Winnipeg Jets season 6 in the books; observations, comments, predictions…by Chuck Duboff

Wheels and Laine

  • Though disappointed by not being in the playoffs, this Winnipeg Jets team is on the verge of something very special.
  • I’m constantly referencing the Kansas City Royals who had all the talent but had to learn how to win…when the Jets break through…look out NHL!!
  • Where would the Jets have been this season without the incredible season which Josh Morrisey had?  With all the injuries on defence, Morrisey’s growth was important and points to a bright future.
  • Four goalies this season spoke to Jets most glaring deficiency: goaltending.  Ranked 29th in GAA, one can only imagine where the Jets would be today had we received even average goaltending.  Four or five more wins and we’re in the playoffs.  Pav is done, Hutchinson had a good final couple of weeks, but is destined for the Moose. It’s hard to get a gauge on Eric Comrie after one game, but I sure was impressed. As for Conner Hellybucyk…I would suggest too much pressure was put on a rookie to carry the load himself.  A veteran goalie, Fleury, Bishop, Darling, is required to shoulder the load while Hellybucyk develops.  This has got to be Chevy’s first, second and third most important priority this off season.
    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Winnipeg Jets
  • Our first two lines are so dominant and when they are firing on all cylinders, the Jets are almost unbeatable.  I think Laine needs to be playing with Scheif…their chemistry was great; my first two lines would be:  Scheif, Laine and Ehlers, while the second line would be Little, Wheeler and Matty Perrault.
    Scheif hat trick
  • Adam Lowry is showing the same developmental trajectory which Scheif did; each season there is tangible growth to his game.  Though he’ll never be the playmaker and goal scorer that 55 is, Lowry is a player who can be counted on for years.
  • Though he shows flashes of talent, Joel Armia’s consistency is so frustrating.  One game so much talent, the next, he just seems to be floating.
  • Very, very impressed with Jack Roslovic; his speed and stick handling were super impressive…I’d have him ahead of Nic Petan on my depth chart.
  • As for Petan, I just don’t see an NHL player there.
  • If we could ever stay healthy, our defence would be solid; 44 and 8, 33 and 39, 57 and Poolman.  The trick is: staying healthy.  I think Melchiori offers a solid seventh defence man when needed,
  • Speaking of staying healthy: I think Toby Enstrom’s best days are behind him.  If there was anyway for the Jets organization to offer him some incentive to waive his no movement clause and let Vegas take him…I would jump on that opportunity.
  • With all the big contracts which Chevy is going to have to negotiate: Trouba, Ehlers, Laine, Morrisey…getting Pavs contract off the books will help, but an even bigger help would be Enstrom.  I love Matty Perrault, but he has a big contract for 3 more years…do we have to sacrifice him in order to lock up our future stars?  Chevy needs to get Trouba signed to a big time contract ASAP, because the longer he goes unsigned to a new contract, the greater the chances are that he will leave the first opportunity he gets.
  • This is the summer that will show what Kevin Cheveldayoff is made of:  we need a goalie, we need a depth defence-man (a 5 or 6) and we sure could use a forward who specializes in penalty killing.
  • Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton all went out and got goalies, with Toronto giving up a one and two to get Fredrik Anderson…and they are all in playoff positions.   You’ve got tons of talent on the Moose, you have draft picks…make it happen Chevy.
  • Paul Maurice…I am conflicted on what to do with him.  There is a reason why he is closing in on the all time most losses by a coach in NHL history; I dare say Mo overthinks things far too much…why not give Comrie, Roslovic and Conner the last two games; I do not understand that.  The mess on the PK, that’s on you coach, though I will give you props for the improved PP.  These past two seasons we have finished off strong, yet are not in the playoffs.  Where is the motivation during the season?  Far too many games the team came out so flat…that just can’t be, that’s the difference between making the playoffs and just missing.
  • TNSE…as a season ticket holder I appreciate all the upgrades you are making to the MTS Centre…it’s come a long way from season 1 of Jets 2.0; but, I would suggest, it’s time to put that same amount of energy and dollars into putting a winning product on to the ice; you know the honeymoon is over and fans are vocalizing their frustration…you need to give Chevy the go ahead to be a Cap Team; you need to think about your fierce loyalty to employees…this is big time sports and you need to be prepared to make the tough decisions on those who have been with the organization for a long time.  Toronto’s rebuild only took two seasons…they have several layers of management, from Shanahan to Lamarello, to Lemaire…perhaps that is what is lacking with the Jets…one more layer of management…Edmonton has Nicholson, Chirelli…Calgary has Burke and Treleving…perhaps Chevy needs someone working with him in decision making.
  • The growth of Nic Ehlers this season was spectacular, but like others, he needs more consistency; he has a great attitude and I’m sure will continue to grow.
  • Number 29…what can we say; a franchise changing pick.  I think this last month, Patrik Laine has been gassed.  He has played so much hockey and at just 18 years old, his tank is on empty…he needs a summer to recharge his battery and get back to the electric player we all know he is!!
  • I’ve never been more optimistic and excited for the future of this team…Chevy and TNSE need to go for it this summer…no more excuses!!  Getting a goalie needs to be priority number 1!!!!  I hope next year at this time we are talking about the first round of the playoffs and what a great season the team had!!!
  • Remember everybody…it was just six years ago at this time that we were just getting the Jets back…lets not lose sight of that!!   We have our Jets, and despite frustrations, let’s continue to support and show the same level of excitement having our team back !!!
  • And finally…to Chris Thorburn…you were a good soldier on this team; you stood up for your team mates and always gave a 100%.  I hope the Jets find a spot for you in the organization.

Don Rickles…simply the best ever!!!! By Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Don Rickles…the Master of Insult…who was treasured by everyone.  From Sinatra to Carson to Newhart to Dean Martin…he spared nobody!!  His genius was in that nobody ever felt hurt by what he said, they knew it was comedy.  In the clips below you’ll see so very much of the legend…you were the best Don…Rest in Peace you hockey puck!!!
(The first clip of Rickles with Sinatra is absolutely priceless…Sinatra loved him.)


The Haberdashery Guys & Gals…Hats & Accessories; by Chuck Duboff

There’s a very, very cool shop in the heart of the Exchange District…a hat emporium, with the funkiest, classiest chapeaus you will find in the city.

I’ll be interviewing the owner, Luke Nolan, next week to get the story behind this great shop.  In the meantime, FYI:

Phone:     204-256-3758


Hours:      11-6 Monday to Saturday

Address:   84 Albert Street

Winnipeg’s Exchange District


Check out this great shop and say hi to Luke Nolan while you are there.



FullSizeRender (13)

That gentleman is the proprietor, Luke Nolan.

MLB Opening Day observations…by Chuck Duboff

openign day 2

© Chuck Duboff

  • MLB TV is awesome; every game, every day!!  You get to check into games around the league…and of course, it’s essentially a Yankees season ticket.  Oh the times we live in…just amazing.
  • I am just not sold on John Gibbons as a manager…even after his contract extension. Watching him go against Buck Showalter…he just seems so overmatched.
  • I’ve always said that Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt were the best 3B I’ve ever seen.  Right now Manny Machado is as good as it gets…that play he made yesterday might have been the greatest play I’ve ever seen at third base.  A diving stab of a screamer down the 3B line; and then from his knees he threw a rope to first base to get the runner!!  WOW!!manny-machado-injury
  • Listening to Joe Girardi talk about the “kids” and having to protect them…and manage expectations, sounds exactly like Paul Maurice talking about his young Jets and managing expectations…Gary Sanchez and Patrik Laine.
  • Trying to watch a baseball game from the Trop in Tampa is excruciating, even when they are playing the Yankees.  I lasted about 5 innings.  If Tampa doesn’t do something about a ballpark very soon, they will be gone.


  • Speaking of moving Tampa, it sounds like Montreal has all the money in place for a return of MLB.   From what I have been reading and hearing, once Rob Manford winks his eye to Montreal, construction of a ballpark will begin.  Would love to see the Expos back…Raines, Dawson, Cromartie, Ellis Valentine, Gary Carter, Steve Rodgers…man I loved that team.
  • The New York Mets may not have the strongest lineup, but with that pitching taking them deep into games, they have a chance to win every day…that is some kinda starting pitching.noah-syndergaard-efe6986baed78494
  • The St. Louis Cardinals, draft and develop…and with patience each season they insert a couple more home grown players.  They’ve been doing this for a very long time…sound familiar Winnipeg Jets fans?
  • Really liking the development of the Minnesota Twins…it may be awhile, but they are headed in the right direction.  Byron Buxton is one of their young players who has a bright future…made a sensational catch in centre field yesterday.Byron-Buxton-1
  • Madison Bumgarner, great starting pitcher, hits two Home Runs on opening day…umm, ok…can you also fix the plumbing in my kitchen?  That is just sick, but makes baseball the great game that it is.
  • Speaking of teams with not a lot of hitting, but great pitching…I think you can give the NL West to the Dodgers already; I think the Colorado Rockies might be their only competition this season; Clayton Kershaw, not too shabby.Clayton-Kershaw
  • Memo to Mickey Steen:  Clayton Kershaw makes more money than the whole San Diego Padres team combined.
  • It’s just one game Craig, don’t worry about your Cubs, they’ll be fine.
  • Love watching Bryce Harper at the plate…and when he crushes one like he did again on opening day (that’s 5 opening day home runs), that’s what makes baseball so exciting.
  • MLB is messing with the game too much: sending a batter to first base without a pitch being thrown on intentional walks…sorry, that’s just messing with the game. Too much can happen on an intentional walk!!  You’re saving a minute or two, but all that time being spent on replays on challenges is ruing the game…it disrupts the natural flow of the game.

    opening day

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

@Chuck Duboff

  • New York Yankees Spring Training Record:  24-9; watching the Bombers spring training games, it is so refreshing to finally see young talent, as opposed to the days of signing “star players” with one or two good seasons left.  They may not make the playoffs this season, but look out for my Yankees, they will be knocking on the door real soon!!

A big part of the Yankees youth movement:  1B, Greg Bird.

  • Great seeing the effort by the Jets over this past few weeks; even though they are out of the playoffs, the players are realizing how very good this team is and are showing that they have what it takes to be a playoff team.
  • That being said…had we had, even average goaltending this season, the Jets would be in the playoffs.  Right now we sit at 29th in goaltending, imagine where we’d be if we were even at 15th?  Five more wins, eight more wins?  Who knows, but Chevy’s goal this summer has to be to sign a Ben Bishop, Marc-Andre Fleury type goalie!!
  • Top priority this offseason…Jacob Trouba signed to a monster contract!!


    Chevy needs to get Trouba signed to a monster deal this summer!!

  • How’s all that winning going Mr. President?
  • Guess what you lying, , hypocrite…the noose is tightening and all your lies about Russia will be exposed and you will be sent to prison for TREASON!!
  • Let’s hope this early spring is just that…SPRING!!!
  • Thrilled that I have the cabin in Falcon booked now for six days in May…peacefulness personified!!
  • I can’t thank the Winnipeg Goldeyes enough for giving Laine and Ben and I a tour of the Goldeyes locker room and dugout.  Such a thrill for all three of us…the kids are such huge Goldeyes fans…they couldn’t stop talking about seeing Reggie Abercrombie and Kevin McGovern’s lockers!!  Andrew and Steve….you guys rock!17457764_10154869183725783_4097326211823024607_n
  • Was talking with my travel agent already about next winter’s trip to Puerto Vallarta!!!
  • If you are not watching Schitt’s Creek on CBC, you are missing the funniest show on television; the cast and the writing is unbelievable:  Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliot…I am quite literally in tears laughing watching that show!!  Great to see CBC support this show and watch it become a mega hit, here in Canada and now into the States.Schitts
  • Two more days and it’s PLAY BALL!!!
  • My very good friend, my brother from another mother, Geoff…made such a profound, yet simple comment a couple of Sunday’s ago…it’s something I really want to write about!!  When I talked about the joy and pleasure I had in writing about and receiving messages about the All Time Goldeyes Team…Geoff said: “that’s what it’s all about Chuck”…and it hit me like a brick!!  That truly is what life is about…finding that what gives us joy and savouring those moments!!  I love writing and am equally passionate about baseball…getting to put my music on, make coffee and write about baseball for 3 1/2 hours…that truly is what it’s all about.  Like Geoff and I said…it’s not going to be a thunderbolt moment that tells us about what life is about…but rather it’s living in those moments and being aware of how fortunate we are.  Thank you Geoff…
  • Friendships truly are a blessing!!
  • It has been Pearl Jam 24/ 7 for about three months…this Neil Young & Pearl Jam version of Rockin in the Free World is just unreal; enjoy:  (FYI…watching it on the 65″ 4K big screen with surround sound…it’s like you’re at the freakin concert!!


Winnipeg Goldeyes add another strong arm to the bullpen; by Steve Schuster



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, March 31st, 2017

WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Goldeyes signed left-handed pitcher Mitchell Lambson on Friday morning.

Lambson pitched for three different Milwaukee Brewers’ affiliates last year, including a stint with the Triple-A Pacific Coast League’s Colorado Springs Sky Sox.  The Montclair, California native combined for a 3-0 record and a 3.00 ERA in 20 relief appearances.  Lambson struck out 28 and walked only seven over 21.0 innings pitched.  2016 marked the fifth consecutive year in which Lambson finished with an ERA of 3.03 or lower.  It was also the fifth time in six professional seasons that Lambson finished with more strikeouts than innings pitched.

“I’m really excited to add Mitch,” said Goldeyes’ manager Rick Forney.  “Mitch has been highly successful during his career, and I expect him to fill a very important role on our pitching staff.”

Lambson was drafted by the Houston Astros in the 19th round in 2011 out of Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona) where he finished his college career tied for second in Sun Devils’ history with 102 appearances.  Now 26 years of age, Lambson helped Arizona State to the College World Series in 2009 and 2010, and earned Pac-10 All-Conference honours in each of those seasons.

As a professional, Lambson is 23-14 with nine saves and a 2.74 ERA in 186 appearances, all of them in relief.  In 285.2 career innings pitched, Lambson has struck out 315, while allowing just 79 walks and 20 home runs.  The 6-foot-1, 205-pound Lambson has reached the Triple-A level in each of the past two seasons, and has held the opposition to a remarkable .115 batting average with two outs and runners in scoring position (122 career opponent at bats).

The Goldeyes now have 23 players under contract for the 2017 season.  American Association clubs may carry up to 28 players during spring training, which begins May 6th.

Notes: During his junior season at Arizona Statein 2011, Lambson pitched alongside his brother, Mark, who was also a pitcher…Lambson excelled in the prestigious Arizona Fall League in 2014 while pitching for the Salt River Rafters…Lambson allowed just two earned runs and struck out 17 in 14.1 innings for Salt River…although he is a left-handed pitcher, Lambson has held right-handed batters to a .209 batting average in his career…Lambson appeared in four Major League spring training games for the Brewers in 2016, striking out three in a combined 2.2 scoreless innings…Lambson won a championship with the Low-A Midwest League’s Quad Cities River Bandits in 2013 where he was teammates with Goldeyes’ right-handed pitcher Daniel Minor…Lambson has been especially durable throughout his professional career, pitching more than 1.0 inning in more than half of his relief appearances (109 out of 186)

2017 Winnipeg Goldeyes Signings
OF Reggie Abercrombie
LHP Kyle Anderson
1B David Bergin
RHP Victor Capellan
RHP Edwin Carl
RHP Ryan Chaffee
3B Wes Darvill
RHP Joel Effertz
RHP Icezack Flemming
SS Maikol Gonzalez
2B Casio Grider
RHP Caleb Kellogg
LHP Mitchell Lambson
1B Kellen Marruffo
LHP Kevin McGovern
RHP Cameron McVey
RHP Daniel Minor
RHP Zach Nuding
RHP Mikey O’Brien
OF/1B David Rohm
OF Stefan Sabol
C Alixon Suarez
RHP Duke von Schamann

The Winnipeg Goldeyes open the 2017 season on May 18th on the road against the expansion Cleburne Railroaders.  The Goldeyes’ 2017 home opener is Monday, May 29th versus the Sioux Falls Canaries at Shaw Park.  Season tickets, 10-game mini packs, and group outings for the 2017 season are on sale now.  For more information, call the Goldeyes’ office at (204) 982-BASE, or visit the Goldeyes’ official website

Not a baseball story, but rather, a Winnipeg baseball fan courageously shares a very painful part of his life…by Josh Alen.

A very important story…which deserves five minutes of your time.

Chuck's Eclectic Blog.

© Chuck Duboff

Editor’s Note: I have known Josh from a distance at Goldeyes games; he has always seemed like a very devoted fan…yet, I didn’t really know him.
Josh regularly reads my Goldeyes blogs and leaves commentary.  I was very impressed with this young man, yet still, I didn’t know his story.  Little pieces would come out, but it was still a puzzle.
Recently Josh posted some very personal thoughts on Facebook about the challenges he has faced in life.  I reached out to him and asked if he’d like to share his story on the blog…I sensed at first some hesitation, but with time and thought, Josh eagerly agreed to share his story.
What follows is the story of a transgender youth trying to find himself.
Well done Josh…very proud of you for having the courage to write this.  I know Luis Alen is proud of you…

View original post 1,784 more words

Memo to Brian Pallister: Investing in youth both reduces crime and produces better citizens; contact info for our Premier!! …by Chuck Duboff


Hon. Brian Pallister

Office: Room 204 Legislative Building
Phone: (204) 945-3714

Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba, a politician who took a 20% salary increase last year, who has a $2million home on Wellington Crescent and spends several months a year at his Costa Rica home, has decided that investing in our future, investing in the youth of Manitoba, doesn’t fit into his “heartless’ government’s plans.

Both Kelvin High School and Dakota Collegiate have volunteers and parents who have raised money to improve the athletic facilities at both of their schools.  These are parents who are recognizing the importance of improved fields and gyms for their kids; they have done fundraising and have commitments from civic officials to contribute to their vision.

Study after study after study has shown that young people who are actively involved in extra curricular activities both stay out of trouble and are successful students.  I have a firsthand seat at this table, as I have seen the results of new soccer and hockey facilities giving my grandchildren outstanding experiences at the sports they love.  They are happy, academically successful, have lots of friends and are great kids!!  That’s what happens when you invest in the youth of this province.

Yet we have a heartless Premier, a man who benefited from government paid for gyms, to play basketball at many levels.  A Premier who didn’t turn down a 20% pay increase!!  A Premier who will complain about crime on the one hand, yet not invest in improved facilities at Dakota Collegiate and Kelvin High School!!  How cold and sanctimonious can one person get!!


Hon. Brian Pallister
Fort Whyte



Room 204 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8
Phone: (204) 945-3714
Fax: (204) 949-1484

Constituency Office:

Unit 143-99 Scurfield Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1Y1
Phone: (204) 489-0828

Q & A with new Winnipeg Goldeyes pitcher, Joel Effertz…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff
Winnipeg Goldeyes manager Rick Forney has been busy this offseason building another strong team.  One of the new additions to the Goldeyes pitching staff is Joel Effertz; I contacted Joel down in Madison, Wisconsin and did a little Q&A with him.  Sounds like a good midwestern boy who will feel right at home in Winnipeg this summer.
1.  Congratulations on signing with the Goldeyes; did you know much about Independent baseball before signing?
Joel:   I didn’t know much at all about Indy baseball. I had to talk to a few friends and coaches to steer me in the right direction. And I’m really glad I landed in Winnipeg!
2.  Can you share with the fans your baseball background…as a little boy, growing up, professional places you’ve played?
Joel:  Growing up I’ve always enjoyed sports. Played football, basketball and baseball. Being from the Midwest, we couldn’t just play baseball all year round. I was drafted 3 different times throughout my career. In 2013 I was drafted to the Miami Marlins. Baseball has taken me all over the place, and now, Canada!
3.  Favourite ball players growing up?  Why?
Joel:  I’m a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan! So really anyone that played for them.
4.  What type of pitcher are you?  How would you describe yourself?
Joel:  I’m a control pitcher with 4 different pitches that enjoys challenging hitters.
5.  Why did you decide to come to Winnipeg?  What is your offseason training like?
Joel:  I enjoy the cooler summer months. Florida weather was getting old. I needed a change of scenery. Baseball fans in Winnipeg I’ve  heard are outstanding and it’s a great place to go compete for the championship!
6.  Any interesting baseball stories that you’ve had throughout your career (that you can share…lol)?
Joel:  In baseball you always have good stories. I want to share with people that I got to know Jose Fernandez a little bit. What a great pitcher he was and I really enjoyed watching him play the game he truly loved!
7.  If you weren’t playing baseball, what would you be doing?
Joel:  Either going back to school or being a mail man
8.  Favourite food?
Joel:  Love any wild game. Deer, fish, etc.
9.  Any message you’d like to send to Goldeyes fans?
Joel:  I look forward to seeing you all out at the ball games. Thank you for supporting our team and I can’t wait to see you all in about a month.

Your All Time Winnipeg Goldeyes team, as selected by the fans…by Chuck Duboff.

© Chuck Duboff
Over the past two days there have been over 700 views of the All Time Goldeyes team blog!!  As I said yesterday, I think this attests to the popularity of the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team.  I thought fans of the team would enjoy reading how players and coaches have responded to their selection to the All Time Goldeyes team:

    That’s unbelievable. One of the best baseball city’s in the world.

Rudy Arias Thank you Winnipeg!!!🇨🇦

Tom Vaeth Very honoured to be included in this list…thank you thank you thank you!!!

Chris Salamida   Whaaatttttt…… This is unexpected!! You don’t understand how honoured I feel right now – to stand with all of these legends!

Luis A. Salazar Thanks to the Goldeyes family

Josh Mazzola Thank you to the Goldeyes family for this honor.. It is truly humbling and thank you for welcoming me and making me a part of your city..

© Chuck Duboff

Yesterday’s blog announcing the All Time Goldeyes Team, as selected by the fans,  had an amazing 487 views…I would suggest that speaks to how very popular the Winnipeg Goldeyes are in the city of Winnipeg.  On Facebook there were responses from all over Canada, United States and Mexico.  From Florida Rudy Arias sent a nice note to the fans in Winnipeg; Josh Mazzola and Chris Salamida sent very grateful messages; from here in Winnipeg, Tom Vaeth was extremely appreciative of being selected by the fans.


I’d like to take a moment to talk about Hal Lanier…Hal brought a big league feel to the Goldeyes.  I remember the moment when it was announced that Hal would be managing the Goldeyes; I did a double take, he had been Manager of the Year in the National League and was coming to take charge of the Goldeyes.  I was truly in awe of him…he had played with San Francisco during the Willie Mays days, had managed in the majors…I watched every move he made!!  One of my favourite was learning when Hal would call a squeeze play and see it executed perfectly.  It truly was my joy, and I know that of a lot of fans, watching and learning from Hal.

Goldeyes 5

“That was difficult”, “so many great players to choose from”, “wow was that hard”; those were just some of the comments that fans made when they sent me their choices for the All Time Winnipeg Goldeyes team.

We’ve been really fortunate in Winnipeg to consistently have had great teams and players since the inception of the Goldeyes in 1994.  How do you leave Jeff Zimmerman or Darryl Brinkley off this all time team?  What about Brian Myrow or Chris Kokinda?  What about Bobby Madritsch, George Sherrill or Brandon Kintzler?  Casey Haerther, Chad Thornhill, Brent Sachs, Rafael Gross or “Tiny” Thomas?  Pete Rose Jr and Jon Weber brought the lumber, but didn’t make this team.  Ian Thomas made it to the show…not on this team.

This was a fun opportunity for Goldeyes fans to reflect upon all of the great players who have donned the Winnipeg uniform over the past 22 seasons.  There really are no right or wrong selections; they are all very subjective choices.   A couple of my personal choices didn’t make the final cut…my all time favourite Goldeye,  Carmine Cappucio, only played for the team for one season, but was a very special player to watch.  Kevin McGovern led us to a championship last season with some great pitching…but neither of them made this team.

Thanks to the hundreds who read this blog over the past few days…and a big thank you to all those great Winnipeg Goldeyes fans who sent me their choices;  I struggled with a few of the picks, and this resulted in two ties;  on the other hand, there were several easy selections.

One thing we as Goldeyes fans can be very thankful for: the Goldeyes always put great players on the field and each season this results in a very competitive team.  Based on the submissions by many Winnipeg Goldeyes is..

The Winnipeg Goldeyes All Time Team

Starting Pitchers:  Ace Walker and Chris Salamida

In the bullpen:  Donnie Smith and Brian Beuning

Catcher: Luis Alen

070629-Goldeye 2.jpg

1B: Terry Lee  2B  Brian Duva

SS: Max Poulin & Wes Long  3B:  Josh Mazzola

Outfield:  Reggie Abercrombie, Chris Roberson, Kevin West:

DH:  Juan Diaz & Wes Chamberlin

On the bench:  Ryan Robertson, Fehlandt Lentini, Casio Greider

Manager: Rick Forney; Coaches: Tom Vaeth and Rudy Arias

General Manager:  Andrew Collier


Honourable mentions:  Brian Myrow, Carmine Cappucio, Harry Barrios, Chris Kokinda, Bobby Madritsch and on and on and on…

It was lots of fun putting this team together; as I mentioned earlier, there really are no right or wrong selections.  All the ballplayers who have worn the Winnipeg Goldeyes jersey since 1994 are all All Stars in the eyes of Winnipeg Goldeyes fans.

Fans select the All Time Goldeyes team; tomorrow’s blog will announce the fans choices for each position!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

1995 Goldeyes

The response to yesterday’s blog is a great indicator of how devoted many fans are to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club.  Over 150 people read about the opportunity for fans to pick the All Time Goldeyes Team and another dozen fans sent e-mails with their personal choices for their All Time team.


Looking over the fans selections, it is going to be quite easy to make selections at some positions, however, there are several positions where it is going to be a difficult choice…we may have to settle for a tie!!

Several fans commented that they were pleased that its a fans’ selection for the All Time Team; everybody is welcome to submit their choices to:  I’m going to ask that you get your team into me by about 4 PM Friday.

Your picks should include:

2 Starting Pitchers
2 Bullpen Pitchers
3 Outfielders
3 Bench Players

The Goldeyes All Time Team will be up tomorrow morning on this blog.  I will base decisions at each position based on the submissions by the fans…
Remember, this is just for fun…and it gets us one day closer to training camp.