with anyone who has this need for apparel – and we mean anyone, for the individual gift to your team, we can offer the ability to replace or add an item without having to buy extra or tie up additional funds. We take each item as if it was our own, and we won’t rest until your happy. Customer Satisfaction isn’t a sometimes thing, it’s an all the time thing. 
7. If people were interested in either finding out more about your business or in fact contacting you about making purchases, how would they go about doing that?
The best bet now is our Facebook page or via our Instagram or Twitter @KB2Clothing and if you just want to chat retail  – would love to talk anytime 
8. Anything else you’d like to add Jeffery?
Just want to thank you Chuck for this opportunity, it’s a passion of mine and I hope to work with as many people as possible who have a need for low volume, no minimum apparel. 
For a view of how an exclusive website looks – you can check the KB2 Branded Store at 

Saturday Morning Frigid Random Thoughts; by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

  • Waking up to a Wind Chill of -41 freakin degrees!!
  • Why mom, oh why, when escaping Russia in the early 1900’s did some of your family go to Philadelphia, while for some inexplicable reason, the rest of the family moved to Winnipeg!!!  Then again, we’d be looking forward to President Trump…I guess handling -41 wind chill is more tolerable than the thought of Herr Trump.
  • Had just a great time with Carly, our Laine and Ben at the Jets Skills Competition last night!!  What a fun time…and seeing the expressions on the kids faces is pricelss.
  • That kid Laine…hit all four corners of the accuracy shooting in just over 8 seconds…he makes everything looks so easy.
  • That would be 11 now…hard work, but getting to the goal!!
  • Well, Matha Ticklebottom got me again…
  • fool-me-once
  • I guess Trumps idea of draining the swamp in Washington meant to fill all his cabinet positions with billionaire white men whose philosophies are right out of the 1950’s.
  • Vladamir Putin has Trump so deep in his pocket that he will be calling all the shots on American policy around the world.
  • MRI results on Wednesday…what a relief, blessing, lesson.  The lesson which the Big Guy has now tried to teach me in powerful ways twice this year…2016…living in the moment and not dwelling on what was and what will be.  The anticipation of the results from the MRI had me imagining every possible outcome…relief and blessed.
  • Nice first signing by the Goldeyes.  Wes Darvill, a Canadian boy from BC, played a solid 3B last season and his bat only got better as the season went along.
  • It’s a Beatles, Jethro Tull music listening season…always has been.
  • Breaking Bad…Walter White and Jesse Pinkman…my all time favourite show; watching the full series for the third time now!!  Great writing, plot, character development, setting..
  • Congrats to my pal Al Bryski on the publishing of his first book, Saskatchewan Farm Boy.  You can pick up a copy of his book at McNally Robinson Book Store for $19.95
  • Nice to see the Goldeyes and Jets making life just a little better for those less fortunate…I know the Bombers are also great at helping out around the city.
  •  The provincial NDP is in such a mess…making Brian Pallister look good.
  • Watch out for Kevin O’Leary folks…watch out…it can happen here too.
  • Nice chat with Winnipeg Goldeyes ace from last season, Kevin McGovern.
  • A Very Special Thank You to Clara Hughes who is very open is talking about the struggles she faces with Depression.  An Olympic champion and inspiration for so many…she has given me the strength and courage to talk about the effect that Depression has on my life.  Thank you Clara…have a peaceful day.
    clara huges
  • 66, 520 views of this Blog since its inception almost three years ago; and 1,244 followers who receive this blog everyday in their e-mail.  So very humbling, but also very inspiring.
  • Workouts have been fantastic the last few weeks…first 30-40 minutes on the weights and then 30-40 minutes on either treadmill or bike.
  • So very sad about Alan Thicke…really enjoyed pretty much everything he did.
  • The Goldeyes players, management and staff all received their championship rings this past week…what a great season the team had.

Monday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Going through that MRI was like being in a David Lynch movie, living in Twin Peaks, being at a European night club, listening to Pink Floyd and feeling like you are Randall Patrick McMurphy…bizarre experience.randall
  • …and now the waiting…and now the waiting…and now the waiting…and now the waiting…
  • Jets are gassed…”there’s nothing left in the tank”…Blake Wheeler.
  • Memo to NHL…6 games in 9 days, two sets of back to backs…and we’re paying $150 a ticket to watch exhausted players.  Jets have played 32 games in 60 days.  Ridiculous, but the money grabbing owners had to have their World Cup or whatever that joke of a tournament was called in September…thus resulting in this ridiculous schedule.
  • So Donald Trump doesn’t have time for intelligence briefings, questions the CIA’s abilities…yet has time to watch SNL and criticize it.
  • How long before the States is in a new war under Herr Trump?
  • -32 freakin windchill…get me a beach…asap.
  • Well done by the Bombers, extending Walters and O’Shea three seasons.  It’s been slow, but there was lots of dismantling to do before the rebuild could start.
  • What will be the next Donald Trump bombshell (literally and figuratively speaking)
  • To quote today’s Free Press: “Pallister…the Tantrum Premier.”
  • A special thanks to the nurse at the MRI centre who helped out Saturday morning…you sure showed compassion…
  • If it’s 64 days until pitchers and catchers report, that means its 64 days until I’m on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.
  • I’m guessing that if Reggie Abercrombie is playing winter ball, the chances are pretty good that he’ll be back leading the Goldeyes next summerGoldeyes June 2 Reggie celebration
  • There are friends, who really turn out to be nothing more than acquaintances..and then there are friends, who are real friends…not hypocrites.
  • Hopefully with some rest and a more tolerable schedule, the Jets will get rolling again…I worry about our goaltending…neither goalie has looked good this season.
  • …the waiting is the hardest part…and now the waiting…and now the waiting…thanks to those who care…
  • I’d rather be single the rest of my life than get messed up again with the wrong person…just for the sake of being in a relationship…no thank you…someone recently gave me an encore Tannis performance…I recognized it and got out of it immediately.  Had I paid the same attention to Tannis craziness the first few weeks of our relationship… I would never have had to endure the nightmare which ensued.
  • Try and imagine David Lynch in Twin Peaks listening to Pink Floyd..that was the MRIlynch
  • Love watching Laine playing soccer and Ben hockey…they sure are talented; love how they listen to their coaches.
  • Running the beaches every morning under a hot sun, beautiful sand, the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sierra Madre mountains right in front…Heaven.
  • “You are so complex, I don’t know if I can help you anymore.”
  • Really enjoying the novel, The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.
  • It’s been 36 years since John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman; feels like five minutes ago ; “I heard the news today oh boy….about a lovely man…”


    That’s Mark David Chapman on the right, getting an autograph from John Lennon…only minutes before he killed him.

  • To all the phonies and hypocrites out there…you know who you are…friends like you are a waste of time…you say one thing, yet go ahead and do something else…bye, bye.
  • Congratulations to Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature…reading his acceptance speech, you can feel how humbled he was by the honour; well done Robert Zimmerman, very deserving…your music is the story of my life.

No paper today…here’s some reading with Sunday morning random Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Joel Armia has been an incredible revelation for the Jets and maybe the best player in that blockbuster trade with Buffalo.

    HKN Avalanche Jets 20160118

    Joel Armia

  • I’m Canadian and not personally invested in the American election, but the political junkie in me can barely stomach this ugly election anymore.
  • Day 1 out of 109…feels great and highly motivated.
  • I said at the start of the World Series that I’m 60/40 pulling for Cleveland…I’ve always seen Cleveland as the Winnipeg of the United States…from not winning championships to always having jokes made about them.  Well, the Cavaliers won this season, they’ve got the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame there…now it’s time for the Cleveland baseball team to join in the fun!!  We’ve got a Winnipeg Goldeyes Championship, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights….time for the Bombers or Jets to chip in.
  • It’s been a very long time for both the Cubbies and the Indians…both can’t win:cleveland-world-series
  • So very, very, very cool watching Laine at a soccer clinic yesterday morning led by Desiree Scott of Canada’s National Women’s team.  Scott herself had been a Kidsport participant and it’s great to see her giving back to the community.


    Our big girl Laine and Winnipeger and Canadian National Soccer team player, Desiree Scott

  • To paraphrase the ol’ professor, Mickey Steen…the Bombers stunk the joint out yesterday.  Such a crucial game and they were just terrible.
  • Some people just aren’t worth the time and effort.
  • I would say that #29 for the Jets, Patrik Laine, has a chance to be a pretty decent player!!  Ovechkin: “he has a chance to score 50/60 goals” Elliot Freedman: “Hockey people are comparing him to Ovechkin, Kovulchuk and Bossy.”
  • Winning that Lottery Ball second overall pick was franchise changing!!14591597_10154380773080783_6491552696864755528_n
  • “Mexicans are murderers and rapists” “Ban all Muslims from coming into the States” “I grab them by the p****s and just kiss them”  “I don’t need to show my tax return”…Lose a Billion dollars in one year…don’t pay any taxes…have 12 women accuse you of groping them…run a scam with Trump University…claim you’ll bring jobs back to the US after using Chinese steel for your hotels…and this person is actually running for the presidency???   Really?
  • I used to be so into the NFL and now it is almost completely off the radar…more than any other reason, it is the never ending commercials on TV which have driven me away…there is no flow to the game and every time they go to commercial I just lose more and more interest.
  • Textbook case in how to ruin a player’s career: Jacob Trouba!!  Allowing his dad and agent to control things like he is…is ruining Trouba’s career.  I always liked the kid, but he has zero leverage for seven years and to come out demanding a trade and then being told he doesn’t want to play in Canada…good luck with that Jacob…if it was me, I’d have him sit for the seven years the Jets have him under control…Jets have to send a message to future RFA’s that this kind of garbage won’t be tolerated.jacob-trouba-winnipeg-jets
  • There is a 100% correlation: the older I get the more I hate, yes hate, winter!!
  • The Winnipeg Free Press…you used to be such a pleasure to read…now all you are is 24 hours old news and poorly written and edited stories; so sad to watch.
  • Hey Andrew: that Goldeyes mug that I used on our championship playoff run…now 2 for 2 with the Jets…just sayin!!!
  • Watching how very much Ben and Laine love reading is so wonderful…here’s Ben at 7:00 in the morning reading a Babe Ruth biography…takes great parenting to instil a love of reading!!14632921_10157564638125580_92702574251880207_n
  • Couldn’t be prouder of Matt and the determination he showed…I know you’ll be great with your new job at the West End Cultural Centre.

Sunday Morning Random Thoughts: Bombers, Friendships, Trump, Goldeyes and more; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Sometimes its best to move on from certain friends in your life.  Just time to say goodbye.
  • Another great game by the Bombers; I don’t think anybody saw this 7 game winning streak coming, but it sure is fun watching this team play inspired football.
  • There are some people you just feel safe letting your walls down for…they inspire trust and respect; very cathartic having people like that in your life.
  • cropped-pv22.jpg
  • So glad I booked Puerto Vallarta again for this winter…if not for two very special angels in my life, Laine and Ben, I would be living down in Mexico, no discussion.
  • Having over 1200 followers of this blog inspires my writing every day.  I went on a little bit of a baseball run there for a few weeks, but that only brought out a new audience for me.  Over 61,000 views…humbling and exciting.
  • Looking forward to reading Bruce Springsteen’s new book, Born to Run.
  • I have never seen an election like what is going on in the States right now; having taken many American history courses, studied American politics and watched intently every election for decades…this election of 2016 is incomprehensible.  Ethical standards have gone by the wayside, political operatives are in disarray and everything that political insiders thought they knew about elections has blown up in their face.  I dare say this has brought out the ugly side of the United States and I fear for what will happen When Donald Trump loses the election…could be very scary folks.
  • Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump…ask yourself, is this presidential?


  • Living on the 8th floor of my condo building, I look out over the downtown and the leaves are beginning to turn and the colours are bombarding the senses, just breathtaking.
  • Have met through Faceback,  a very inspiring lady with whom I want to bring to light many of the serious issues which face our Aboriginal population.  Look forward to it Leah.
  • So, John Tortarella benched Big Buff for the U.S game against Team Europe; how’d that work out John?  3-0 loss…with Buff not dressed.  You really are a genius, aren’t you…ya think Buff will be fired up this season when the Jets play Columbus?
  • Buff
  • Sometimes when you want something really badly, you try to force things…best to just let it take its own course and see where fate takes things.
  • You rock my world N!!!
  • W.P. Kinsella passed away this week; the author of Shoeless Joe…have read that so many times and in fact…taught it to a couple of my Grade 12 classes; for those who didn’t know, it was also the inspiration for the movie Field of Dreams.  RIP sir.
  • shoeless-joe
  • Watching parents getting old is heartbreaking; as difficult as it was when Dad suddenly passed away in his sleep at 79, watching mom go downhill at a pretty rapid rate lately, at 91 years old…is even harder.
  • Sometimes you gotta “Netlix…and escape from reality” for awhile.
  • “Does she know?”…she knows now…clearly shared from my heart.
  • Big Ben turning 8 this week, wow!!!  What an amazing kid he is!! Love ya Ben.
  •  It’s hard to say good bye to friends who have been with you for years, but, by the same token, when it becomes more aggravation and headache than enjoyment…it’s just time to put it in the rear view mirror and move on.
  • I really thought after the Goldeyes went up 1-0 in the series, that they were set up perfectly with McGovern and O’Brien.  Both got hammered and now the Fish are down 2 – 1 in the best of five Championship Series.  You made the playoffs on the last day of the season, you came back from down 2-1 to St Paul…we know you’ve got it in you…Go Get ‘Em Boys!!
  • win

Dieter Brock, Kenny Ploen, Reggie Abercrombie & Patrick Laine; by Chuck Duboff


Would you believe…we talked about our grandchildren!!  So great visiting with Dieter!!

© Chuck Duboff
After all these years of being a sports fan, I’m still not quite sure why we get so excited about meeting our sports heroes.  Is it that they are able to do what we always dreamed of doing?  Do they embody characteristics, values, attitudes, personalities that somehow we connect to?

I was awestruck Saturday afternoon when I got to have my picture taken with both my boyhood hero, Mr. Kenny Ploen, and all time Winnipeg Blue Bomber great QB, Dieter Brock!!  I was taken to that line from Field of Dreams…”Is this heaven?  No, it’s Iowa”  Well, to say I felt like I was in heaven would be an understatement.  Joking around with Dieter and having Mr.Ploen autograph my hat and take the time to have a picture with me…I felt like I was ten years old again…thank you.


Three old men…with some pretty big smiles!!!!

It’s been a pretty amazing summer; early in July, I took Laine and Ben to the Jets rookie camp where we were lucky enough to meet Jets young star, Patrick Laine…I don’t know who was more thrilled about it, Laine and Ben, or moi?  But it sure was very cool; he was accommodating and was actually quite taken aback that our Laine shares the same name with him.


And then there is Mr. Reggie Abercrombie of the Winnipeg Goldeyes;  Reggie, a former MLB player, embodies all that is good about baseball.  Being a baseball nerd, his playing in the Majors meant a lot to me…he had been in the show for 170 games!!  How very cool that he plays for the Goldeyes…but he’s so much more than that.  He’s a great human being who takes the time for everybody: young fan or old fan…baseball neophyte or hardened baseball fan…Reggie is a good human being…and, oh yeah, a pretty darn good ballplayer at 35 years old.

Reggie Abercrombie with 3 generations of the Duboff family!!  Thank you Reg!!




Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

let go
© Chuck Duboff
… so proud to be Canadian.
… it’s been one month and life has never been better.
… sad watching what is happening to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
…grateful to have so many great friends; a real blessing.
…big shout out to Geoff, camping up at Clear Lake; great Jets blogs this week pal.
…taking Laine and Ben and friends to Dairy Queen for ice cream; awesome!!!


Laine & Ben in the white shirts along with their friends Lincoln & Nixon

…Mr. Bryski; thank you…you have always inspired me and shown me the path!!  Glad you are coming to Goldeyes games this season.
…Had an awesome day by the pool on Canada Day; was packed and so much fun!!!
…So impressed with the manner in which the Jets stick to their plan; wish the season was starting tomorrow.
…Have had so many people share that they love the reporting that Mr. Goldeye, Mickey Steen and I are doing on the Winnipeg Goldeyes this season.  Great stuff Mick.
…The image of Canada around the world makes you so proud to be a Canadian.


…filled with gratitude and very humbled by what occurred a month ago today; it was both a wake up call and an awakening.  It’s what I needed.
…newspapers are dying and I would suggest within five years, maybe less, we will see the death of newspapers.
…can’t wait for our Jets ticket draft…can’t believe this is already our 6th season coming up.  Feels like just yesterday Geoff and I were partying in downtown Winnipeg, upon the return of our Jets.
…I don’t know if you are reading this Tracey, but it is so wonderful how our friendship has grown; from teaching together in Cancun…you and your beautiful family down in Denver and me up here in Winnipeg…your friendship means a lot to me.
…Looking forward to taking Laine & Ben to the Jets development camp Monday; we’ve got pictures of them with Nic Ehlers & Josh Morrisey the last two summers! Patrick Laine is on their radar!!
…constantly amazed by the fabulous photographer that Matt has turned into; what a talent!!
…I have said this so many times, but I believe that Donald Trump’s vile language and behaviour, has given the neanderthals, the KKK, the NRA, permission to come out from their bunkers and act like idiots.  I fear for my friends in the States.


Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

Is this the image that a presidential candidate should be portraying?

…another great sun filled summer day…time to go for a hike, hang out by the pool and then off to Goldeyes baseball.

What a night for Winnipeg Sports Fans!! Jets, Bombers & Goldeyes…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff
Hold on Winnipeg Sports Fans; I don’t remember a night like tonight!!!  The Jets picking second overall in the NHL draft.  The Bombers opening a very important season tonight at IGF.  The Goldeyes are in St. Paul, hoping for some payback after being swept last weekend.


Will the Jets take Patrick Laine with the 2nd overall pick?


Chevy has been locked in on the second pick for a long time.

Willy Winniing

Can Drew Willy lead the Bombers to a season opening win tonight over Montreal at IGF?



Winnipeg Goldeyes are in St.Paul tonight…it’s payback time after being swept by St.Paul last weekend, here in Winnipeg!!

My Franchise Four for: Jets 1.0; Jets 2.0, Bombers, Goldeyes and Yankees…by Chuck Duboff. Who is on your list? Leave in the comment section.

© Chuck Duboff

Winnipeg Jets 1.0 Hull, Hawerchuk, Teemu and Hatskin





Winnipeg Jets 2.0 Wheeler, Ladd, Byfuglien and Chipman


Ladd OT



Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Bud Grant, Kenny Ploen, Cal Murphy, Chris Walby





Winnipeg Goldeyes: Brian Duva, Andrew Collier, Ace Walker, Luis Alen


andrew collier 2



New York Yankees: Mantle, O’Neill, Jeter and Maris



derek jeter



Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…the Brian Bowman I smile a lot Chuck Duboff

@Chuck Duboff


* Love the pride which Canadians show on July 1st…not over the top, but just a healthy sense of pride.


* Here’s hoping Mr. Harper and his gang aren’t taking away all those freedoms we are so very proud of.

* In 21 years of Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball, we have never had a season like this one; we sure have been spoiled…

* Brian Bowman: at some point the citizens of Winnipeg get tired of smiles and want to see substance; you made a lot of promises…instead of smiles, let’s see something constructive.


* Not a crazy hot this summer, but man has it been humid.

* Really tough watching Drew Willy get hit like he did Thursday night; if his injury is long term, it’s going to be a long season for the Blue.

* When you are good to people, it will come back to you in some way, some form.


* Way to go US Supreme Court…but, may I ask…what took so long?

* We never know what is just around the corner.

* Nice pearly whites Mr. Bowman…when are you going to actually do something…the smile gets tiresome…


* Carly, Matthew, Chris, Laine & Ben…so blessed.

* What is it about the Jets scouting department that separates them from the other teams in the NHL; year in and year out, given an A+ for the Draft. Some serious talent taken in this year's draft.


* Treated myself to Beats headphones…truly amazing, amazing sound…and the noise cancellation is phenomenal.

* George Orwell was such a visionary…it is so scary how he foresaw the path that our governments would take to “protect” us. Big Brother is watching us today.


* At least Sam Katz got heated, upset, disingenuous…besides smiling, what exactly is it you are doing Mr. Mayor:


Bowman 4

*…and…I have to end on a special note; Fools and Horses cafe recently opened at Broadway and Edmonton, just across the street from my condo. It truly has become my go to “writing” place…I am always inspired when I am there…the writing flows in a genuine, authentic way. Some very special people, Lauren, Meg and Amy always keep me smiling and make the best green tea…check it out…I know you won’t be disappointed.

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