Saturday Morning, Snow Covered, Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

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  • Bill O’Reilly: you hypocritical, misogynistic, smug piece of garbage; if you had even an ounce of decency in you, you’d give those millions that Fox paid out to you, to women’s shelters…You, Bill O’Reilly, represent all that is wrong with America today.O'Reilley
  • It’s snowing this morning, no really, it’s snowing this morning…after just a beautiful spring day yesterday!!  It’s freakin snowing this morning.
  • Day 5 of no elevators in our building…my legs feel like rubber going up and down those 8 flights of stairs.  Starting to feel locked in, claustrophobic.
  • Did I happen to mention that I was sitting at the ballpark yesterday, under a beautiful warm sun…the weather so nice the Goldeyes could have played…and this morning…SNOW!!   SNOW!!   NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It feels like we are mere moments away from WWIII…Russia flying jets within miles of both the USA and Canada; North Korea flaunting its nuclear mite; China, a behemoth flexing its muscle with North Korea…and Donald Trump playing golf, while trying to decide whether or not to Nuke North Korea!!
  • I can’t thank the Winnipeg Goldeyes enough; you guys are simply the best.
  • Giant snowflakes!!!!
  • Can not wait for by six days at the cabin in Falcon Lake…peace and quiet.
  • That home run that the Yankees Aaron Judge hit against the Chicago White Sox  on Wednesday, has just landed in New Jersey…man oh man oh man…did he destroy that pitch!!  Super star in the making!!


  • After all of these years of watching the Yankees sign over the hill stars, it is so refreshing to watch some young blood on this team; and they’re playing well without two of their young stars, Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorious.  It’s nice getting some solid starting pitching and seeing players like Starlin Castro, Chase Hedley and Matt Holiday really contributing.
  • If the Jets had Mike Babcock behind the bench and Fredrick Anderson in net, they’d be in the playoffs.  The Jets are far more talented than the Leafs, but Babcock has them playing a much more disciplined game than Paul Maurice could ever get out of the Jets.  It also doesn’t hurt when you get solid consistent goaltending.
  • Two weeks from today and the Winnipeg Goldeyes start training camp; without SNOW, please!!!
  • My dear, dear friend Lisa; yesterday was your birthday.  I can’t put into words how very much I miss you…I hope you have found some peace.  You just knew me, understood me…you displayed empathy when I needed it and lit into me like nobody else could.  You know my pain, you understand my pain…yet, you too, didn’t have the strength to carry on.
  • It’s amazing how many of Trump’s minions have fallen since he took office…from Mike Flynn to Bill O’Reilly, it is only scratching the surface…
  • You caption the above…sad, so very, very sad.  I may not have been a fan of Reagan, but at least he was composed and had some dignity.

  • If you’ve never read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale…it is a very important read, given the circumstances of the world today.
  • Well according to Ben:  Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals is old (32), Carly is turning 40 and she’s really old…and Zaida Chuck “you’re really old Zaida”…oh to see life again through the eyes of an 8 year old!!!
  • Kim Jung Crazy and Donald Bloated Psychopath…they will be the undoing of this planet…
  • And finally…Aaron Hernandez…what a sad, sad, story…what a wasted life.

Winnipeg Jets season 6 in the books; observations, comments, predictions…by Chuck Duboff

Wheels and Laine

  • Though disappointed by not being in the playoffs, this Winnipeg Jets team is on the verge of something very special.
  • I’m constantly referencing the Kansas City Royals who had all the talent but had to learn how to win…when the Jets break through…look out NHL!!
  • Where would the Jets have been this season without the incredible season which Josh Morrisey had?  With all the injuries on defence, Morrisey’s growth was important and points to a bright future.
  • Four goalies this season spoke to Jets most glaring deficiency: goaltending.  Ranked 29th in GAA, one can only imagine where the Jets would be today had we received even average goaltending.  Four or five more wins and we’re in the playoffs.  Pav is done, Hutchinson had a good final couple of weeks, but is destined for the Moose. It’s hard to get a gauge on Eric Comrie after one game, but I sure was impressed. As for Conner Hellybucyk…I would suggest too much pressure was put on a rookie to carry the load himself.  A veteran goalie, Fleury, Bishop, Darling, is required to shoulder the load while Hellybucyk develops.  This has got to be Chevy’s first, second and third most important priority this off season.
    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Winnipeg Jets
  • Our first two lines are so dominant and when they are firing on all cylinders, the Jets are almost unbeatable.  I think Laine needs to be playing with Scheif…their chemistry was great; my first two lines would be:  Scheif, Laine and Ehlers, while the second line would be Little, Wheeler and Matty Perrault.
    Scheif hat trick
  • Adam Lowry is showing the same developmental trajectory which Scheif did; each season there is tangible growth to his game.  Though he’ll never be the playmaker and goal scorer that 55 is, Lowry is a player who can be counted on for years.
  • Though he shows flashes of talent, Joel Armia’s consistency is so frustrating.  One game so much talent, the next, he just seems to be floating.
  • Very, very impressed with Jack Roslovic; his speed and stick handling were super impressive…I’d have him ahead of Nic Petan on my depth chart.
  • As for Petan, I just don’t see an NHL player there.
  • If we could ever stay healthy, our defence would be solid; 44 and 8, 33 and 39, 57 and Poolman.  The trick is: staying healthy.  I think Melchiori offers a solid seventh defence man when needed,
  • Speaking of staying healthy: I think Toby Enstrom’s best days are behind him.  If there was anyway for the Jets organization to offer him some incentive to waive his no movement clause and let Vegas take him…I would jump on that opportunity.
  • With all the big contracts which Chevy is going to have to negotiate: Trouba, Ehlers, Laine, Morrisey…getting Pavs contract off the books will help, but an even bigger help would be Enstrom.  I love Matty Perrault, but he has a big contract for 3 more years…do we have to sacrifice him in order to lock up our future stars?  Chevy needs to get Trouba signed to a big time contract ASAP, because the longer he goes unsigned to a new contract, the greater the chances are that he will leave the first opportunity he gets.
  • This is the summer that will show what Kevin Cheveldayoff is made of:  we need a goalie, we need a depth defence-man (a 5 or 6) and we sure could use a forward who specializes in penalty killing.
  • Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton all went out and got goalies, with Toronto giving up a one and two to get Fredrik Anderson…and they are all in playoff positions.   You’ve got tons of talent on the Moose, you have draft picks…make it happen Chevy.
  • Paul Maurice…I am conflicted on what to do with him.  There is a reason why he is closing in on the all time most losses by a coach in NHL history; I dare say Mo overthinks things far too much…why not give Comrie, Roslovic and Conner the last two games; I do not understand that.  The mess on the PK, that’s on you coach, though I will give you props for the improved PP.  These past two seasons we have finished off strong, yet are not in the playoffs.  Where is the motivation during the season?  Far too many games the team came out so flat…that just can’t be, that’s the difference between making the playoffs and just missing.
  • TNSE…as a season ticket holder I appreciate all the upgrades you are making to the MTS Centre…it’s come a long way from season 1 of Jets 2.0; but, I would suggest, it’s time to put that same amount of energy and dollars into putting a winning product on to the ice; you know the honeymoon is over and fans are vocalizing their frustration…you need to give Chevy the go ahead to be a Cap Team; you need to think about your fierce loyalty to employees…this is big time sports and you need to be prepared to make the tough decisions on those who have been with the organization for a long time.  Toronto’s rebuild only took two seasons…they have several layers of management, from Shanahan to Lamarello, to Lemaire…perhaps that is what is lacking with the Jets…one more layer of management…Edmonton has Nicholson, Chirelli…Calgary has Burke and Treleving…perhaps Chevy needs someone working with him in decision making.
  • The growth of Nic Ehlers this season was spectacular, but like others, he needs more consistency; he has a great attitude and I’m sure will continue to grow.
  • Number 29…what can we say; a franchise changing pick.  I think this last month, Patrik Laine has been gassed.  He has played so much hockey and at just 18 years old, his tank is on empty…he needs a summer to recharge his battery and get back to the electric player we all know he is!!
  • I’ve never been more optimistic and excited for the future of this team…Chevy and TNSE need to go for it this summer…no more excuses!!  Getting a goalie needs to be priority number 1!!!!  I hope next year at this time we are talking about the first round of the playoffs and what a great season the team had!!!
  • Remember everybody…it was just six years ago at this time that we were just getting the Jets back…lets not lose sight of that!!   We have our Jets, and despite frustrations, let’s continue to support and show the same level of excitement having our team back !!!
  • And finally…to Chris Thorburn…you were a good soldier on this team; you stood up for your team mates and always gave a 100%.  I hope the Jets find a spot for you in the organization.

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

@Chuck Duboff

  • New York Yankees Spring Training Record:  24-9; watching the Bombers spring training games, it is so refreshing to finally see young talent, as opposed to the days of signing “star players” with one or two good seasons left.  They may not make the playoffs this season, but look out for my Yankees, they will be knocking on the door real soon!!

A big part of the Yankees youth movement:  1B, Greg Bird.

  • Great seeing the effort by the Jets over this past few weeks; even though they are out of the playoffs, the players are realizing how very good this team is and are showing that they have what it takes to be a playoff team.
  • That being said…had we had, even average goaltending this season, the Jets would be in the playoffs.  Right now we sit at 29th in goaltending, imagine where we’d be if we were even at 15th?  Five more wins, eight more wins?  Who knows, but Chevy’s goal this summer has to be to sign a Ben Bishop, Marc-Andre Fleury type goalie!!
  • Top priority this offseason…Jacob Trouba signed to a monster contract!!


    Chevy needs to get Trouba signed to a monster deal this summer!!

  • How’s all that winning going Mr. President?
  • Guess what you lying, , hypocrite…the noose is tightening and all your lies about Russia will be exposed and you will be sent to prison for TREASON!!
  • Let’s hope this early spring is just that…SPRING!!!
  • Thrilled that I have the cabin in Falcon booked now for six days in May…peacefulness personified!!
  • I can’t thank the Winnipeg Goldeyes enough for giving Laine and Ben and I a tour of the Goldeyes locker room and dugout.  Such a thrill for all three of us…the kids are such huge Goldeyes fans…they couldn’t stop talking about seeing Reggie Abercrombie and Kevin McGovern’s lockers!!  Andrew and Steve….you guys rock!17457764_10154869183725783_4097326211823024607_n
  • Was talking with my travel agent already about next winter’s trip to Puerto Vallarta!!!
  • If you are not watching Schitt’s Creek on CBC, you are missing the funniest show on television; the cast and the writing is unbelievable:  Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliot…I am quite literally in tears laughing watching that show!!  Great to see CBC support this show and watch it become a mega hit, here in Canada and now into the States.Schitts
  • Two more days and it’s PLAY BALL!!!
  • My very good friend, my brother from another mother, Geoff…made such a profound, yet simple comment a couple of Sunday’s ago…it’s something I really want to write about!!  When I talked about the joy and pleasure I had in writing about and receiving messages about the All Time Goldeyes Team…Geoff said: “that’s what it’s all about Chuck”…and it hit me like a brick!!  That truly is what life is about…finding that what gives us joy and savouring those moments!!  I love writing and am equally passionate about baseball…getting to put my music on, make coffee and write about baseball for 3 1/2 hours…that truly is what it’s all about.  Like Geoff and I said…it’s not going to be a thunderbolt moment that tells us about what life is about…but rather it’s living in those moments and being aware of how fortunate we are.  Thank you Geoff…
  • Friendships truly are a blessing!!
  • It has been Pearl Jam 24/ 7 for about three months…this Neil Young & Pearl Jam version of Rockin in the Free World is just unreal; enjoy:  (FYI…watching it on the 65″ 4K big screen with surround sound…it’s like you’re at the freakin concert!!


Saturday Morning Random Thoughts; by Chuck Duboff


“Is this heaven, no it’s Iowa.”  Field of Dreams.

© Chuck Duboff

  • It’s March, the month in which Manitobans can experience all four seasons in one day!!!
  • Big shout out to the Winnipeg Jets for the support they gave to Tyler Myers and his family during a very difficult time.  If you haven’t seen this video, take a few minutes…it’s a reminder of what is important in life:
  • Moments of clarity are fleeting; yesterday afternoon and evening provided me with a peacefulness and understanding rarely felt; it was tangible and quite a new feeling.  Grateful for those moments.
  • Though the Jets won’t make the playoffs this season, wins at any time of the year are part of the growth process…I would like to see Roslavic and Conner called up for the balance of the season in order to get a feel for hockey at the next level.Ros
  • So Brian Pallister takes two month winter holidays to Costa Rica; took a 20% pay increase last year…and now he is gutting and slashing every program in Manitoba. Hope everybody is enjoying the PST going down from 8% to 7%!!!  NOT!!
  • What a very special night it was on Thursday evening watching the Jets game with Laine and Ben; non stop commentary, hi jinks, cuddling and just having a great time!!  #grateful.

    Ben, Laine and I playing

    This picture was from the spring the Jets came back to Wpg; 6 years ago and still having fun together!!

  • Watching the World Baseball Classic, it sure makes you appreciate the talent of the players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuala and Puerto Rico; those lineups are power laden…would be interesting to see what would happen if the Mike Trouts and Bryce Harpers of the USA decided to compete.  I think it would take the tournament to another level!!
  • Celebrating mom’s 92nd birthday tomorrow…her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will all be here!!
  • This brief moment of clarity, in a life so filled with angst and confusion, has given an incredible insight into so much of what I have to be grateful for; though always aware of the good fortune I have in life…there is a real sense today of what all that means.
  • In all my years of being a New York Yankees fan, I have never seen them have a good spring training…I would attribute that to George Steinbrenner and his boys signing star players in their 30’s who take their time to get ready for the season and the Yankees ending up with a poor spring training record.  I looked at the exhibition game standing yesterday, and low and behold there are the Yankees with the best record.  With so many young kids in the lineup trying to prove themselves: Sanchez, Byrd, Judge, etc, suddenly the Yankees are winning games and shining a light on a bright future.  If the Yankees had more depth at starting pitching, they might compete this upcoming season!!
  • Once again, I love the team that Goldeyes skipper Rick Forney is putting together; I’ve mentioned this a few times, but with each season, it seems like Rick is signing higher calibre players.  I’m sure his connections to organizations have increased dramatically over the years and he is able to sign the type of player that he is looking for…training camp can’t start soon enough!!
  • Doofus head meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel; she with a PHD in Physics, he just finishing reading Dick and Jane; the misogynistic, serial liar makes more unfounded claims about wiretapping, but ups it one more by claiming that Merkel was also wiretapped; she looks at the media with a “who the fuck is this bozo?” kinda look:
  • There is always one benefit to the Jets not making the playoffs; I budget money all season for possible playoff tickets.  Once it became clear that playoffs were not in the picture for this spring…I went ahead and booked “my cabin” in Falcon lake for five days in May…filled with such gratitude that I am in a position to take another holiday this spring:

A glimpse into the future; Jets firing on all cylinders!! Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Another big win by the Jets; 6-1 over Colorado!!

Let’s stay in reality and state that it is going to be difficult for the 2016/2017 Jets to make the playoffs.  They are right in the battle for the final playoff spots, but an overwhelming amount of injuries early in the season and a brutal November schedule has left the team in a precarious playoff position.

That being said…the past two games may have given Jets fans a tantalizing glimpse into what the future holds for this very young team.  Friday night against the St. Louis Blues, the Jets put on a defensive clinic, shutting down a very good team.  That was followed last night by an offensive outburst by the Jets exciting forwards.

We have been told for six years now that patience is the key to the draft and develop formula.  At times fans have been frustrated, mad and upset with this plan.  I for one understand and recognize that a small market team like Winnipeg has no choice but to rely on the draft and develop…we can’t be like the Rangers and Hawks and Leafs and just sign anybody.  We have to draft well, develop the young talented players and trust that the team can sign these players long term once they become NHL players. (hello Jacob Trouba).  I get frustrated, very, very frustrated when the young kids make mistakes…but, that is all part of this plan.


Wheels coaching up Laine.

Then we have nights like the past two nights and perhaps we are seeing the window opening to the future of the Winnipeg Jets.  Jacob Trouba and Josh Morrisey; Mark Scheifele, Patrik Laine, Nic Ehlers, Adam Lowrey, Andrew Copp, Marko Dano, Conner Hellybucyk…and those are just the kids.  Blake Wheeler, Bryan Little, Matthieu Perrault, Dustin Byfuglian, Toby Enstrom all showing their young team mates how to play the game.

It’s tantalizing, it’s exciting after watching the Jets the last two games!!  I dare say, our first two lines are right up there with the best in the NHL  Though we were playing a rather uninspired Colorado team, our big guns showed us what lies ahead; this goal sums it all up:  Ehlers makes a great pass to Laine who draws everyone to him and makes a sensational pass to Scheifelle:

It’s hard not being excited about the future of this team; I’ll repeat, we may not make the playoffs this season, but, the future IS VERY bright…and perhaps with the addition of Kyle Conner and Jack Roslovic next season, the Jets could be a dominant force in the NHL.

That’s the future, right now the Jets have 16 games left; they have to take care of their own business and no matter who their opponent is, they have to play their A game, night in and night out to stay in the playoff hunt.  Anything is possible at this point!!

****Unobjectively, I would select Patrik Laine 8 days a week over that guy in Toronto, it’s not even close!!  That was a franchise changing pick for the Winnipeg Jets!!****

Jets Stanley Cup

Saturday morning random thoughts; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


There’s still a chance boys…17 more games!!  Just win baby, just win.

  • So you’re saying there’s still a chance; last night’s Jets game gave us a brief glimpse into what the Jets future looks like.  Sure we may not may the playoffs this year…but having talented players like Scheif, Troubs, Morrisey, Laine, Ehlers, Lowrey, Copp and Dano…the future is bright.  As for Hellybucyk…last night was his fourth shutout of the season…the skill is there…he is still learning the mental part of the game…the future is so bright!!
  • Thank you Puerto Vallarta; what a magnificent two weeks under clear blue skies, hot sunshine, spectacular mountains, beaches and the Pacific Ocean…see you next winter.
  • Great stopping in to see Goldeyes GM Andrew Collier and Broadcaster/media guru Steve Schuster.  Got caught up on some of the new players we’ve signed…and brought Andrew, Steve and Goldeyes skipper, Rick Forney,  championship Coheba cigars!!  Baseball is in the air.
  • The noose is tightening on Herr Trump…and as it does, he gets more and more unhinged.  I said it during the election…Russia was behind the Trump tainted win…and it’s all coming to fruition.  Trump is now starting to blame Obama for all the coverups and Russia mess…sad Donald, very sad.
  • Making America Hate Again”        North Carolina man arrested for threatening, knocking over gay couple as he said “you live in Trump Country now.”
  • Watch this video and see further evidence of Trump’s success in Making America Hate again: 

  • Jacob Trouba is becoming the #1 defence man we all expected he would evolve into…now, hopefully, Jets can lock him up long term like they did his buddy Mark Scheiffle.
  • jacob-trouba-winnipeg-jets
  • So many great friends down in Puerto Vallarta; must say, it was probably the most difficult time saying goodbye to everybody…They truly are wonderful people, hard working, friendly, kind and caring (Didn’t see any of the “bad ones” Donald.)
  • So Brian Pallister spends two months down in Costa Rica; comes home and immediately announces his slash and burn campaign!!  All the while accepting a 20% salary increase last year…after all somebody has to pay for his home in Costa Rica.
  • Warning to my friends in the teaching profession, especially the young ones who have just started their careers.  I experienced the same thing in the early 1980’s under the Filmon government; Filmon Fridays came in and  civil servants had to take an unpaid day off a month.  Then teacher layoffs came; I was a young teacher, with a young family…and 35 teachers were cut from the school division I was in.  Lost my job.  Be ware…the Education system is on Pallister’s hit list.
  • Excited to take our Laine to the Jets game tonight; so blessed that I’m in a position to afford so many tix and have two wonderful grandchildren who are huge Jets fans.  Pretty sweet.
  • There is a 100% correlation between getting older and the degree to which I can not tolerate winter.
  • Two years in a row I’ve had blogs I’ve written about Puerto Vallarta picked up by PV online websites and official twitter accounts.  Pretty great feeling.
  • The Sierra Madre Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful beaches, the hot sunshine…all inspire great workouts and clarity in writing.

Bryan Little; the most under rated player in the NHL? I would suggest he is! by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

Bryan Little was drafted in the 1st round, 12th overall pick, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Atlanta Thrashers.  He has gone about his business in a very professional manner…and I would suggest is one of the most under rated players, not only on the Winnipeg Jets, but in the whole NHL.

When Little was injured just ten minutes into the 2016-2017 season, the Jets had a huge hole to fill; Little is outstanding in the face off circle, makes the smart passes and has a knack of being in the right place at the right time.  The Jets struggled while he was out; they tried Perrault, Petan, Copp and many others at that second line centre, but, it wasn’t until Little returned that the offence, and specifically the power play, really started to click.

Little has now played over 640 career games, accumulating 411 points.  His contributions go far beyond those numbers; he is a quiet leader, not saying much, not flamboyant, but somehow he is always showing up when a key play, a key goal is needed.

Not flashy, but definitely invaluable to the Winnipeg Jets.

Check out Bryan Little’s first hat trick with the Winnipeg Jets:

2016-2017 29 13 13 26 2 6 4 6 0 0 2 1 64 20.3
NHL Career 642 176 235 411 0 225 50 107 7 12 23 4 1,326 13.3

Call for Paul Maurice: it’s go time!!…by Geoff Brookes.



© Geoff Brookes

The Winnipeg Jets missed a turn on the runway. The wheels are stuck in a rut. The thin layer of soft topsoil has given way to the thick  prairie gumbo, and they ain’t moving nowhere, nohow. The service vehicles are on their way over the apron, with the flashing yellow lights, and their horns blowing.

Jets fans are “on board”, but they’re worried. Their mood is getting surly. They’re confused. They’re wondering if the captain is in full control of the plane. They’re wondering if coach Paul Maurice is getting through to the players.

Well, is he? And how exactly is he doing that? Is he just spinning wheels, or does he have a plan to fix the situation?

In this modern age, with no-trade clauses and guaranteed contracts, we’ve seen some fairly clear indications that, if it isn’t a contract year, the players are shockingly hard of hearing. “What’s that, coach”?

Just about the only leverage that an NHL coach has, these days, is playing time.


Dustin Byfuglien is a conundrum.  He is a very good hockey player, overall. He generates lots of offense when he is on the ice. But he often takes chances that result in high-quality scoring opportunities for the opposition.

His contribution to the team is still positive, but it could be better. The number of risky plays – often at strategically bad moments in a game – is greater than it was for the past two years. The Winnipeg Jets are among the better scoring teams in the NHL, but among the very worst for goals allowed.

If the Jets are going to win enough hockey games to make the playoffs, Dustin Byfuglien has to play more cautiously, electing to make the safe plays far more often than he has this year.

Does Paul Maurice know this? Of course he does. Every hockey commentator says it. So why is PoMo having trouble getting Big Buff to put this into effect?

Dustin Byfuglien leads all Jets defensemen in ice time – by a lot. He even has 10% more minutes (at even strength) than the guy that plays on his left, Josh Morrissey. Think about that for a moment.

So, let’s recap this. The guy that you apparently want to modify the way he is playing the game, gets way more ice time than anyone else. And playing time is your main way to motivate the players….

Meanwhile, the guy that has been the killer stud on defense, Jacob Trouba, has publicly said that he wants more ice time. Is there room for some tactical coaching moves?

The Jets have been criticized by many for overplaying their young goalies this year, without a veteran presence. And yet they are apparently underplaying their young defenseman, Jacob Trouba.


I’m not a fan of radical solutions. I’m not saying that Paul Maurice should cut Buff’s minutes by 30%. But the statistics don’t support any assertion that Paul Maurice is using Byfuglien’s ice time to make any coaching points. And he should be.

As for the argument that the Jets are just young, and we need to allow for that, it has been pointed out by some smart sports people that the youngest team in the league is actually the Columbus Blue Jackets, and we all know what kind of a season they are having. And how good they are at keeping the puck out of their own net.

The time for excuses is over. Sorry. Done. Time’s up.

It’s go time.

There is a reason why they call the guy behind the bench “coach”. It’s time for Paul Maurice to show that he is indeed a winning coach in the NHL.


Saturday Morning Random Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Winnipegers wake up to a wind chill of (only) -29 degrees today and start dancing in the streets.
  • Four blizzards, temperatures in the -40’s and the city just keeps on truckin’…businesses don’t close, city schools don’t close, we just toughen up and once again survive winter.snow-6
  • What’s to be said about the Winnipeg Jets? They appear to be in free fall, goaltending is horrendous and the team seems to be shutting out Coach Maurice.  When Dustin Byfuglien responds to a question about something Coach Maurice said: “He can say whatever he wants.”…you know there’s trouble in River City.  Third period in Buffalo, embarrassment against the Habs, first period against Arizona…that is coaching!!!
  • “I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created.” Donald Trump…whose ego knows no limits.
  • “I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president,” John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, told NBC News’ Chuck Todd. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”
  • “Your organization is terrible and I am not going to give you a question.  You are fake news.”  Trump bullying and attempting to intimidate Jim Acosta of CNN.  Watching this, I could not believe that this man is going to be the President of the USA.  N0 class, no decorum,  an inability to speak anything truthful…you reap what you sow and for the American people who voted for Trump…I hope it is becoming crystal clear what your vote has spawned.
  • Trump
  • Meanwhile…down in Costa Rica, Manitoba’s guest Premier continues to enjoy the hot sun and beaches, while blizzards and -40 temperatures paralyze the province he laughingly governs….For those Manitobans who voted for Pallister…I hope it is becoming crystal clear what your vote has spawned.
  • I enjoy watching the manner in which Rick Forney and Tom Vaeth are putting together the 2017 Winnipeg Goldeyes.  Already returning from last year’s championship team are 3B Wes Darvell, 1B David Rohm, Ace of the pitching staff, Kevin McGovern and a key member of the Bullpen, Victor Capellan.  I would imagine it’s a lot easier getting guys to return after such a great season.  One area Rick will have to concentrate on is finding a couple of catchers as both Carlton Tanage (retirement) and Tanner Murphy (signed by the Rockies) won’t be returning.
  • After the first period…Arizona 4, Jets 1…really?  Conner Hellybucyk pulled once again, only ten minutes into the game after letting in 3 more soft goals.  Where do the Jets turn now for goaltending?  Not bringing in a veteran goalie only signals to the team and fan base that playoffs are not a high priority, that this is, yet again, another development season, and I for one am getting tired of this plodding draft and develop plan.
  • Watch for interviews in the next few days with Goldeyes pitchers, Kevin McGovern and Victor Capellan.
  • The manner in which Russia was involved in the American election, strikes to the very foundation of a democracy.  The Russians planned for four years getting Trump elected and the tearing down of Hilary Clinton.  It would not shock me in the slightest if Putin were to unload all of the Trump connections to Russia and throw America into a nightmare scenario.  If you’ve never seen the movie The Manchurian Candidate, check it out, because we are living that today.trump-putin-1024
  • Only 30 more days until the hot, sunny beaches of Puerto Vallarta…not that I’m counting or anything…but, one more blizzard and I think I’ll just start walking there today!!
  • The class, the dignity, the lack of any scandals, the respect shown to the presidency…Barak Obama and his wife and daughters will be missed.  They stand in stark contrast to the three ring circus which is taking over the White House.
  • obama-family-portrait-sasha-malia-today-tease-150619_1ddba0ae3952682d6bae521d01abca3dPatrik Laine surprising an 8 year old boy celebrating is birthday…speaks to the wonderful manner in which he was raised.  The kid is all class and has surely embraced his new home of Winnipeg.  It has helped tremendously that his mother, sister and girlfriend all moved here to Winnipeg…having their support and guidance will help Patrik to continue to hold the great values which he demonstrates.laine-and-8-year-old
  • Memo to Kevin Cheveldayoff..your conservative, plodding manner is beginning to really wear down loyal Jets fans; you “may” have an ability to select first round players, but your disdain for change is irritating and resulting in a team showing no visible signs of  improvement; as I said the other day in the blog, this team’s record is no better than the team you inherited in the first season of Jets 2.0  Nothing changes if nothing changes!!!  You don’t have a goalie…that’s a fact, yet you do nothing about it.  You waited one year too long with Claude Noel and another year was wasted.  Watching the manner in which the Jets played the third period against Buffalo, the Montreal game and then last night’s first period…standing pat is not acceptable!!!
  • Pitchers and catchers report in 30 days!!!!baseballs1280_wtn64plk_pdi9e3wm
  • Off to watch Laine play soccer this morning and then Ben play hockey tomorrow afternoon…I know for a fact that these kids give it 100%, all the time!!

“We were horse shit, right from the drop of the puck.” Coach Maurice, on an embarrassing effort by the Jets…by Chuck Duboff

…and the OVERTHINKING has taken control; everybody and their sister expected Coach Maurice to put his team through a bag skate yesterday; several players even said they expected it; what does Maurice say about not doing that…”I didn’t want to give them an excuse; coach put us through a bag skate so we were too tired for the game.” COACH…you’re thinking too much…and I would suggest this is the beginning of losing control of the team…just one man’s thoughts

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“The organization isn’t going to sweep this one under the rug.  We’re going to take a good look at all of it and make sure we appreciate the value of playing in the National Hockey League and at home…”

The Winnipeg Jets looked like a Junior B team last night, in their 7-4 loss to the Montreal Canadians.  I would suggest the score even flattered the Jets, who at times just stood around waving sticks and losing their jock straps. (see Dustin Byfuglien).  It is really hard to find a single positive when looking at this game.  The line of Lowry, Armia and Mathias was a -8 and couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Habs.  Conner Hellybucyk was brutal in the nets, allowing three soft goals early in the game.  Dustin Byfuglien had one of his poorest games of the season, while fellow defencemen Paul…

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“We were horse shit, right from the drop of the puck.” Coach Maurice, on an embarrassing effort by the Jets…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

“The organization isn’t going to sweep this one under the rug.  We’re going to take a good look at all of it and make sure we appreciate the value of playing in the National Hockey League and at home…”

The Winnipeg Jets looked like a Junior B team last night, in their 7-4 loss to the Montreal Canadians.  I would suggest the score even flattered the Jets, who at times just stood around waving sticks and losing their jock straps. (see Dustin Byfuglien).  It is really hard to find a single positive when looking at this game.  The line of Lowry, Armia and Mathias was a -8 and couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Habs.  Conner Hellybucyk was brutal in the nets, allowing three soft goals early in the game.  Dustin Byfuglien had one of his poorest games of the season, while fellow defencemen Paul Postma looked lost. (let me know when Postma make his next hit on an opponent, it’ll be his first of the season.)



This is season six of the Winnipeg Jets 2.0.  We have been told from Day 1 that this is a draft and develop team.  My question to the management of this team is: when are we going to start seeing some results?  The team’s record of one game under .500 is no better than the first season of 2.0, when we had the likes of Nik Antropov, Tim Stapleton, Ron Hainsey and Randy Jones on our roster.  Many may laugh at those names, but, I ask, where is the improvement, 5 1/2 years later?  It’s easy to say that we have better players, but the fact is, we are no better than we were at the start of 2.0

I would suggest that it is management which needs to take a long hard look at itself and make some cold hard observations and decisions.  Is Paul Maurice the right man for the head coaching job?  The evidence is clearly pointing to the fact that Maurice cannot get this team playing any better.  Is Kevin Cheveldayoff the right man for GM?  Though he may have an ability to draft good players, I believe Chevy’s biggest flaw is that he is far too conservative and takes far too long to make changes.  Mark Chipman needs to make his voice heard; I’m not suggesting he become a meddling owner, but he needs to put his foot down after an embarrassing loss on national tv.


As fans, we need to demand more and stop giving this organization a free pass.  Those who say fans shouldn’t boo their home team…I completely disagree.  How else can we voice our displeasure with a team that shows no signs of growth, consistency or passion for the game.  We are paying the second highest prices for tickets in the NHL (behind Toronto) and deserve a much better product than we are being given.  Is Mike Babcock that much better of a head coach than Paul Maurice, when in year two of Toronto’s rebuild, the Leafs are already further ahead than the plodding Jets draft and develop.

“We were horse shit from the drop of the puck tonight.”  Paul Maurice

Saturday Morning, pre-blizzard, random thoughts; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Get ready Winnipeg, it looks like we are in for one whopper of a blizzard.  If it’s going to hit us, don’t be a half assed blizzard…shut the city down for a few days.  Now that’s a blizzard.
  • That being said…February 15th can’t come fast enough for me.
  • It has been fascinating seeing the computer models tracking this storm for almost a week and they pretty much have nailed it.
  • Wishing all my friends in Winnipeg, across Canada, the US, Mexico, Cuba, Spain and anywhere else I’ve missed…a very Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas.
  • Congratulations to my friend Al Bryski, who sold out the initial  printing of his just released first book: Saskatchewan Farm Boy.  A second printing is underway and copies will be available for purchase at McNally Robinson.
  • Watching Mark Scheifele, Patrik Laine and Nik Ehlers play together, takes me back to the days of Hull, Hedberg and Nillson…Ehlers first goal Thursday reminded me so very much of Hedberg flying down the right wing and scoring on a fabulous wrist shot:
  • Nice being able to help out former students in whatever way possible.
  • Interesting to see discussions which occur following the publishing of a blog; it’s pretty easy by now to tell which readers will respond and what their attitudes will be.
  • Donald Trump: taking the United States back to the 1950’s.
  • Please explain to me the love affair with a despot like Vladamir Putin.
  • Kind of surreal that I have a daughter who is now 39 years old; hard to process…but so very blessed to have her in my life.
  • Really enjoying reading the Bryan Cranston autobiography; what an interesting man.
  • 2016…you have royally sucked!!!!  Leave Carrie Fischer alone…get well soon Ms. Fischer.
  • As I have said to many…the last 21 minutes of the Jets win over Vancouver this past Thursday evening…that team could beat anybody!!  The young guns taking over the team; think about this…the Jets first goal of the game:  Trouba passes to Scheif who passes to Ehlers who passes to Laine for another electric goal.  Those are four first round picks by the Jets folks…how exciting is that.  Now if Coach Maurice could just find a way to get the team to play 60 minute hockey.  We need a long winning streak to get the confidence to another level.
  • The Miriam-Webster Dictionary definition of megalomaniaa delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur.  If this doesn’t describe Donald Trump, I don’t know what does.  Watching what is unfolding right now with Trump and Putin is so very reminiscent of the 1930’s…it’s time for the world to wake up.
  • Pitchers and catchers report to spring training on February 15th.
  • Though it causes one to pause, at times we must purge people from our lives…those who contribute nothing and only bring you down…bye, bye.  I’d rather have a small strong circle of friends, than a flimsy circle of inconvenient acquaintances.
  • Time to head down to the gym for 45 minutes weights and 45 on treadmill!!
  • INVITATION: January 1st, New Year’s Day…my birthday; it is a tradition on this day to have family and friends over for birthday cake…I’d like to extend an invitation to any of my wonderful friends to join us that afternoon at my condo…let me know and i can get you my address; I know my friend Al and I will be toasting the New Year with a shot of some special Tequila I brought home last winter.  Look forward to seeing you next Sunday…and saying goodbye to the nightmare that was: 2016!!happy-new-year-party-banner-2017

Patrik Laine,Nikolaj Ehlers & Mark Scheifele…the Jets new leaders? by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Blake Wheeler, Dustin Byfuglien, Bryan Little, Toby Enstrom, Mark Stuart; the old guard who came to Winnipeg from Atlanta.  They have been the de facto leadership group for the past 5 and 1/2 years.  I dare suggest that not many people work harder or demonstrate more leadership than Blake Wheeler.  The man knows only one way to play the game, with intensity, passion and heart.  He was the right choice to be the Jets second captain.


Something struck me however during these past two games against Vancouver.

During Tuesday’s game against the Canucks, Wheeler was the only Jets player to bend the twine; yet it didn’t seem to matter, as the Jets slogged their way to a disappointing 4-1 loss.

During the first 39 minutes of last night’s game, it looked like the Jets were repeating Tuesday’s performance.  With less than a minute left in the second period, it looked like the young guys decided it was time to take over.  Trouba hit Scheifele with a great pass; 55 then passed it to Ehlers who made a beautiful pass to Laine…and number 19 was in the net.  Those were four 1st round picks who created that goal.  Then in the third period, once again it was Ehlers on a spectacular Hedberg type goal; he followed that up with another goal on a sweet pass by another young gun, Nic Petan.


When the Jets are at their best, the young guys are flying.  Trouba and Morrisey on defence are both former first round picks and the future of our D; up front, Laine, Ehlers, Scheif, Lowrey, Armia, Petan are forming the nucleus of this team.

I’m in no way throwing in the towel for the Wheelers, Buffs, Littles and Enstroms of this team; I am simply suggesting that no longer will we be counting on them to drive this team.  Watching the kids take over last night, you can see the torch being passed on to the youth of this team.